NSTI Nanotech 2009

Nanotech 2009 Program - Tuesday May 5

Sessions Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Authors Keywords
8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnectTheater AB
 Session chair: Jeff Moseley, Greater Houston Partnership, Shushana Castle, Clinton Global Initiative Member/Millennium Water Alliance, US
8:00 Welcome TechConnect World to Houston
J. Moseley, Greater Houston Partnership, US
8:15 Can Uncle Sam Cure What Ails Clean Tech?
P. Dickerson, HaynesBoone, former COO Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, DOE, US (bio)
8:45 Welcome to Houston
B. White, City of Houston, Mayor, US
9:00 Flying into the Future: Continental’s Commitment to the Environment
L. Kellner, Continental Airlines, CEO, US (bio)
9:30 RUSNANO: Driving the Nanotech Industry Growth
A. Chubais, RUSNANO, CEO, RU
8:30 WCM: Bulk MOS modelsRoom 342 AD
 Session chair: Xing Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, SG
8:30 WCM Keynote: What is a Transistor?
C. Sah, B. Jie, University of Florida, US
9:10 Interface Traps in Surface-Potential-Based MOSFET Models
Z. Chen, X. Zhou, G.H. See, Z. Zhu, G. Zhu, Nanyang Technological University, SG
9:30 Analytic MOSFET Surface Potential Model with Inclusion of Poly-Gate Accumulation, Depletion, and Inversion Effects
Y. Song, J. He, L.N. Zhang, J. Zhang, Peking University, CN
10:00 Nanotech & Cleantech Expo Open: Coffee Break: Poster Set-UpExpo Hall
10:00 TechConnect Marketplace - Expo Hall: Coffee Break Sponsored by Italian Trade CommissionExpo Hall
11:00 Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces: Electrical and Optical ApplicationsRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Dimatix, US
11:00 Nanomaterials for Stretchable Electronics/Optoelectronic
J.A. Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig, US
11:50 Photoactivity of nitrogen-doped anodic TiO2 under UV and VIS light irradiation
M.V. Diamanti, M. Ormellese, M.P. Pedeferri, Politecnico di Milano, IT
12:10 Ordered mesoporous films of TiO2 as highly efficient photocatalysts for clean environment
J. Rathousky, V. Kalousek, C. Walsh, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CZ
10:30 Nanoparticle: Company ShowcaseRoom 360 BE
 Session chair: Brent Segal, Lockheed Martin Corporation, US
10:30 NanoZeolites - porous nanomaterials for CleanTech applications
W. Daniell, J. Kobler, H. van Heyden, NanoScape AG, DE
10:50 Transparent Nanocomposites at Optical Dynamics Nanotechnology
G. Powers, T. Druffel, Optical Dynamics, US
11:10 Customized nanoparticles for product improvements in food, medical and dental products
S.C. Halim, N.A. Luechinger, Nanograde LLC, CH
11:30 Macroporous Alginate Sponge for 3D Cell Culture
Z. Li, M. Powers, Invitrogen Corporation (Life technologies), US
10:30 Polymer Nanotech: Synthesis and Applications of Nanostructured Materials IRoom 361 BE
 Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI, US
10:30 Block Copolymer Templating as a Simple Route to Complex Nanostructured Materials
S.H. Tolbert, UCLA, US
11:00 Nanoparticle synthesis using polyelectrolyte nanoreactors
D.J. Anderson, J. Dinglasan, J.B. Goh, E. Veletanlic, M.C. Goh, Vive Nano, CA
11:20 Nano-Toughening of Epoxy Using Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Micelles
J. Liu, H-J Sue, Z.J. Thompson, F.S. Bates, M. Dettloff, G. Jacob, Texas A&M University, US
11:40 Molecular Imprinted Nanoparticles for More Than Molecular Recognition – Synthesis and Processing
G.E.M. Tovar, K. Niedergall, T. Schreiber, D. Wojciukiewicz, T. Gose, J. Riegler, C. Gruber-Traub, A. Weber, T. Hirth, Fraunhofer IGB, DE
12:00 Ionic Liquid-Derived Nanostructured Polymers
M.A. Firestone, S. Grubjesic, S. Seifert, Argonne National Laboratory, US
10:30 Nanoscale Characterization: Inverse space - Light / X-ray basedRoom 361 AD
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR
10:30 Highly-parallel x-ray diffraction imaging for security screening applications
G. Harding, GE Security, DE (bio)
10:55 Order Development in Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites: from Aqueous Gels to Multilayered Films
E.A. Stefanescu, C. Stefanescu, W.H. Daly, I.I. Negulescu, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
11:15 Synthesis and Characterization of Metastable Nanocrystalline Cobalt
C. Osorio-Cantillo, O. Perales-Perez, University of Puerto Rico, US
11:55 Fabrication of QD structures showing diode characteristics for electroluminescence (EL) and other applications
F. AlAmoody, A. Rodriguez, F. Papadimitrakopoulos, W. Huang, J. Ayers, F. Jain, University of Connecticut, US
11:00 Carbon Nano Structures: GrowthRoom 370 CF
 Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, University of Toulouse & Robert Hauge, Rice University, US
11:00 Selective growth of well aligned semiconducting single-walled carbon
L. Ding, A. Tselev, D. Yuan, T.P. McNicholas, J. Liu, Duke University, US
11:30 Chirality Separation of single walled carbon nanotube using microfluidic
C.S. Han, D-H Shin, J-E Kim, H-C Shim, J-M Kang, S-H Baek, Korea Insitute of Machinery & Materials, KR
11:50 Controlled growth and electrical characterization of bent single-walled carbon nanotubes
J. Huang, W.B. Choi, Florida International University, US
12:10 Chemistry of Carbon Nanomaterials
W.E. Billups, F. Liang, J. Chattopadhyay, A.K. Sadana, S. Chakraborty, A. Mukherjee, Rice University, US
11:00 MEMS: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsRoom 371 BE
 Session chair: Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Accelrys, Inc., UK
11:00 An Online Tool for Simulating Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Flexures Using Distributed and Lumped Analyses
F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
11:20 A Parallel-plate-based Fishbone-Shape MEMS Tunable Capacitor with Linear Capacitance-Voltage Response
M. Shavezipur, P. Nieva, A. Khajepour, S.M. Hashemi, University of Waterloo, CA
11:40 Silicon die self-alignment on a wafer: stable and instable modes
J. Berthier, F. Grossi, L. Di Cioccio, Cea-Leti Minatec, FR
12:00 Effect of Nonlinear Structural Stiffness on the Response of Capacitive MEMS Devices
M. Shavezipur, P. Nieva, A. Khajepour, S.M. Hashemi, University of Waterloo, CA
10:30 Nanoelectronics: Research & Applications - 2Room 370 AD
 Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments & Frank Register, University of Texas, US
10:30 The INGAAS/GAAS Quantum Dots Under Effective and Ab Initio Treatments: Comparison and Results
I. Filikhin, V.M. Suslov, B. Vlahovic, North Carolina Central University, US
10:50 Castellated-Gate MOSFETs as Power Transistors for Nanometer CMOS and Post-CMOS Integrated Nanosystems
J.J. Seliskar, HiperSem Inc., US
11:10 Process- and Random-Dopant-Induced Characteristic Variability of SRAM with nano-CMOS and Bulk FinFET Devices
T-Y Li, C-H Hwang, Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
10:30 NanoFab: Alternative Top-down Fabrication ModesRoom 370 BE
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Lab, US
10:30 Directing Block Copolymer Patterns within Bit Patterned Media Specifications
R. Ruiz, Hitachi Global Storage, US
11:00 Hierarchical nano-structuring by combining ion induced self-organization and lithographic pre-patterning
F. Frost, B. Ziberi, T. Lutz, M. Cornejo, R. Fechner, D. Hirsch, K. Zimmer, Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modification, DE
11:20 The first Italian micro exposure tool for EUV lithography: design guidelines and experimental results
F. Flora, S. Bollanti, P. Di Lazzaro, L. Mezi, D. Murra, A. Torre, ENEA, IT
11:40 Stretegies for fabrication of nanostructures using focused ion beam technology
V.J. Gadgil, MESA+ institute for nanotechnology, NL
10:30 MEMS & NEMS: Sensors & Systems: Invited LecturesRoom 371 AD
 Session chair: Elena Gaura, Coventry University, US
10:30 A Design Environment for the Cost Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Niedermayer, University of Berlin, DE (bio)
11:00 MEMS & Wireless: from devices to microrobotic swarms
D. Popa, University of Texas at Arlington, US (bio)
10:30 WCM: Bulk/SOI modelsRoom 342 AD
 Session chair: Xing Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, SG
10:30 HiSIM-SOI: SOI-MOSFET Model for Circuit Simulation Valid also for Device Optimization
N. Sadachika, S. Kusu, K. Ishimura, T. Murakami, T. Kajiwara, T. Hayashi, Y. Nishikawa, T. Yoshida, M. Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
10:50 Embedded non–volatile memory study with surface potential based model
D. Garetto, A. Zaka, V. Quenette, D. Rideau, E. Dornel, W.F. Clark, M. Minondo, C. Tavernier, Q. Rafhay, R. Clerc, A. Schmid, Y. Leblebici, H. Jaouen, STMicroelectronics, FR
11:10 Dynamic Charge Sharing modeling for surface potential based models
V. Quenette, D. Rideau, R. Clerc, C. Tavernier, H. Jaouen, ST Microelectronics, FR
11:30 Effective Width Modeling for Body-Contacted Devices in Silicon-On-Insulator Technology
S. Khandelwal, E. Tamilmani, K. Shanbhag, J. Watts, IBM SRDC Bangalore, IN
11:00 Nanotech for NeurologyRoom 351 CF
 Session chair: Gabe Silva, University of California, San Diego, US
11:00 The need for nanotechnology methods to probe function in biological neural circuits and networks
G. Silva, University of California, San Diego, US (bio)
11:20 A Mesoporous Silica Nanosphere-Based Nerve Growh Factor Delivery System Using an Electrically Conducting Polymer
Y.N. Cho, R. Shi, R.B. Borgens, Purdue university, US
11:40 Filamentous Bacterial Viruses Break Down Amyloid Plaques in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease – A Novel Therapeutic Avenue
B. Solomon, Tel Aviv University, IL
12:00 Oscillating field-actuated, biocompatible, multifunctional nano-reservoirs as cell function modulators in growing neurons
