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Nanotech 99 Technical Program - Wednesday April 21

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Keynote Lectures

Salons II & III
Session chair: Bernard Courtois, TIMA Laboratory, France
8:30 The Art of Modeling Coupled-Field Effects in Microdevices and Microsystems
Gerhard Wachutka
Technical University of M√ľnich, Germany
9:15 State of the Art and Trends in Power Integration
Jean-Louis Sanchez


Condado Foyer

Applications: Pressure, Actuation, Navigation

Salon III
Session chair: Tom Wiegele, BF Goodrich Aerospace
10:20 Phenomenological Model for Gas Damping of High-Speed Switches
D.S. Greywall, J.A. Walker, P.A Busch, S. Arney, D. Bishop, G.D. Boyd, N. Frigo, K. Goossen, P. Iannone, R.R.Ruel and B. Yurke
Lucent Technologies, Inc., USA
10:40 Simulation of the Production of Functional Layers for Vibration Sensors for Tool State Monitoring and Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics
J. Thomas, R. Kuhnhold, R. Schnupp, G. Temmel, H. Ryssel
Fraunhofer-Institut fur Integrierte Schaltungen, GERMANY
11:00 Oscillating Diaphragms
J. McEntee and L. Bowman
McEntee Engineering, USA
11:20 Analytical Modeling for Accelerometers with Electrically Tunable Sensitivity
E. Cretu, M. Bartek and R.F. Wolffenbuttel
Delft University of Technology, THE NETHERLANDS
11:40 Modeling and Simulation of Micromachined Gyroscopes in the Presence of Imperfections
A.M. Shkel, R.T. Howe, R. Horowitz
University of California-Berkeley, USA

Semiconductor Device Modeling 1

Salon II
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, Motorola
10:20 Closed-Loop MOSFET Doping Profile Optimization for Portable Systems
M. Stockinger, R. Strasser, R. Plasun, A. Wild and S. Selberherr
10:40 Three-Dimensional Multi-Grid Poisson Solver for Modeling Semiconductor Devices
S.J. Wigger, M. Saraniti, and S.M. Goodnick
Arizona State University, USA
11:20 Simulation of the Piezo-Tunnel Effect
A.P. Friedrich, P.A. Besse, M. Bachtold and R.S. Popovic
11:40 A Predictive Length-Dependent Saturation Current Model Based on Accurate Threshold Voltage Modeling
K.Y.Lim, X. Zhou and D. Lim
Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE



Applications: Microfluidics - 2

Salon III
Session chair: Chris Menzel, U.S. Surgical
13:20 Computer Simulations of Electrokinetic Mass Transport in Microfabricated Fluidic Devices
S.V. Ermakov, S.C. Jacobson and J. M. Ramsey
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
13:40 Simulation of (Self-) Priming in Capillary Systems Using Lumped Models
M. Sesterhenn, J. Mellmann, M. Lohr, B. Stierle, T. Strobelt, and H. Sandmaier
University of Stuttgart, GERMANY
14:00 Modelling and Optimization of a Vaporizer for Inhalation Drug Therapy
B. de Heij, B. van der Schoot, N.F. de Rooij, H. Bo and J. Hess
University of Neuchatel, SWITZERLAND
14:20 Prediction of the pressure drop through micromachined particle filters
J.M. Yang, C.-M. Ho, X. Yang and Y.-C. Tai

Numerics, Algorithms - 1

Salon II
Session chair: E.P. Hofer, University of Ulm
13:20 Modeling of Piezoelectric MEMS Using the Finite Cloud Method
R.R. Ohs and N.R. Aluru
University of Illinois, USA
14:00 Intelligent Automatic Meshing of Multilayer CMOS Micromachined Structures for Finite Element Analysis
H. Lakdawala, B. Baidya, T. Mukherjee and G.K. Fedder
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
14:20 Transient Electromagnetic Behaviour of Multiply Contacted Interconnects
P. Boehm and G. Wachutka
Munich University of Technology, GERMANY
14:40 Investigation of Tetrhedral Automatic Mesh Generation for Finite-Element Simulation of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Switches
N.M. Wilson, P.M. Pinsky and R.W. Dutton
Stanford University, USA


Condado Foyer

Applications: Microfluidics - 3

Salon III
Session chair: Xavier Avula, University of Missouri, Rolla
15:00 Dynamics in a Thermal Ink Jet: A Model for Identification and Simulation
C. Rembe, S. aus der Wiesche, and E.P. Hofer
University of Ulm, GERMANY
15:20 Microvalve Analysis: Wall Shear and Diffuser Effects
M. Carmona, S. Marco, J. Samitier, M.C. Acero, J.A. Plaza, and J. Esteve
University of Barcelona, SPAIN
15:40 Hydrodynamic Dispersion of a Neutral Non-Reacting Solute in Electroosmotic Flows
S.K. Griffiths and R.H. Nilson
Sandia National Laboratory, USA

Numerics, Algorithims - 2

Salon II
Session chair: Gerhard Wachutka, Munich University of Technology
15:00 Numeric Aspects of the Simulation of Two-Dimensional Ferroelectric Hysteresis
K. Dragosits and S. Selberherr
15:20 A Design Tool for Inductive Position and Speed Sensors Via a Fast Integral Equation Based Method
M. Kamon, A-M. Nguyen, J.R. Gilbert
Microcosm Technologies, Inc., USA
15:40 Analytic 3D Greens Function Approach to Scattering and Diffraction from Patterned and/or Imperfect Multilayers
G.M. Gallatin
Lucent Technologies, USA
16:00 Parallel Domain Decomposition Applied to 3D Poisson Equation for Gradual HBT
A.J. Garcia-Loureiro, T.F. Pena, J.M Lopez-Gonzalez, and L. Prat Vinas
Univ. Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN
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