Index of Affiliations

Brown University

Characteristics of Bacterial Pumps in Microfluidic Systems

Favored Osteoblast Interactions with Aerosol Printed 3D Nano-to-Macro Hierarchical Architectures: The Promise of Nanocomposites as Orthopedic Prostheses

SWNTs inhibit normal physiological function of calcium ion channels through yttrium release

Investigating Helical Rosette Nanotubes and Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite as Novel Bone-like Biomaterials for Orthopedic Applications

Novel Resorbable Drug-Carrying Nano-Scaffolds for Treating Bone Diseases at Targeted Sites

Modeling and Analysis of a Membrane-Based Randomized-Contact Decoder

A Study of Protein Filaments Sliding through Solid-State Nanopores

Brunel Univeristy, West London

Modelling of Low Level Ionic Current Sensing Micro-tip

Brunel University

The Dynamic Performance of a Micro-machined Coriolis Flow Meter

Using Spiral Inductors for Detecting Hybridization of DNAs Labeled with Magnetic Beads

A Microfluidic Mixer for Chaotic Mixing of Magnetic Particles

Nano-mechanical testing of Novel bioactive carbon nanotubes/HAP nano particles composite coatings

The Nanomechanical Testing and Characterisation of Anti-viral Nano-structured Surface Coatings

DNA Extraction Chip Using Key-type Planar Electrodes

DNA Extraction, Purification and Quantification Using Micromachined Microfluidic Chip

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Thermo-Mechanical Characterization and Integrity Checking of Packages and Movable-Structures

Buhler AG

Converting of Nanoparticles in Industrial Product Formulations: Unfolding the Innovation Potential

Buhler Inc.

Oxylink™: Improved resistance for water borne coatings

Buhler PARTEC GmbH

Dispersing Nanoparticles – The Key to Application

Bureau Veritas North America

Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems for the Safe Commercialization of Nano-enabled Products