S. Ghosh, T. Cai, S. GhoshMitra, Z. Hu, N. Mills, D. Hynds, Southeast Missouri State University, US
10:30 Biosensors & DiagnosticsRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab, US
10:30 Identification of bacterial drug resistance in blood
C. Kaittanis, S. Nath, J.M. Perez, University of Central Florida, US
10:50 Bacteriophage-derivitized resonant cantilevers for the highly-specific detection of bacteria
A. Singh, N. Glass, S. Evoy, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
11:10 Quantitation of Toxins in Foods by Rapid Nanophotonic Molecular Screening Systems
K.C. Weng, J.-P. Coppe, R. Yang, J. Zheng, H. Yao, G.L. Liu, F.F. Chen, Dynamic Throughput, Inc., US
11:30 Precise positioning of particles in microwells within horizontal DEP cages
M. Lombardini, M. Bocchi, L. Giulianelli, R. Guerrieri, ARCES, IT
11:50 Force Discrimination for Enhanced Biosensor Specificity of Micro-Retroreflector Assays
J.D. Knoop, S.M. Kemper, T. Sherlock, E. Cacao, P. Ruchhoeft, R.C. Willson, University of Houston, US
10:30 Nanotech for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and TreatmentRoom 351 AD
 Session chair: Manuel Perez, University of Central Florida, US
10:30 Radiolabeling of Nanoshells with Cu-64 and In-111 for PET and SPECT Imaging in Rats
H. Xie, Z. Wang, A. Bao, B. Goins, W.T. Phillips, C.L. Coleman, Texas Southern University, US
10:50 Treatment of Breast Cancer with Silver Antitumor Drugs Encapsulated in Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles
W.J. Youngs, N. Robishaw, M.J. Panzner, K. Hindi, D.A. Medvetz, J. Youngs, C. Tessier, A. Ditto, Y.H. Yun, J. Bauer, D. Lindner, University of Akron, US
11:10 Targeted thermal elimination of cancer using radiofrequency heating of gold nanoparticles
P. Cherukuri, C. Moran, S. Curley, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, US
11:30 Intrinsic oxidase activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles facilitate the detection of cancer biomarkers and cancer cells
J.M. Perez, A. Asati, S. Santra, C. Kaittanis, S. Nath, University of Central Florida, US
10:30 Nanotech for Oil & GasRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Sean Murphy, Advanced Energy Consortium, University of Texas, US
10:30 Global Energy – Build Bridges, Not Walls
S.W. Tinker, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, President, US
11:00 Introduction to the Advanced Energy Consortium
J. Kipper, Advanced Energy Consortium, University of Texas, US (bio)
11:15 Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Technology Today
R. Hornbrook, BP, US (bio)
11:30 Oil & Gas Industry Problems for Nano-Technologies
J. Ullo, Schlumberger-Doll, US
11:45 Nanotechnology solutions and issues, Assessment
H. Schmidt, AEC & Research Fellow, Rice University, US
12:00 Current Research Portfolio, Additional Funding Opportunities 2009
S. Murphy, Advanced Energy Consortium, University of Texas, US
11:00 Natural Gas: A Bridge, Enabler and A Destination - VisionRoom 320 CF
 Session chair: David Carroll, Gas Technology Institute, US
- Broad Energy FrameworkD. Paul, USC Energy Institute, US
- Natural Gas ResourcesV. Kuuskra, Advanced Resources International, Inc., US
- Natural Gas Technology & SupplyM. Ming, RPSEA, US
10:30 Bio Energy: Novel Technologies & ProjectsRoom 310 BE
 Session chair: Michael Nasi, Jackson Walker, US
10:30 State and Federal Policy Update
M. Nasi, Jackson Walker L.L.P., US
10:50 State of the Art of Biofuel Technologies
A.D. Propp, Merrick & Company, US
11:10 Biodiesel: Update for United States
J. Hewitt, National Biodiesel Board, US
11:30 The Case for Sustainable Biodiesel Certification
J. Plowman, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, US
10:30 Solar: Technology to Business ReviewRoom 310 CF
 Session chair: Howard Schmidt, Rice University, US
10:30 General Electric - Solar
L. Tsakalakos, General Electric Research Center, US
10:50 Applied Materials - Solar
B. Swezey, Applied Materials, US
11:10 Heliovolt Solar Overview
BJ. Stanbery, Heliovolt, US
11:30 Sempra Generation: Effectively Developing Clean, Renewable Solar Power
M.W. Allman, Sempra Generation, US
11:50 A new world for solar: downturn and government intervention-driven market evolution
N. Demirdoven, McKinsey & Company, US
11:00 GeothermalRoom 350 F
 Session chair: Richard Erdlac, Erdlac Energy Consulting, US
11:00 An Untapped Sustainable Energy Source
G. Thompson, P. Geo, Sierra Geothermal Power Corp, CA
11:20 Applications of Seismic Geophysical Techniques to the Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources
J. Hild, J. Pfeiffer, S. Hodges, Zapata Inc., US
11:40 Geothermal Exploration with Visible through Long Wave Infrared Imaging Spectrometers
G.J. Scherer, D.N. Riley, W.A. Peppin, D.M. Tratt, C. Wright, K.L. Jones, The Aerospace Corporation, US
12:00 Diamond-Hardfaced TiC/Ti Composite for Submersible Pump Bearings in Geothermal Systems
O.A. Voronov, B.H. Kear, Diamond Materials Inc., US
12:20 Factory vs. Field Construction: Packaged Energy Plant Solutions
H. Dickey, Turbine Air Systems, US
11:00 Water: Treatment & DistributionRoom 310 AD
 Session chair: Robert Renner, Water Research Foundation, US
11:00 Water Treatment & Distribution Introduction
R. Renner, Water Research Foundation, US
11:10 Sustainable Desalination of Fresh Water
R.L. Stover, Energy Recovery Inc, US
11:30 AltelaRain Produced Water Treatment & Re-use
N.A. Godshall, M.J. Bruff, Altela Inc., US
11:50 Using Secuirty Monitoring Tool to Improve Operation of the Water Distribution System
D. Kroll, Hach Company, US
10:30 Energy Storage TechnologyRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Bill Tumas, Los Alamos National Lab, US
10:30 Challenges in Energy Storage at Multiple Scales
W. Tumas, Los Alamos National Lab, US
10:50 Using Storage-based Power Systems to smooth Wind Farm Ramping
M.D. Breen, C. Coe, C. Such, Xtreme Power, US
11:10 Think Outside the Battery: Improving Efficiency without Recreating the Wheel
R. Slavens, Active Power, Inc., US
11:30 Portable Hydrogen Generation using Carbon Cryogel-Ammonia Borane Nanocomposites
S. Sepehri, B. Batalla Garcia, K. Park, G. Cao, A.H. Brothers, Mainstream Engineering Corporation, US
11:00 Green Building: USGBC - Energy Efficiency for IndependenceRoom 320 BE
 Session chair: Keith Reihl, USGBC, US
- A. Tullos, Green Building Services, Inc, US
- J. Henry, SHW Group, US
- J. Hendricks, Kirksey, US
10:30 Sustainable Industries & CommunitiesRoom 350 DE
 Session chair: Will Sarni, DOMANI, US
10:30 Sustainability Programs - Port of Houston Authority
A.A. Hinds, Port of Houston Authority, US
10:50 HP Corporate Environmental Stategies
J. Frey, Hewlett Packard, US
11:10 Leveraging IT Energy On Society
M. Monroe, Sun Microsystems, US
11:30 Sustainable Case Studies - Cisco/Domain
W. Sami, V. Clark, Domani and Cisco Systems, US
11:50 Promoting Sustainable Environmental Stewardship in the Federal Government
J. Lopez, Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, US
11:00 Carbon and Clean Technology: The Effect of the Global Credit Crisis on Carbon Markets and Clean Tech InvestmentRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Andrew Heckler, Workhouse, US
- A. Smith, Barclays Capital, US
- C. Hieb, Pacific Crest Securities, US
- J. Small, GHG Partners, US
- W. Hogarth, Sequoia Capital, US
10:30 TechConnect: Corporate PartneringExpo Hall TechConnect Room A
 Session chair: Saeed Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
10:30 (CANCELED) BASF - TechConnect Partnering
M. Mielke, BASF, US
10:50 BP - TechConnect Partnering
I. Dairanieh, BP, US
11:10 Genzyme - TechConnect Partnering
B. Pratt, Genzyme, US
11:30 Medtronic - TechConnect Partnering
S. Audet, Medtronic, US
10:30 TechConnect: Corporate PartneringExpo Hall TechConnect Room B
 Session chair: Keith Ritala, University of Washington, US
10:30 GlaxoSmithKline - TechConnect Partnering
T. Porter, GlaxoSmithKline, US
10:50 Merck - TechConnect Partnering
Y. Weiss, Merck, US
11:10 Applied Materials - TechConnect Partnering
A. Kamannavar, Applied Materials, US
11:30 Lockheed Martin - TechConnect Partnering
B. Pietras, Lockheed Martin, US
12:30 Clean & Sustainable Strategies & Case StudiesExpo Hall Theater
12:30 Strategically Securing and Protecting Intellectual Property in the Renewable and Emission Technology Space
T. Smith, R. Lord, Osha Liang LLP, US
12:45 Patent Pollution: Clearing the Patent Landscape and Protecting Innovation
D.K.S. Cornwell, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.L.L.C., US
1:00 Clean Energy Collaborations
P. Landen, C. Jordan, Baker Botts LLP, US
1:15 Protecting Green Technology and Green Brands: Strategies for Getting Your Eco-Patents and Eco-Marks Through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
E.L. Lane, Luce Forward / Green Patent Blog, US
LUNCH (Available for purchase in Expo Hall)Expo Hall
1:30 Nanostructured Materials - NanowiresRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Stephan Link, Rice University, US
1:30 Silicon and Germanium Nanowires Synthesized in Organic Solvents
R. Patel, V. Holmberg, A. Heitsch, A. Chockla, B.A. Korgel, University of Texas at Austin, US
2:00 Aluminium-Doped ZnO Films and Nanowires by a Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique
S.Y. Pung, K.L. Choy, University of Nottingham, UK
2:20 Synthesis of Self-aligned Tungsten Nanowires on Single Crystalline Tungsten Substrates
W. Wu, Q. Yu, S-S Pei, University of Houston, US
2:40 Strain Driven Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanowires on Sapphire: Controlling Horizontal vs. Standing Growth
B. Nikoobakht, S. Eustis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:00 Ultrathin hematite and goethite-hematite core-shell nanorods and composite nanowires by electrospinning
