Index of Affiliations


Peptide Based Nanoparticles as a Platform for Vaccine Design

Birla Institute of Technology & Science

High speed Resonant Tunneling Diode based on GaN & GaAs: A modelling & simulation approach

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani-Goa Campus

A novel on chip analysis of dissolved Hg(II) in drinking water

Birmingham University

The Manufacture and Preliminary Testing of a Novel Bio-MEMS Filtration Chip

NEMS Mass Sensor by Focused Ion Beam Fabrication

BiSen Tech LLC

Real-Time Electronic Detection of Water/Food Borne Pathogens


On the investigation of an interdigitated, high capacitance ratio shunt RF-MEMS switch for X- band applications

Bogdan Khmelnitskij national University

DFT calculations of IR and Raman spectra of Ru(bpy)2(CN)2 complex

Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics

Thermoelectric properties of molecular nanostructures

Boreskov Institute of Catalysis

Synthesis of Sulfated and Carbon-Coated Al2O3 Aerogels and Their Activity in Dehydrochlorination of 1-Chlorobutane and (2-Chloroethyl)ethyl Sulfide

Synthesis of Nanocrystalline VOx/MgO Aerogels and Their Application for Destructive Adsorption of CF2Cl2

Chemical and Phase Transformations of Nanocrystalline Oxides in a Carbon Nanoreactor

Bosch Mahle TS GmbH

Advanced Virtual Qualification Methods to Reduce the Time-to-Market of Microelectronic Assemblies

Boston Applied Technologies, Inc.

YAG:Ce3+ Nanophosphor Synthesized with Salted Sol-Gel Method

Upconverting Nanophosphors for High Temperature Sensing Applications

Boston College

Magnetically associated carbon nanotubes with mammalian cells: flow cytometry characterization and applications

Boston University

Modeling of Acoustic-Structural Coupling in a MEMS Hydrophone

DOPDEES/PMM: A System for Portable Model Description

Linking of Atomistic Modeling to Macroscopic Behavior for Front End Processes

Pumping Capacity and Reliability Study on Silicon-Based Cryogenic Micro Pump