S. Cavaliere-Jaricot, A. Brioude, P. Miele, LMI-Université de Lyon 1, FR
1:30 Nanoparticle Release During the Life Cycle of Nanomaterials & NanocompositesRoom 360 BE
 Session chair: Tinh Nguyen, NIST, US
1:30 Characterizing Particle Emissions from Burning Polymer Nanocomposites
M.R. Nyden, N.D. Marsh, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:00 Simulation of the daily use of nanomaterials containing coatings – a first step towards a life cycle analysis of nanocoatings
T. Sawitowski, M. Vorbau, L. Hillemann, M. Stintz, Byk Chemie, DE
2:30 Safe nanotextiles from a life cycle perspective
C. Som, M. Halbeisen, A. Koehler, M. Heuberger, Empa Materials Science and Technology, CH
2:50 Network Aggregation of CNT at the Surface of Epoxy/MWCNT Composite Exposed to UV Radiation
T. Nguyen, B. Pellegrin, L. Mermet, A. Shapiro, X. Gu, J. Chin, NIST, US
3:10 Degradation and Nanoparticle Release of Epoxy/Nanosilica Composites Exposed to Solar UV Radiation
B. Pellegrin, T. Nguyen, L. Mermet, A. Shapiro, X. Gu, J. Chin, NIST, US
3:30 Measurement of nanofiller removal by abrasion
F. Tardif, A. Guiot, L. Golanski, CEA-Liten, FR
1:30 Polymer Nanotech: Creation and Application of Nanostructured Materials IIRoom 361 BE
 Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI, US
1:30 Fractals to Self-Assembled Nanocomposites: From Automobiles to Tissue Engineering
R. Krishnamoorti, University of Houston, US (bio)
2:00 Self-assembly of inorganic nanorods: a block copolymer paradigm
Z. Nie, D. Fava, S. Zou, G.C. Walker, M. Rubinstein, E. Kumacheva, University of Toronto, CA
2:20 Polypropylene Nanocomposites Based on Designed Synthetic Nanoplatelets
L. Sun, J. Liu, S.R. Kirumakki, E.D. Schwerdtfeger, R.J. Howell, K. Al-Bahily, S.A. Miller, A. Clearfield, H-J Sue, Texas A&M University, US
2:40 Metal-polymer hybrid material: A unique coordination for carbon-carbon coupling reactions
R.U. Islam, M.J. Witcomb, K. Mallick, Mintek, ZA
3:20 Modifying the kinetics of nanoscale diacetylene polymerization for time-temperature indicator applications
E. Castillo-Martínez, J.H. Reibenspies, L.J. Hall, M. Kozlov, M.C. Biewer, A.C. Harrington, J. Carretero-Gonzalez, D.E. Smith, B. Huffman, T. Prusik, F. Grabiner, R.H. Baughman, University of Texas at Dallas, US
1:30 EHS: Policy, Regulation & Product SafetyRoom 360 CF
 Session chair: Chinh Pham and William S. Rogers Jr., Greenburg Traurig, US
- S. McNeil, Nanotech Characterization Lab, NCI, US
- Z. Kosim, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, US
- R. Pleus, Intertox, US
- D. Hobson, Nanotox, US
- J. Tsuji, Exponent, US
- D. Callet, Greenberg Traurig, LLC., US
1:30 Nanoscale Materials Characterization: CNTRoom 361 AD
 Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR
1:30 Analysis of Bulk SWCNT Samples using Near-IR Fluorimetry
R.B. Weisman, Rice University, US (bio)
1:55 Complex Permittivity Measurements of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes at Microwave Frequencies
C. Darne, L-M Xie, W. Wosik, J. Wosik, University of Houston, US
2:15 Electronic Properties of CNT Cables
D.S. Lashmore, B. White, M. White, M. Schauer, Nanocomp, US
2:35 Characterization of graphene segregated on Ni
Q. Yu, J. Lian, Y.P. Chen, H. Li, S.S. Pei, University of Houston, US
2:55 High Resolution Surface Imaging Using a Carbon Nanotube Array with Pointed Height Distribution
D. Roy Mahapatra, S.V. Anand, N. Sinha, R.V.N. Melnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:30 Surfaces and Interfaces: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsRoom 361 CF
 Session chair: Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Accelrys, Inc., UK
1:30 Molecular Dynamics Study of Surface Nanostructure Evolution of Pd and Au BY Ar Ion Bombardment
S.-P. Kim, H.-R. Kim, B.-H. Kim, K.-R. Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR
1:50 Optimal Control of Electrostatic Self-Assembly of Binary Monolayers
N.V. Shestopalov, G. Henkelman, T. Powell, G.J. Rodin, University of Texas, US
2:10 The Quantum Confinement Effect on the Adsorption and Reaction of Aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons on ‘Nano Reactor’ ZSM-5 Zeolite: A Newly Developed Density Functional Theory (DFT) Investigation
B. Boekfa, S. Choomwattana, P. Maitarad, P. Limtrakul, J. Limtrakul, Kasetsart University, TH
1:30 Nanoelectronics: Beyond-CMOS NanoelectronicsRoom 370 AD
 Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments & Frank Register, University of Texas, US
1:30 The Nanoelectronics Research Initiative
V. Zhirnov, Semiconductor Research Corp., US
1:55 Magnetic (Quantum) Cellular Automata
W. Porod, Notre Dame, US
2:20 Pseudospintronics
A. MacDonald, University of Texas, US
2:45 Detailed Analysis of Quantum-Effects in Nanowire Tunneling Transistors with Different Channel-Profiles
A. Heigl, G. Wachutka, TU Munich, DE
3:05 Towards optimal spin injection and detection contacts on silicon/germanium
S. Ganguly, W. Van Roy, R. Lieten, R. Jansen, S. Kaushal, K. Sugishima, University of Texas at Austin, US
1:30 NanoFab: Integration & NanodevicesRoom 370 BE
 Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
1:30 Integration of Lithographically Printed Optical, Fluidic and Electronic Systems
A. Scherer, Caltech, US (bio)
2:00 Fabrication of Guided-mode Resonance Devices by Soft Lithography in Hybrimers
K.J. Lee, R. Magnusson, J.H. Jin, B.-S. Bae, University of Texas at Arlington, US
2:20 High-Yield Fabrication and Characterizations of Sub-50 nm Nanomechanical Resonators
C. Guthy, R. Das, S. Evoy, University of Alberta, CA
2:40 Scalable manufacturing of room-temperature single electron transistors via “amphibious”
L.C. Brousseau, Quantum Logic Devices, US
1:30 MEMS & NEMS: Novel Materials, Processes & DevicesRoom 371 AD
 Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA, US
1:30 Advancement of Prototyping and Fabrication Techniques for Active Sensors and Microelectronics
J.L. Zunino, D.R. Skelton, U.S. Army ARDEC, US
1:50 The Design, Fabrication and Characterization of A Novel Miniature Silicon Microphone Diaphragm
W. Cui, R.N. Miles, Q. Su, State University of New York at Binghamton, US
2:10 Nano-Electrodeposits of MEMS Directional Microphones for Hearing Aid Optimization
S.-S. Je, J. Kim, M.N. Kozicki, J. Chae, Arizona State University, US
2:30 Pneumatically driven Auxiliary Micro Tools for Desktop Factories
B. Hoxhold, S. Büttgenbach, Technische Universität Braunschweig, DE
2:50 Nanocomposite Contact Material for MEMS Switches
C. Ding, N.C. MacDonald, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
3:10 Photosensitive Glass for Ultra High Aspect Ratio Features
J.H. Flemming, R. Mack, C. Buckley, Life BioScience, Inc., US
1:30 WCM: Multi-gate/nanowire/nanocube modelsRoom 342 AD
 Session chair: Bin Jie, Peking University, CN
1:30 Charge-based compact modeling techniques for nanoscale Multi-Gate MOSFETs
B. Iñiguez, F. Lime, A. Lázaro, O. Moldovan, B. Nae, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, ES
1:50 Design study of CNT transistors layouts for high frequency analog circuits
M. Claus, M. Schröter, Technische Universität Dresden, DE
2:10 Analytical Modelling of Ballistic and Quasi-Ballistic Nanowires:Validation and Application to CMOS Architecture
S. Martinie, D. Munteanu, G. Le Carval, M.-A. Jaud, J.L. Autran, CEA, LETI, Minatec, FR
2:30 (CANCELED) MOSFET-Like Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor model
M.T. Ahmadi, Y.W. Heong, R. Ismail, University Technology Malaysia, MY
1:30 Drug DeliveryRoom 351 CF
 Session chair: Brent Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
1:30 In Vivo Toxicity Study of Gold Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy
M.K. Khan, B. Nair, V. Kasturirangan, M.S.T. Kariapper, S.S. Nigavekar, K. Toth, Y.M. Rustum, A. El-Jawahri, R. Bizimungu, W. Lesniak, L.P. Balogh, Roswell Park, US
1:50 Imprint Lithography-Based, Multimodal Contrast Agents and the Effect of Shape and Size on Biodistribution
K.P. Herlihy, T.J. Merkel, J.M. DeSimone, UNC Chapel Hill, US
2:10 A nanoparticle approach for effective RNAi delivery
M.F. Rauch, E. Ferreira, J. Lu, C. Weller, K. Woodrow, M. Cartiera, W.M. Saltzman, Carigent Therapeutics, Inc., US
2:50 In Vivo Biodistribution of a Multistage Nanodelivery System for Therapeutic Applications and Medical Imaging
E. Tasciotti, X. Liu, R. Serda, C. Chiappini, B. Godin-Vilentchouk, R. Bhavane, M. Ferrari, Univeristy of Texas Health Science Center - Houston, US
1:30 Biosensors & DiagnosticsRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Pulak Nath, Los Alamos National Lab, US
1:30 Development of a Flow-cell System to Quantify Analyte-receptor Binding Kinetics Utilizing Guided-mode Resonance Sensors
D. Wawro, S. Zimmerman, Y. Ding, R. Magnusson, E. Moss, J. Michalik, Resonant Sensors Incorporated, US
1:50 Rapid prototyping of microfluidic components for decision-tree based iterative pathogen detection
P. Nath, G.R. Goddard, B.A. Branch, O.C. Marina, A.M. Lillo, A. Deshpande, J.M. Dunbar, S.W. Graves, Los Alamos National Lab, US
2:10 Rapid prototyping of microfluidic components for iterative detection of pathogens using smart signatures
P. Nath, G.R. Goddard, O.C. Marina, A.M. Lillo, B.A. Branch, A. Deshpande, J.M. Dunbar, S.W. Graves, Los Alamos National Lab, US
2:30 Carbon Nanotube Array Sensor for MEMS Lab-on-a-chip
L.B. Joseph, V. Veedu, D. Garmire, Oceanit and University of Hawaii, US
2:50 Ultrafast protein preconcentration by nanoscale molecular traps
K.T. Liao, T. Leichle, C.F. Chou, Academia Sinica, TW
3:10 High Flux Nano-Filters
N.M. Elman, K. Daniel, F. Jalali-Yazdi, M.J. Cima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:30 Biology, Cancer & Nanotech Texas SymposiumRoom 351 AD
 Session chair: Jacqueline R. Northcut, BioHouston, Inc.
- J. Northcut, BioHouston, US
- M. Gillis, Texas Cancer Prevention & Research Institute, US
- J. West, Rice University, US
- D. Payne, Nanospectra Bioscience, Inc., US
- J. Sakamoto, Alliance for NanoHealth, Texas Medical Center, US
- R. Goodall, Nanomedicine, US
1:30 Nanotech & Cleantech for Oil & GasRoom 370 CF
 Session chair: Sean Murphy, Advanced Energy Consortium, University of Texas, US
1:30 Near Borehole Condition Sensing
D.P. Neikirk, University of Texas, US
1:50 Chemotactic Micro/Nanobots: Applications in Advanced Oil Recovery
A. Sen, Pennsylvania State University, US
2:10 Mathematical Modeling of Nanoparticles in Porous Media
F. Javadpour, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas, US
2:30 Stabilization, Mobility & Propulsion of SWNTs in Oil Reservoir Environments
M. Pasquali, Rice University, US
2:50 Graphene Membranes as Micro- and Nano-Pressure Sensors
R.S. Ruoff, University of Texas, US
3:10 Nanobots - Stage One Sensors for Oilfield Exploration
J.M. Tour, Rice University, US
1:30 Natural Gas: A Bridge, Enabler and A Destination - ImplementationRoom 320 CF
 Session chair: Mike Ming, RPSEA, US
- Natural Gas Development & Environmental Trade-offsR.C. Haut, Houston Advanced Research Center, US
- Consumer & Industrial ApplicationsD. Peeples, AGL Resources, US
- Wellhead to Burner Tip Technologies & SystemsD. Carroll, Gas Technology Group, US
- Understanding and Mitigating Natural Gas Price VolatilityM. Foss, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, US
1:30 Nuclear EnergyRoom 350 F
 Session chair: Paul Genoa, Nuclear Energy Institute
1:30 Small Power Cells Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRS) - a New Type of “Green” Nuclear Energy
G.H. Miley X. Yang, H. Leon, H. Hora, University of Illinois, US
1:50 Hyperion Power Generation: Energy to Save the World
J.R. Grizz Deal, Hyperion Power Generation, US
2:10 Production of Synfuels from CO2 and Nuclear Power – a “Win-Win” Clean Technology
K.R. Schultz, A.S. Shenoy, General Atomics, US
1:30 Bio Energy - Novel Technologies & ProjectsRoom 310 BE
 Session chair: Jeff Plowman, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, US
1:30 A Value Chain and Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Identify Technological Innovation Opportunities in Algae Biodiesel
R. Levine, A. Oberlin, P. Adriaens, University of Michigan, US
1:50 Hydrocarbon production via biomass pyrolysis and hydrodeoxygenation
P. Steele, S. Gajjela, F. Yu, G. Gresham, Mississippi State University, US
2:10 Novel Biodiesel Technology can retrofit conventional plants to use feeds with up to 100% FFA
R. Wolff, Enhanced Bio Fuels, US
1:00 Solar: High Efficiency PV - 1: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 310 CF
 Session chair: Suraj Rawal, Lockheed Martin, US
1:00 The Inverted Metamorphic Multi-Junction Solar Cell
P.R. Sharps, A. Cornfeld, B. Cho, J. Diaz, M. Stan, T. Varghese, Emcore Corporation, US
1:15 New Concepts for Manufacturing High Efficiency Flexible Solar Cells
S. Menezes, InterPhases Solar, Inc., US
1:30 A manufacturable low cost route to high efficiency Cu(ZnSn)S thin film solar cells fabrication on flexible substrates
I.O. Oladeji, C.R. Nelson, Sisom Thin Films LLC, US
1:45 RAPDAR™ Roll-out and Passively Deployed Array - High Efficiency Solar Array
R. Barret, R. Taylor, Composite Technology Development, Inc., US
2:00 Philips Applied Technologies - Innovation: High Efficiency PV Conversion
J. Downes, A. van der Pol, Philips Applied Technologies, US
2:15 Manufacturing of High-Efficiency Bi-facial Tandem Solar Cells
E.J. Tobin, S.J. Wojtczuk, E.D. Gagnon, R.G. Little, Spire Semiconductor, US
2:30 Stion Corp.: Novel Materials for High Efficiency Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Photovoltaics
H. Lee, R. Wieting, Stion Corporation, US
2:45 Lightweight, High-Efficiency Solar Cell Sheets Using Epitaxial Liftoff
R. Chan, C. Youtsey, G. Hillier, D. McCallum, N. Pan, MicroLink Devices, US
1:30 Water: Technologies & WastewaterRoom 310 AD
 Session chair: Robert Renner, Water Research Foundation, US
1:30 Water Technology & Wastewater Introduction
R. Renner, Water Research Foundation, US
1:40 Using Gold to Enhance Palladium Catalytic Activity for Trichloroethene Reductive Dechlorination
Y.-L. Fang, P.J.J. Alvarez, J.T. Miller, M.S. Wong, Rice University, US
2:00 Innovations in Energy Efficient Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems:
L.L. Behrends, ReCiprocating Water Technologies LLC, US
2:20 Enviroquip Membrane Bioreactor Systems – Novel Wastewater Treatment Process for Enhanced Nutrient Removal
K. Zhang, C. Lewis, M. Swanson, A. Ball, Enviroquip, US
1:30 Smart Grid: Technologies to BusinessRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Wade Adams, Rice University, US and Sivaram Arepalli, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
1:30 The Distributed Energy Grid - The Smalley Vision
W. Adams, Rice University, US (bio)
1:40 Smart Grid Introduction and Concept of and Path to TX Smart Grid
M. Holloway, CCET, US
2:00 Concept of and Path to Houston Smart Grid
B. Perlman, Vector Solutions, US
2:20 Electricity transmission grid upgrades: Some economic considerations
P. Hartley, James A. Baker Institute, Rice University, US
1:30 Energy Storage TechnologyRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Bill Tumas, Los Alamos National Lab, US
1:30 A Novel Architecture for Micro Fuel Cells
S. Moghaddam, E. Pengwang, K. Lin, R.I. Masel, M.A. Shannon, UIUC, US
1:50 High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays
D. Liu, Y. Zhang, G. Cao, University of Washington, US
2:10 Promoting the activity of LiFePO4 (olivine) cathode of Li-ion battery by supramolecular complexes with single walled carbon nanotubes
L. Kavan, I. Exnar, M. Graetzel, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CZ
2:30 (CANCELED) Nickel oxide hollow nano-fiber electrodes for electrochemical capacitors
S. Machida, H. Tsutsumi, Yamaguchi University, JP
2:50 Phase Stabilized and Enhanced PtCu3/C oxygen reduction electrocatalysts via Au galvanic displacement
Z. Liu, D. Huang, S. Koh, C. Yu, K.L. More, L.F. Allard Jr., P. Strasser, University of Houston, US
1:30 Green Building: Building Systems, Materials & Construction - 1Room 320 BE
 Session chair: George Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
1:30 State of the Industry and the Future of LED Lighting
E. Rose, J. Carlos Perez, C. Crane Company, US
1:50 New Insulation Technology for the 21st Century
S. Morgan, R. Smith, R. Cormier, Proactive Technology, US
2:10 “It’s the energy, stupid”
B. Tinianov, Serious Materials, US
1:30 Sustainable Industries & CommunitiesRoom 350 DE
 Session chair: Kimihiko Iwamura, Tipping Point Ventures, LLC, US
1:30 Energy Efficiency: The Consumer is the Strategic Driver
W.A. Maull Jr., M. Steiner, Vergent Energy, US
1:50 Clean Energy Capital - Austin Texas
Jose Beceiro, Austin Chamber of Commerce, US
2:10 Manager’s Sustainable Risk and Opportunities Readiness Forum
B. Wellens, MWH, US
2:30 Emerging Technologies likely to Impact Commercial Building’s Energy Efficiency
S.L. Pearson, K.M. Closson, Nerac, US
2:50 Sustainability Best Practices for Energy & Efficiency
D. Sharplin, Site Controls, US
3:10 Reducing Industrial Energy Costs and Consumption
B. Zak, Powerit Solutions, US
1:30 Carbon and Clean Technology: Opportunities and Risks for Clean Tech Companies in Carbon MarketsRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Michael Holman: Lux Research, US
- W. Tokash, Carbon Opportunity Group, US
- A. Varma, Sustainable Ventures, US
- R. Lack, Element Markets, US
- S. Wood, SC Americas, US
1:30 TechConnect IP: Advanced MaterialsExpo Hall TechConnect Room A
 Session chair: Brian Johnston, Eastman Kodak, US
1:30 Electrochromic Smart Windows
P. Shelby, University of Washington, US
1:40 Switchable Solvents and Surfactants
L. Phan, Queen’s University - PARTEQ Innovations, CA
1:50 Low Emission Styrene Resins
P. Caldwell, Drexel University, US
2:00 Low cost nano-powders gas-detonation/electro-pulse manufacturing technology and equipment.
I. Rybalchenko, National Aerospace University “KhAI”, UA
2:10 Technology of Obtaining Oxide Nanopowders with task-oriented modified surfaces
I. Danilenko, STCU, UA
2:20 Reflow-compatible antireflection coating for next-generation wafer-level optics
Z. Gemici, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:30 Rapid synthesis of super–hydrophilic coatings for anti-fogging and self-cleaning surfaces.
A. Tricoli, ETH Zurich - ETH transfer, CH
1:30 TechConnect IP: Biotech & MedicalExpo Hall TechConnect Room B
 Session chair: Bruce Pratt, Genzyme, US
1:30 Method of Tissue repair
A. Johnston, CSIRO, AU
1:40 Active Bandage
F. Voss, Danfoss Ventures A/S, DK
1:50 One-step, fast and easy point-of-care assay format for small analytes
T. Pulli, VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI
2:00 Nitric oxide-producing hydrogels and polymers
B. Phillips, Rice University, US
2:10 Device and Method for Transfecting Cells for Therapeutic Use
Y. Choi, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, US
2:20 Phage BioCatalysis
A. Johnston, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, AU
2:30 Safer retinal disorder diagnosis with a handheld camera with direct digital output
M. Hoelling, ETH Zurich - ETH transfer, CH
1:30 TechConnect IP: Electronics & MicrosystemsExpo Hall TechConnect Room C
 Session chair: Dan Watkins, DFJ Mercury, US
1:30 Gate Insulator Material for Low Voltage Printed Electronics
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
1:40 Three dimensional Microbattery
L. Loev, Ramot at Tel Aviv University, Ltd., IL
A. Dorn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
J. Chartier, Université de Bordeaux, FR
2:20 Improved Conducting and Luminescent Polymers
E. Canetti, Yissum, Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL
2:30 Creation of Light and / or Surface Plasmons with Heated Metallic Films; Photonic Crystal
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
1:30 TechConnect IP: Energy & EfficiencyExpo Hall TechConnect Room D
 Session chair: Leon Radomsky, Foley & Lardner LLP
1:30 Solar-Powered Refrigeration System
M. Ewert, NASA - JSC, US
1:40 Low-platinum (Electro)catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
K. Elcess, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
1:50 A lower cost new nano-structured cathode material for sodium/lithium-ion batteries
S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
2:00 Fast, Efficient, Small Scale Conversion of Biomass to Syngas
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
2:10 Graphene Compositions and Drilling Fluids Therefrom
D. James, Rice University, US
2:20 ShowerPower TM
F. Voss, Danfoss Ventures A/S, DK
2:30 Nanowire based Transparent Conductive films
L. Loev, Ramot at Tel Aviv University, Ltd., IL
2:30 TechConnect Marketplace - Expo Hall: Coffee Break Sponsored by Italian Trade CommissionExpo Hall
2:45 Carbon and Clean Technology: GHG Management & TrackingRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Wes Goldstein, Hobbs & Towne, Inc, US
- M. Meehan, Carbonetworks, CA
- P. Morgan, Equilibrium Solutions, US
- K. Ivanic, World Energy, US
- S. Wood, SC Americas, US
3:30 WCM: Double-gate modelsRoom 342 AD
 Session chair: Benjamin Iñiguez, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, ES
3:30 Compact Quantum Modeling Framework for Nanoscale Double-Gate MOSFET
U. Monga, T.A. Fjeldly, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO
3:50 Compact Model HiSIM-DG both for Symmetrical and Asymmetrical DG-MOSFET Structures
K. Ishimura, N. Sadachika, S. Kusu, M. Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
4:10 A Unified Compact model for FinFET and Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs
G.J. Zhu, X. Zhou, G.H. See, S.H. Lin, C.Q. Wei, J.B. Zhang, Nanyang Technological University, SG
4:30 Computation Efficient yet Accurate Surface Potential Based Analytic Model for Symmetric DG MOSFETs to Predict Current-Voltage Characteristics
Y. Song, L.N. Zhang, J. Zhang, H. Zhuang, Y.C. Che, J. He, M. Chan, Peking University, CN
4:50 Compact Modeling of Dynamic Threshold Voltage of FinFET High K Gate Stack and Application in Circuit Simulation
F. He, C. Ma, B. Li, L. Zhang, X. Zhang, X. Lin, SZPKU, CN
3:30 Nanotech & Cleantech for Oil & GasRoom 370 CF
 Session chair: David Chapman, Advanced Energy Consortium, University of Texas, US
3:30 Applications of nanoparticles for HTHP drilling fluids
T.X. Phuoca, Y. Soonga, M.K. Chyuab, J-K. Leeab, National Energy Technology Lab, DOE, US
4:00 Feasibility Experiments for In-situ Reservoir Nano-Agents
M. Kanj, Saudi Aramco, SA
4:20 InGrain Rocks
H. Tono, InGrain, US
4:40 Environmentally Friendly Production of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources
R.C. Haut, D. Burnett, T. Williams, Houston Advanced Research Center, US
5:00 Emerging Solutions for Water Management Challenges Associated with Shale Gas Development in the Barnett and Appalachian Regions
T. Hayes, Gas Technology Institute, US
5:20 Measurement of Thermal Properties of Suspensions of Nanoparticles in Engine Oil
S. Khan Mohammadi, S.Gh. Etemad, J. Thibault, Isfahan University of Technology, CA
5:40 Generation of Highly Active Nanocrystals on Tungstated Zirconia
N. Soultanidis, A.C. Psarras, C.A. Roberts, I.E. Wachs, Rice University, US
3:30 Natural Gas: A Bridge, Enabler and A Destination - Policy & MarketRoom 320 CF
 Session chair: Mike Ming, RPSEA, US
- Natural Gas MarketsR. Lowman, American Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), US
- Capital Markets & Traditional EnergiesD. McDermott, Altira Group LLC, US
- Federal Energy PolicyM.A. Kenderdine, MITEI, US
- Natural Gas Vehicles of AmericaR. Kolodziej, Natural Gas Vehicles of America, US
3:00 Bio Energy - Company ShowcaseExpo Hall Theater
 Session chair: Jeff Plowman, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, US
3:00 Baseline Practices for Sustainability for the Biodiesel Industry
J. Plowman, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, US
3:15 The Solarmagnatron BioMass reactor
J.D. Ericsson, BioMarine Fuels inc, US
3:30 A New Era of Renewable Power – Small Scale Biomass Electricity through Gasifier to Internal Combustion Engine
C. Mui, Nexterra Energy Corp, CA
3:45 Waste Solutions Ltd Company Profile
S. Connaughton, B. Chapman, N. Clarke, Waste Soultions Ltd, NZ
4:00 Energy-Optimized Crops: A Key to Low-Cost Biofuels
B.W. Ferguson, Edenspace Systems Corporation, US
4:15 CatLiq- A second generation technology for liquid bio fuels
S.B. Iversen, A. Rudolf, G. Olofsson, M.O. Nielsen, SCF Technologies A/S, DK
3:00 Energy Storage - 2: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Vince Teofilo, Lockheed Martin, US
3:00 A123Systems - Smart Grid Ready Storage
C. Vartanian, A123Systems, US
3:15 (CANCELED) Firefly Microcell Foam Battery Technology
K. Kelley, Firefly Energy, Inc., US
3:30 Innovative Fabrication of High Energy Cathode Materials and Integrated, On-board Power Solutions
J.R. Pitts, E. Dayalan, A. J. Manning, I. Oladeji, C. Nelson, Planar Energy Devices, US
3:45 The PowerWrapper Supercapacitor as an Integrated Structural Component
T. Simmons, R. Wahi, C. Galande, S. Mehta, R. Miller, Paper Battery Company, US
4:00 High Power and Energy Density Supercapacitors Based on Conductive Polymers
P.J. Kinlen, S. Viswanathan, J.-H. Young, Y.-G. Kim, J. Mbugua, J. Simpson, W.-S. Shih, M. Stroder, K. Edwards, H.-L. Nguyen, Crosslink, US
4:15 Philips Applied Technologies - Innovation - Energy Storage
J. Downes, A. Rankers, Philips Applied Technologies, US
4:30 Ultra-High Energy Density Lithium/Air and Lithium/Water Batteries
S.J. Visco, E. Nimon, M-Y. Chu, L. De Jonghe, PolyPlus Battery Company, US
4:45 Large-format, Prismatic Lithium Ion SuperPolymer Batteries
G. DasGupta, G. DasGupta, CA
5:00 Ultra-high Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
B.Z. Jang, A. Zhamu, Nanotek Instruments, Inc., US
5:15 The VPS Cycle: Utility-Scale Power Storage via Liquid Air Production
D. Vandor, J. Dockter, Expansion Energy LLC, US
4:00 Solar: High Tech for SolarRoom 310 CF
 Session chair: Mike Nasi, Jackson Walker, US
- S. Snyder, Texas High Tech for Solar Coalition, Jackson Walker, US
- E. Yates, Solar Alliance, US
- S. Taylor, Applied Materials, US
3:30 Smart Grid: Technologies to BusinessRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Wade Adams, Rice University, US and Sivaram Arepalli, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
3:30 Storage Technologies for a Smart Grid
R. Hebner, University of Texas at Austin, US
3:50 High Temperature Superconductivity and the Smart Grid
A.J. Jacobson, University of Houston, US
4:10 Armchair Quantum Wire
W. Adams, Rice University, US
4:00 POSTERSExpo Hall
Nano Electronics & PhotonicsExpo Hall
- Carbon nanorings for spintronics applications
M. Encinosa, M. Jack, Florida A&M University, US
- Thermal Radiation in Photonic Crystals
E.L. Albuquerque, L.R. da Silva, UFRN, BR
- Highly Stable Deterministically Configurable Metal Quantum Point Contacts (MQPCs)
I. Yutsis, N. Ittah, Y. Selzer, Tel Aviv University, IL
- Plasmonic Enhancement in InGaN/GaN MQW System with Au Nanoparticles
A. Llopis, J. Lin, A. Neogi, S.M.S. Pereira, University of North Texas, US
- Quantum Dot Gate InGaAs FETs
F. Jain, F. Alamoody, E. Suarez, M. Gogna, P-Y. Chan, S. Karmakar, J. Fikiet, B. Miller, E. Heller, University of Connecticut, US
- Characteristic Variability of Novel Lateral Asymmetry Nano-MOSFETs Due to Random Discrete Dopants
K-F Lee, C-H Hwang, T-Y Li, Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- Electronic Structure of a DNA-like Double-strand Molecule
U.L. Fulco, R.G. Sarmento, E.L. Albuquerque, UFRN, BR
- Atomistic Electrostatic Simulations Using Spice
L. Forbes, D.A. Miller, M.E. Jacob, Oregon State University, US
- Electrical Characteristics of Nanoscale Multi-Fin Field Effect Transistors with Different Fin Aspect Ratio
H-W Cheng, C-H Hwang, Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- First Principles Modeling of Equilibrium Geometries and Optical Properties of Metamaterials Composed of Organic Molecules, Polymers, and Metallic Nanofilms
A.V. Gavrilenko, C.S. McKinney, C.E. Bonner, V.I. Gavrilenko, Norfolk State University, US
- Long-Range Interactions in Quasi-One Dimensional Cylindrical Structures
K. Tatur, L.M. Woods, University of South Florida, US
- Subthreshold Operation of Schottky Barrier Silicon Nanowire FET
S.K. Yoo, J.Y. Ahn, S. Yang, J.H. Lee, Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST), KR
NanoFab: Novel Materials, Structures & ProcessesExpo Hall
- Horizontally oriented long carbon nanotubes grown on Si substrates by using a catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition process
E. Dervishi, Z. Li, Y. Xu, F. Watanabe, V. Saini, A.R. Biris, A.S. Biris, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US
- Electrochemical Charging of Carbon Nanotubes for Tunable Electron Field Emission Cathodes
A. Kuznetsov, A. Zakhidov, N. Barisci, A. Zakhidov, The University of Texas at Dallas, US
- Optical properties of Zinc Oxide/Polymer Nanocomposite
S.C. Singh, R.K. Swarnkar, R. Gopal, University of Allahabad, IN
- A Precise Reclaim Fabrication by Nanoscale Removal Processes using a Design of Ellipsoidal Anode
P.S. Pa, National Taipei University of Education, TW
- Pulsed Laser Deposition of CaxBa1-xNb2O6 Thin Film on Nano-patterned Silicon Substrate
I. Stateikina, S. Delprat, M. Chaker, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, CA
- The Use of Microreactors for Manufacturing of High Performance Nanomaterials
B.K. Paul, C-H Chang, Oregon State University, US
- A Revolutionary Approach the Production and Dispersion of a Vast Array of Metal Oxide and Mixed-Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
B.F. Woodfield, J. Boerio-Goates, L. Astle, Brigham Young University, US
- In situ synthesis of metal nanoparticles embedded multifunctional PDMS films
A. Goyal, A. Kumar, P.K. Patra, S. Mahendra, P.J.J. Alvarez, P.M. Ajayan, Rice University, US
- Self-organized nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces by low-energy ion beam erosion
M. Cornejo, B. Ziberi, J. Völlner, F. Frost, B. Rauschenbach, Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modification, DE
- Growth and Microstructure of Si Core/Ge Shell Nanowires
J-S Park, L. Cao, M.L. Brongersma, W-K Seong, B.M. Clemens, Stanford University, US
- A low temperature fabrication of AlO2 films with supercritical CO2 fluid treatment for OTFT application
P.T. Liu, Y.T. Chou, C.S. Huang, L.F. Teng, Y.L. Huang, National Chiao-Tung University, TW
- Fabrication of High-Aspect-Ratio Nanochannels using Novel Nanoscale Silicon Mold and Solvent Assisted Sealing
Y.H. Cho, J. Par, H. Park, X. Cheng, B.J. Kim, A. Han, Texas A&M University, US
- Curved Polymer Nanochannel Fabrication using PMMA Layer Transfer and Collapse
Y.H. Cho, H. Park, H.S. Kim, X. Cheng, A. Han, Texas A&M University, US
- Nanometric AlN Thin Films Growth by Non Reactive RF Sputtering
C. Chesman, J.A.S. Moura, I. Guedes, Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Norte, BR
- Batch Fabrication at Room Temperature of Arrays of Freestanding Nanoneedles
S. Arva, M.M. Yazdanpanah, R.W. Cohn, University of Louisville, US
- Systematic Study of Nanoscale Resolution for Low-Energy Electron Beam Lithography
M.A. Mohammad, Zs. Szabó, T. Fito, J.M. Lee, J. Chen, M. Aktary, S.K. Dew, M. Stepanova, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
Sensors & SystemsExpo Hall
- Pierced Sensor for Nano-Microscope
R. Sklyar, Independent researcher, UA
- Gas Sensing Properties of Zn-Doped Anisometric Fe2O3 Nanoparticles
T. Kim, A.C. Sharp, H. Yim, B. Guo, Texas A&M University, College Station, US
- Optical chemical sensors on the base of arrays of ink-jet printed micro- and nanoparticles
M.V. Alfimov, V.A. Sazhnikov, A.A. Khlebunov, D.S. Ionov, A.N. Petrov, V.M. Aristarkhov, A.Y. Men’shikova, N.N. Shevchenko, A.V. Yakimansky, D.V. Kalinin, A.I. Plekhanov, Photochemistry Center of RAS, RU
- Gas Sensing Properties of Zn-Doped Anisometric Fe2O3 Nanoparticles
T. Kim, A.C. Sharp, H. Yim, B. Guo, Texas A&M University, College Station, US
- Fluorescent Silica Nano-Particles and Magnetic Bead Based Immunoassay: an Optical Tool for Detection of Staphylococcal enterotoxin B in Milk for High-Throughput Screening
S.K. Rastogi, J.R. Branen, S. Gibbon, A. Larry Branen, University of Idaho, US
- Water Soluble Peroxyoamid Reagent: Evalulation for Fluorescent Silica Nano-Particles Chemilumineacence
S.K. Rastogi, B. Fianaloski, N.N. Mishra, E. Cameron, T.E. Bitterwolf, A.L. Branen, W.C. Maki, University of Idaho, US
- Nanostructured and Bulk III-Nitride Semiconductors in Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors
N. Sofikiti, J. Grandal, M. Utrera, M. Sanchez-Garcia, E. Calleja, G. Tsiakatouras, E. Iliopoulos, D. Ajagunna, A. Georgakilas, N. Chaniotakis, University of Crete, GR
- Optical Micro-Resonators as Refractive Index Sensors in Microfluidics
M. Grad, S. Kocaman, C-C Tsai, C.W. Wong, D. Attinger, Columbia University, US
- High Sensitivity Electromechanical Sensor based on ZnO Nanowire FET on Flexible Substrate
S. Hur, k.H. Lee, Y.B. Han, Korea Institute of Machnery & Materials, KR
- High Sensitive Acoustic Sensor using PMN-PT Piezoelectric Cantilever Array
S. Hur, S.Q. Lee, Korea Institute of Machnery & Materials, KR
- Miniature gas sensor for hydrogen sulfide
B.W. Chang, R.L.C. Chen, D.C.H. Chen, Hungkuang University, Taiwan, TW
Polymer NanotechExpo Hall
- Fabrication, Characterization, and Magnetic Behavior of Particulate FeO-Polyacrylonitrile Composite Nanofibers
Di Zhang, A. Wang, Z. Guo, Lamar University, US
- Polymer Network on Optical Fiber Core
S.V. Kazakov, Pace University, US
- Thermal Analysis of Polyimide-Cobalt Ferrite Nanocomposites
D. Mazuera, O. Perales-Perez, S.P. Singh, O.M. Suarez, University Of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, PR
- Large Area Replication of AAO Nanostructure Using a Solvent Exchange Method and UV-curable Polymers
J.S. Kim, W. Lee, K.B. Lee, Korea university, KR
- Biomimetic Branched Hollow Fibers Templated by Self-assembled Fibrous Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Structures in Aqueous Solution
P. Qiu, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
- Characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol)-based composites prepared by electrospinning technique with in situ coffining process
C. Hara, H. Tsutsumi, Yamaguchi University, JP
- Rigid Poly(vinyl chloride) / Halloysite Nanocomposites
M. Mondragón, Y.S. Roblero, M.E. Sánchez, B.E. Zendejas, ESIME-IPN Unidad Azcapotzalco, MX
- Electric Field Effect on the Rheology of MWCNT Dispersions in Liquid Crystalline Polymers
A.R. Cameron-Soto, A. Acevedo-Rullán, University Of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, PR
- Flame Retardant Intumescent Polyamide Nanocomposites for Selective Laser Sintering
S.C. Lao, J.H. Koo, T.J. Moon, W. Yong, C. Lam, J. Zhou, B. Hadisujoto, G. Wissler, L. Pilato, The University of Texas at Austin, US
- Thermoelectric Behavior of Carbon Nanotube Filled Polymer Nanocomposites
Y.S. Kim, D. Kim, C. Yu, J.C. Grunlan, Texas A&M University, US
- Development of protein imprints on carbon nanotube for biosensing
L. Ren, H.-Z. Zhao, A. Cimeno, C.-J. Xu, Y. Yu, T. Chiles, M. Naughton, D. Cai, Boston College, US
- Energy Harvesting using Ionic Polymer Metal Composites
R. Tiwari, K.J. Kim, University of Nevada, Reno, US
- Potential of Nanoscale Carbon Fibre Reinforcements for High Performance Semicrystalline Polymers
G. Broza, K. Schulte, Technical University Hamburg, DE
- Fabrication and Characterization of Recycled Polycarbonate-Carbon Nanotubes (RPC-CNT) Derived PCB Insulating Substrates
E.M. Manalastas, B.A. Basilia, I.R. Bello, Mapua Institute of Technology, PH
- Nanoscale Effects on the Optical Properties of Polymeric Nanofiber-Quantum Dot Composites
J.L. Davis, T.A. Walker, H.J. Walls, L. Han, K. Mills, K. Guzan, RTI International, US
- Novel Composites of Carbon Nanotubes with a Poly(Phenylene Ethynylene) by Non-Covalent Wrapping for Photovoltaic Devices
J.C. Ramos, P. Cortes, I. Moggio, E. Arias, C. Martínez, K.J. Moreno, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, MX
Nanoparticles Synthesis & ApplicationsExpo Hall
- Colored nanoparticles:composition and application to protein fibres and hair
J. Gomes, S. Sampaio, F. Maia, University of Minho, PT
- Flame Synthesis and Coating of Nanostructured Particles in One Step
A. Teleki, B. Buesser, M. Heine, F. Krumeich, M.K. Akhtar, S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH
- Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Beta-SiC Nanowires
G.C. Xi, Y. Yan, C. Wang, Y.T. He, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, CN
- Chitosan coated mesoporous nano-silica gel as a soil amendment material
S. Hasan, A. Vats, R. Shende, T. Ghosh, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
- Effect of Rare Earth Doping on Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nanocrystals
Y. Cedeño-Mattei, O. Perales-Pérez, O.N.C. Uwakweh, C. Osorio-Cantillo, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez, PR
- Synthesis and Characterization of Co-Zn Ferrite Nanocrystals for Magnetocaloric Applications
S. Urcia-Romero, B. Renteria, O. Perales-Pérez, G. Gutiérrez, University of Puerto Rico, PR
- Chemistry of Reverse Micelles: A Versatile Route to the Synthesis of Nanorods and Nanoparticles
T. Ahmad, Jamia Millia Islamia, IN
- Spectroscopic study of nanosized KCoF3, KNiF3 and KCuF3 prepared at room temperature
A. Fernández-Osorio, A. Vázquez-Olmosb, R. Sato-Berrub, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MX
- Synthesis of Nanocrystalline ZrO2 Powder by the Polyol Route
S. Vivekanandhan, M. Venkateswarlu, H.R. Rawls, N. Satyanarayana, Univ. Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, US
- Nanocrystalline NiFe2O4 particles synthesized by citrate – Urea assisted combustion process
I. Prakash, N. Nallamuthu, P. Muralidharan, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
- Composition- and Size-Controlled Synthesis of Mn-Zn Ferrite Nanocrystals for Potential Magnetocaloric Applications
E. Calderón-Ortiz, O. Perales-Perez, S. Urcio, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez, PR
- Influence of etching and surface functionalization on the properties of luminescence silicon quantum dots
A. Gupta, A.S.G. Khalil, M. Winterer, H. Wiggers, University of Duisburg-Essen, DE
- The Morphology and Evolution of Zinc Oxide Flowers Like by Direct Synthesis and Sequential Nucleation Growth
N. Elizondo, R. Obregon, E. Perez, University of North Texas, US
- Current Development Studies of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Reference Material At National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
R.O. Spatz, R. Zeisler, R.L. Paul, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
- Synthesis of monodispersed MFe2O4 (M=Fe, Co, Ni) ferrite nanoparticles: effect of reaction temperature on particle size
C. Altavilla, C. Leone, D. Sannino, M. Sarno, P. Ciambelli, university of salerno, IT
- Characterization of the size distribution of CdS and CaCO3 nanoparticles by a scanning mobility particle sizer
C.-C. Chen, W.-L. Huang, M.-H. Chou, Y.-L. Wu, National Cheng Kung University, TW
- Stimuli-responsive multistage delivery system based on porous silica particles
Y.C. Cheng, X.W. Liu, F.S. Zhang, M. Ferrari, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, US
- Growth rate enhancement of Bradyrhizobium japanicum due to magnetite nanoparticles
M.R. Ghalamboran, J.J. Ramsden, Cranfield University, UK
- Synthesis and Characterization of Nanodiamond-Polymer Composites
B.T. Branson, J.L. Davidson, C.M. Lukehart, Vanderbilt University, US
- Enhanced conductivity in the films of ligand-tailored lead selenide nanocrystal quantum dots and wires
S. Jeong, W. Seo, J. Youn, C-S. Han, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, KR
- Silica-coated Ag nanoparticles by scalable flame technology
G.A. Sotiriou, A. Camenzind, S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH
- Preparation, Characterisation and Electrical Conductivity studies of
N. Nallamuthu, I. Prakash, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
- Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-stabilized Silver Nanocomposite
S. Bashir, J. Liu, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, US
- Sequential Synthesis of Cu-Copper Sulfide Heterostructure Nanocrystals and Copper Sulfide Nanocages
Y. Liu, A.R. Hight Walker, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US
- Colloidal Metal Nanoparticles, Zeolite Monolayers and TiO2 Nanotubes Modified AgCl Photoanodes for Water Oxidation and Water splitting
R. Reddy Vanga, A. Currao, G. Calzaferri, University of Texas at Arlington, US
- Exposure modeling of engineered nanoparticle
C. Som, N.C. Mueller, T. Sonderer, F. Gottschalk, R. Scholz, B. Nowack, Empa Materials Science and Technology, CH
- Non-Cadmium High Performance Semiconductor Nanocrystals
D. Battaglia, S. Sunderrajan, A. Qiao, NN-Labs, US
- Homogeneous synthesis of nanodiamond grains in low-pressure plasmas
L. Vandenbulcke, T. Gries, J.N. Rouzaud, S. de Persis, ICARE - CNRS, FR
Carbon Nano StructuresExpo Hall
- 3D Porous Electrodes Based on Pyrolyzed Carbon for Miniature Biofuel Cell
V. Penmatsa, J.H. Yang, Y. Yu, C. Wang, Florida International University, US
- Aligned Carbon Nanotube Films by Lyophilization
M.J. Kayatin, V.A. Davis, Auburn University, US
- Transparent film sensor for strain measurement using carbon nanotube networks
W.-S. Chang, S.-A. Song, J.-H. Kim, J.-W. Kim, H.-C. Lee, C.S. Han, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, KR
- Concentric pad and CGI (CNT-Gold Island) System for Sensitive CMOS Bio-Chips
S.M. Seo, J-H Cheon, H.J. Kwon, J.W. Ko, T.J. Kang, Y.H. Kim, Y.J. Park, Seoul National University, KR
- Design and Fabrication of Electromechanical Tweezers based on CNT Ropes
A. RAslan, S. Basrour, H. Le Poche, CEA-LETI,Minatec, FR
- Rapid Acetylene and Water Vapor Cycling for Length-Controlled Layered Growth of Vertically Aligned Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
C.L. Pint, A.N.G. Parra-Vasquez, N. Alvarez, M. Pasquali, R.H. Hauge, Rice University, US
- Synthesis of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Cobalt Grafted in MCM-41 as Catalyst
L.F. Giraldo, B.L. López, G.L. Haller, Universidad de Antioquia, CO
- Adsorption of Pb2+ using platinum and ruthenium on carbon nanotubes
J.A. Azpeitia, A. Zepeda, L. Torres, Y. Verde, Instituto Tecnologico de Cancun, MX
- Pt-Ru nanoparticles Supported on MWCNT as PEM fuel cell Electrocatalysts
A.M. Valenzuela-Muñiz, G. Alonso-Nuñez, M. Miki-Yoshida, G.G. Botte, Y. Verde, Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados S.C., MX
- Vertical Alignment and Three-Dimensional Networks of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
S.K. Kim, T.J. Lee, J. Seo, H. Lee, P.S. Weiss, Hanyang University, KR
- Electromechanical Resonant Properties of Ordered Carbon Nanotube Arrays
V.V. Barkaline, P.A. Zhuchak, Belarussian National Technical University, BY
- Vertical Alignment and Three-Dimensional Networks of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
T.J. Lee, J. Seo, S.K. Kim, H. Lee, P.S. Weise, Hanyang University, KR
- Electron Hopping Process in SWCNT-Mediated Redox Reaction: An Evidence Observed by DFT Theory
T. Nongnual, S. Choomwattana, S. Nokbin, P. Khongpracha, J. Limtrakul, Laboratory for Computational and Applied Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Division, TH
Surfaces & CoatingsExpo Hall
- Noble metal nanostructures prepared in the organic phase within hexagonal swollen liquid crystal templates
P.F. Siril, H. Remita, L. Ramos, Universite Paris-Sud, FR
- Real-time Monitoring of Nanosponge Titania Formation During Oxidation of Monolayer Ti and Multilayered Ti/Metal Thin Films
Y.H. Yeo, H.H. Lau, A.S. Zuruzi, S.X. Wu, Z. Chen, Nanyang Polytechnic, SG
- Growth, Optical Characterization and Modelling of ZnO Nanorods on Si, SiC and Macroporous Si Structure
A. Ferreira da Silva, M.V. Castro Meira, C. Persson, N. Gutman, A. Sa’ar, P. Klason, M. Willander, Universidade Federal da Bahia, BR
- Antibacterial activity on Polyamide and Natural fabrics using Low Temperature Plasma
S. Shahidi, A. Rashidi, J. Wiener, M. Ghoranneviss, I.A. University, IR
- Morphological variations on titanium by AC anodizing
M.V. Diamanti, M. Ormellese, MP. Pedeferri, Politecnico di Milano, IT
- Functional Polymer Micro- and Nanostructures by Nanoimprint
X. Cheng, H. Park, D. Cui, Texas A&M University, College Station, US
- Eighteen Different Methods for Nanostructuring
K.Renganathan Sharma, Prairie View A & M University, US
- Temperature and Stress Controlled Surface Manipulation in NiAl Nano-Layers
V.K. Sutrakar, D. Roy Mahapatra, R.V.N. Melnik, Indian Institute of Science, IN
Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsExpo Hall
- A Study on Numerical Analysis of Stress Distribution for Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography Process
B.G. Cho, T. Won, Inha University, KR
- A Mechanistic Investigation on 1,5- to 2,6-Dimethylnaphthalene Isomerization Catalyzed by Acidic Beta Zeolite: An ONIOM Study with a Newly Developed Density Functional Theory
C. Kumsapaya, K. Bobuatong, S. Choomwattana, P. Khongpracha, Y. Tantirungrotechai, J. Limtrakul, Kasetsart University, TH
- Monte Carlo simulation based model for Solution Growth of ZnO Nanowires
F. Alvi, R.K. Joshi, Q. Huang, A. Kumar, University of South Florida, US
- Molecular Simulation Studies for the Synthesis of Ni Nanowires in Zeolite Cancrinite
J.A. Huertas-Miranda, L. Quiñones-Fontalvo, M.M. Martínez-Iñesta, University of Puerto Rico, US
- Design of Silicon-based Leaky-mode Resonant Nanopatterned Devices Using Inverse Numerical Methods
M. Shokooh-Saremi, R. Magnusson, T.J. Suleski, E.G. Johnson, University of Texas at Arlington, US
- Dehydration of Hydrous Ethanol to Ethylene over H-MOR Investigated by the ONIOM Method
J. Meeprasert, S. Choomwattana, P. Pantu, J. Limtrakul, Laboratory for Computational and Applied Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Division, TH
- The Theoretical Investigation of Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethene over Fe-ZSM-5: a QM/MM Study
K. Bobuatong, J. Sirijaraensre, P. Khongpracha, P. Pantu, J. Limtrakul, Laboratory for Computational and Applied Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Division, TH
- Dynamic change in water meniscus arising from tapping of an AFM tip
S.D. Hong, H.J. Choi, M.Y. Ha, J. Jang, Pusan National University, KR
- DFT Calculation of interaction energies in model alanine and valine using different Basis sets
J. Singh, S.C. Singh, Allahabad University, IN
- Comparing the Stabilities of Nanoclusters and Cluster-Based Materials: Alkali Halides and the First Row Element Compounds
W. Sangthong, S.T. Bromley, F. Illasc, J. Limtrakul, Kasetsart University, TH
- Structures and Mechanism of MOF-505 and Cu-ZSM-5 Promoted Mukaiyama Aldol Reaction: An ONIOM study
S. Yadnum, S. Choomwattana, P. Khongpracha, J. Limtrakul, Kasetsart University, TH
- Mechanics of Silicon Nanowires: DFT Calculations of Size-dependent Elasticity
R.E. Rudd, B. Lee, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
- Multiscale modeling carbon nanotube growth on a supercapacitor electrode
A.V. Vasenkov, CFD Research Corporation, US
- 3D Nonlinear Atomistic-Based Continuum Model of Nano-Reinforced Polymers
J.M. Wernik, S.A. Meguid, University of Toronto, CA
- On the Rational Design of nano-sized Particulate Systems for Vascular Targeting
S.-Y. Lee, F. Gentile, M. Ferrari, P. Decuzzi, University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, US
- A Multiscale Model of Micro Cantilever Arrays
M. Lenczner, E. Pillet, S. Cogan, H. Hui, FEMTO-ST, FR
- Transition from exo to endo Cu absorption in SinCu clusters: A Genetic Algorithms Density Functional Theory (DFT) Study
O.B. Oña, M.B. Ferraro, J.C. Facelli, University of Utah, US
- Preparing the Nanotechnology Workforce of today at Forsyth Tech
K.J. Conley, Forsyth Technical Community College, US
Nanoscale Materials CharacterizationExpo Hall
- Quantifying and enforcing the two-dimensional symmetry of scanning probe microscopy images of periodic objects
P. Moeck, B. Moon Jr., E. Sánchez, M. Abdel-Hafiez, M. Hietschold, Portland State University, US
- In-Situ Nanomechanical-Electrical Testing of One-Dimensional Materials
R.S. Yassar, Y.K. Yap, Michigan Technological University, US
- Structural fingerprinting of nano-crystals based on high resolution transmission electron microscopy imaging: challenges and perspectives
S. Rouvimov, B. Moon, P. Moeck, Portland State University, US
- Measurement of Structural and Mechanical Property of Live Mesangial Cell (MC) by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
G.J. Lee, E.J. Park, S.H. Lee, J.E. Lim, Y.H. Eo, J.H. Han, S. Choi, J.H. Park, Y.A. Shin, H.S. Jin, K.W. Hong, B.S. Oh, H.K. Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
- Direct visualization of nanoparticles loaded in a nanoporous silicon matrix
C. Chiappini, E. Tasciotti, X. Liu, D. Fine, M. Ferrari, The University of Texas at Austin, US
- Characterization of Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes using SEM, TEM, AFM and XRD
J.-Y. Cho, G. Borzsonyi, G. Tikhomirov, H. Fenniri, National Research Council CANADA, CA
- Photoluminescence Studies of Zn-ZnO Inorganic/ SDS Organic Nanocomposite Materials Synthesized by Laser Ablation at Different Temperature
S.C. Singh, R.K. Swarnkar, R. Gopal, Allahabad University, IN
- Evaluation of Uncertainty in Nanoparticle Size Measurement by Electro-gravitational Aerosol Balance
C.-M. Lin, T.-C. Yu, S.-P. Pan, H.-F. Wang, C.-J. Chen, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
- Electrical characterization of thin films at the nanoscale
R.A. Gerhardt, S. Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
- Characteristics of carbon nano-dots fabricated by the Thermo-electrical Pulse Induced Evaporation
H.Y. Park, H.W. Kim and S.K. Choi, KAIST, KR
- Morphological studies on multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforced feldspar/polypropylene hybrid composites
M.N.M. Ansari, H. Ismail, S.H.S. Zein, Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology, MY
- Crack Healing and Crack Closure Retardation Effect Through Release of Liquid Monomer in the Wake of Crack
B. Farahmand, S. Maiti, TASS - Americas, US
- Flame Aerosol Synthesis of Core-Shell and Janus Magnetic Particles
H. Yim, A. Khasanov, B. Guo, Texas A & M University, US
- Thermal Plasma Synthesis and Optical Properties of Zn2SnO4 Nanopowders
H-F Lin, S-C Liao, S-W Hung, C-T Hu, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
J.O. Lara, A.E.O. Lara, H.B. Ramírez, ESIQIE-IPN, MX
- Laser desorption Mass Spectrometry of Nanoparticulates is rejeuvenated by combining Post-ionization of neutrals with Ion Mobility-orthogonal time of flight Mass Spectrometry
E.K. Lewis, T.F. Egan, K. Waters, A.J. Yates, J.F. Moore, C. Kittrell, S.R. Ripley, K. Ho, V. Womack, V. Khabashesku, R.H. Hauge, A.S. Woods, J.A. Schultz, Ionwerks, Inc., US
- Growth, Electrical and Optical Properties of SnO2:F on ZnO, Si and Porous Si Structure
A. Ferreira da Silva, M.V. Castro Meira, C. Persson, N. Gutman, A. Sa’ar, P. Klason, M. Willander, C.D. Canestraro, T.V. Moreno, L.S. Roman, Universidade Federal da Bahia, BR
- The Effect of Microstructure on I-V Properties in Si/SiO2 Film
Z.-J. Ma, S.Y. Ma, Northwest Normal University, CN
- Dispersed stabilized Pt nanoparticles synthesized from an organometallic precursor
E. Ramírez-Meneses, A. Torres-Huerta, M.A. Domínguez-Crespo, V. Montiel Palma, G. Hernández-Tapia, CICATA - IPN UNIDAD ALTAMIRA, MX
- One-Pot Synthesis of Monodisperse Magnetite Nanocrystals and Their Catalysis Property
F. Li, V. Colvin, Rice University, US
- Real-Time Characterization of Polymer Film Degradation with Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring
M.C. Dixon, M.V. Gormally, M.S. Johal, Q-Sense Inc a Division of Biolin Inc, US
- Effect of Mn doping on the structural and optical properties of ZnO films
Y. Caglar, S. Ilican, M. Caglar, F. Yakuphanoglu, Anadolu University, TR
- Improving the structural characterization of supported on glass gold nanoparticles using Atomic Force Microscopy at vacuum
N. Muñoz Aguirre, J.E. Rivera López, L. Martínez Pérez, P. Tamayo Meza, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, MX
- Effects of substrate on structural and morphological properties of ZnO nanostructure thin films
M. Caglar, Y. Caglar, S. Ilican, F. Yakuphanoglu, S. Aksoy, Anadolu University, TR
- Effect of heat treatments on the morphological properties of ZnO thin films onto ITO substrate deposited by sol-gel spin coating method
S. Ilican, Y. Caglar, M. Caglar, F. Yakuphanoglu, Anadolu University, TR
- Fabrication and characterization of nano-structured ferromagnetic Ti1-xFexO2 thin films
R. Apetrei, C. Negrila, D. Macovei, V. Dascaleanu, C.M. Teodorescu, D. Luca, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, RO
- Bulk Modulus of Silicon Carbide Nanowires and Nanosize Grains
R.M. Rich, S. Stelmakh, J. Patyk, M. Wieligor, T.W. Zerda, Texas Christian University, US
Nano Bio Materials & TissuesExpo Hall
- Photocatalytic Activity of CdS Quantum Dot-Biomolecule Nanohybrids
V. Rajendran, L. Fruk, C.M. Niemeyer, Technische Universität Dortmund, DE
- Nucleation of bone mineral hydroxylapatite on genetically engineered phage
H. Xu, B. Cao, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
- Cluster-assembled nanostructured TiO2 coating as novel biomaterial for hematopoietic cell adhesion
E. Barborini, R. Carbone, A. Zanardi, M. De Marni, S. Venturini, M. Leccardi, D. Bandiera, Tethis srl, IT
- Mechanism of Cellular Uptake of Carboxyfluorescein Modified Ceria Nanoparticles in Human Keratinocyte cells
S. Singh, A. Kumar, A.S. Karakoti, S. Seal, W.T. Self, University of Central Florida, US
- Bioartifical mucosa: delivery of biomaterials to the skin-percutaneous device interface in in vitro human organotypic skin cultures
A. Peramo, C.L. Marcelo, S.A. Goldstein, D.C. Martin, University of Michigan, US
- A New Method to Construct Bio-inspired 3-D Microvascular Networks in Plastic Substrates
J.-H. Huang, J. Kim, A. Jayaraman, V.M. Ugaz, Texas A&M University, US
- Chitosan Film/Membrane as a Surface to Alter Brain Glioma Growth and Migration
W.J. Gao, Y.-H. Wang, H.-Y. Gu, S. Jandhyam, V.V. Dukhande, M.B. Lai, S.W. Leung, A. Bhushan, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
- Adhesion and Differentiation of Neuronal Cell on Photoresist Derived Carbon Substrates
R. Pampuro, L. Chen, T. Zou, H. Zhou, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
- Antimicrobial properties of silver coated CNT
D. Ashour, P. Subbarayan, L. Adiani, S. Boyoglu, G. Mohammad, V. Rangari, S. Jeelani, S. Ram Singh, S. Pillai, Alabama State University, US
- Zinc Oxide Based Hydrogel for Bio-Applications
S. John, S. Marpu, Y. Fujita, M. Omary, A. Neogi, University of North Texas, US
- Advances in Bio imaging using the nanoparticulate contrast systems
C. Ng, Y. Pathak, Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, US
- Application of 3-dimentional pyrolyzed carbon posts for DNA detection
J.H. Yang, V. Penmatsa, C. Wang, Florida International University, US
- Reactive Nitrogen Species Scavenging Properties of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles
J.M. Dowding, W. Song, A. Karakoti, S. Seal, E. Bossy-Wetzel, W.T. Self, University Central Florida, US
- Multiscale molecular modeling of collagen fibrils
C.A. Andrei, B. Vohnsen, N.V. Buchete, University College Dublin, IE
- Photothermal Effect of Gold Nanorods Impregnated Nanocellulose
T. Shih, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
Nanotech for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and TreatmentExpo Hall
- Enhancement of Photocatalytic Cancer Cell-Killing Activity by Using Ag@TiO2 Core-Shell Composite Nanoclusters
M. Abdulla-Al-Mamun, H. Yang, Y. Kusumoto, Kagoshima University, JP
- Contrasting agent for magnetic resonance imaging based on nanostructural dispersion of Manganese derivative of phthalocyanine: preliminary investigation results
I.G. Meerovich, G.A. Meerovich, O.V. Dolotova, A.A. Uchevatkin, O. Yu. Saveliev, N.V. Andronova, N.A. Oborotova, O.L. Kaliya, Yu.A. Pirogov, G.N. Vorozhtsov, A. Yu.Baryshnikov, N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center or RAMS, RU
- Atomic Force Microscopy as a Tool for Research in Oncocytology
I.V. Reshetov, V.I. Chissov, N.N. Volchenco, S.S. Sukharev, E.N. Slavnova, Yu.S. Ivanov, P.A. Hertzen Moscow Research Oncological Institute (MROI), RU
- Laser “microexplosions” of phthalocyanine nanoparticles in tumor
B.Y. Kogan, A.A. Pankratov, A.V. Butenin, R.A. Feyzulova, Y.B. Zolotavkina, R.I. Yakubovskaya, V.M. Negrimovsky, E.A. Luk’yanets, G.N. Vorozhtsov, FGUP “GNC “NIOPIK”, RU
- Nanotube Biosensor Arrays for Detection of Molecular Surface Markers in Breast Cancer Cells
B. Panchapakesan, E. Wickstrom, University of Louisville, US
- The development of multicolor panels with Quantum Dots-conjugated antibodies for diagnostics of Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (CLL) by conventional flow cytometer
N. Barteneva, I. Vorobjev, Harvard Medical School, US
- Dendritic Cisplatin as a Nanodevice for Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
V.K. Yellepeddi, A. Kumar, S. Palakurthi, Texas A&M HSC College of Pharmacy, US
- Ornithine-conjugated Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) Dendrimers for Gene Delivery: Preparation and Mechanism of their Uptake
A. Kumar, V.K. Yellepeddi, S. Palakurthi, Texas A&M HSC College of Pharmacy, US
- Role of Ultrasound in Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Loaded on Microspheres
M.M. Mohamed, M.A. El belbese, M.A. Kotb, N.M. Fikry, H.S. Ramadan, Alexandria University, EG
- Preliminary studies of new photosensitizer for photodynamic treatment of melanoma based on nanostructural forms of Bacteriochlorin p N-alkoxycycloimide alkoxyoxyme methyl ester
G.A. Meerovich, I.G. Meerovich, M.A. Grin, V.I. Pozdeyev, A.G. Tsiprovskij, N.A. Oborotova, V.B. Loschenov, A. Yu. Baryshnikov, A.F. Mironov, A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, RU
- Epirubicin hydrochloride loaded poly (butyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles: formulation optimization, characterization and in vitro evaluation on human breast cancer cell lines
P.R. Dantuluri, N.M. Shah, R.S.R. Murthy, M.R.S. Kumar, B.S.S. Rao, The M.S. University of Baroda, IN
- Polymeric membrane carbon nanotube devices for targeted drug delivery
A. Kulamarva, M. Malhotra, A. Paul, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
- Anticancer Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
F. Benyettou, Y. Lalatonne, O. Sainte-Catherine, M. Di Benedetto, M. Lecouvey, L. Motte, Laboratoire CSPBAT FRE 3043 CNRS, FR
- Graphitic Shelled Magnetic Nanoparticles as Localized RF Absorbers for Cancer Therapy
Y. Xu, M. Mahmood, Z. Li, E. Dervishi, S. Trigwell, V. Saini, A.R. Biris, A.S. Biris, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US
- PMMA/SWCNTs Composites for Prostate Brachytherapy MRI Contrast Agent Markers
K.S. Martirosyan, R.J. Stafford, A.M. Elliott, S.J. Frank, University of Houston, US
- Nanoparticle-Assisted Photothermal Ablation of Brain Tumor under MR guidance in an Orthotopic Canine Model
J.A. Schwartz, A.M. Shetty, R.E. Price, R.J. Stafford, J.C. Wang, R.K. Uthamanthil, K. Pham, R.J. McNichols, C.L. Coleman, J.D. Payne, Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc., US
- Efficacy of Photothermal Ablation Using Intravenously Delivered NIR-Absorbing Nanorods in Colon Cancer
G. Goodrich, D. Payne, K. Sharp, L. Bao, K. Sang, Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc., US
- Method of LANTCET for cancer diagnostics and treatment at cell level
E.Y. Hleb, I.A. Zastinskaya, I.I. Ilyukova, I.N. Semenenya, J.H. Hafner, E.Y. Hanna, J.N. Myers, S.A. Zhdanok, D.O. Lapotko, A. V. Lykov Heat & Mass Transfer Institute, BY
- Shape Dependency of Gold Nanoparticle Heating Rates in an External Radiofrequency Field
S. Phounsavath, S. Curley, L. Wilson, P. Cherukuri, Rice University, US
- Use of PBMC Partitioning to Predict RES-Uptake of a Nanoemulsion in a Colon Cancer Xenograft
H. Devalapally, J.D. Clogston, M.M. Amiji, S. McNeil, S.T. Stern, SAIC-Frederick, National Cancer Institute at Frederick, US
- Identification and characterization of a functional DcR3 aptamer for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
M-F. Hsueh, C-L. Lee, J-H. Huang, W-C. Kao, K. Peck, Academia Sinica, TW
- Design, characterization and in vitro cytotoxicity of biocompatible Pt(acac)2-TiO2 nanoparticles
T. Lopez, R.D. Gonzalez, M. Alvarez, E. Ortiz-Islas, Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía, MX
- Energy Targeting of Tumor Cells Causing Thermal Ablation Using Short Cycle Microwave Energy and Nanocarbon (coronene ion) as Primary or Adjunctive Therapy
M. DeSantis, R. Mashioff, J.A. Ferritti, W. Bowne, T. Dalessandro, C. Tack, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, US
- Carbon Nanotubes as Molecular Nanocarriers for Antibody Delivery and Photothermal Ablation of Breast Cancer Cells
B. Panchapakesan, E. Wickstrom, University of Louisville, US
Phage NanotechnologyExpo Hall
- Development of Novel Landscape Phage Libraries and Their Use for Selection of Phage Probes for Staphylococcus aureus
C. Xu, S.B. Price, S. Kitchens, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
- Selection of SKBR-3 breast cancer cell-binding and internalizing peptides by landscape phage display
G. Abbineni, S. Modali, B. Mroczka, V.A. Petrenko, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
- Sensing humidity using phage-nanoparticle assembly
C. Mao, A. Liu, G. Abbineni, University of Oklahoma, US
- Pharmaceutical Liposomes Targeted to PC3 Prostate Carcinoma Cells by Fusion Phage Proteins
P.K. Jayanna, T. Wang, D. Bedi, P. Deinnocentes, R.C. Bird, V.P. Torchilin, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
- Landscape Phage Probes for Breast Cancer Cell Receptors
O.A. Fagbohun, D. Bedi, P.K. Jayanna, P.A. Deinnocentes, R.C. Bird, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
- Viral Gene Therapy for Expression of Transporter Gene in Pancreatic Tumor Cells: A Novel Approach
A. Paul, A. Kulamarva, M. Malhotra, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
- Creation of a self-assembling molecular transistor scaffold
S. White, P.G. Stockley, G. Davies, C. Wälti, Astbury Centre, University of Leeds, UK
- Chromato-panning: a chromatographic biopanning procedure for phage display libraries in supermacroporous cryogel
W. Noppe, I. Yu Galaev, B. Mattiasson, H. Deckmyn, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Campus Kortrijk, BE
Biosensors & DiagnosticsExpo Hall
- CdSe nano-particles coated with thiol-terminated oligo(ethylene oxide)for protein targeting reagent
Y. Ito, H. Tsutsumi, Yamaguchi University, JP
- Highly specific anti-prothrombin aptamers
C-W Chi, Y-H Lao, L-C Chen, Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Taiwan University, TW
- Human Neural Stem Cell Differentiation Potential Determined by Electric Fields
F.H. Labeed, J. Lu, S.A. Marchenko, K.F. Hoettges, M.P. Hughes, E.S. Monuki, A.P. Lee, L.A. Flanagan, University of Surrey, UK
- Nanotemplates for Electrical Detection of Biomolecules: A Diatom Based Biosensor
V. Kunduru, K. Lin, K. Rege, B. Ramakrishna, S. Prasad, Arizona State University, US
- Immunodetection of cancer marker in human serum using silicon field effect transistors
A. Kim, C.S. Ah, C.W. Park, J.-H. Yang, T. Kim, C.-G. Ahn, G.Y. Sung, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, KR
- Electrochemical Detection of Proteins in Complex Samples with the E-DNA Scaffold Platform
K.J. Cash, F. Ricci, K.W. Plaxco, University of California Santa Barbara, US
- Portable FRET Sensing of Proteins, Hormones, and Toxins Using DNA Aptamers and Quantum Dots
G.W. Jackson, U. Strych, E. Frank, R.C. Willson, R. Ballerstadt, R.J. McNichols, BioTex, Inc., US
- Biomolecular Detection on Supported Lipid Bilayers inside Microfluidic Channels
H. Jung, P.S. Cremer, Texas A&M University, US
- Aptamer-based label-free biosensor for fluorescence detection of urinary adenosine
S.-J. Chen, C.-C. Huang, H.-T. Chang, National Taiwan University, TW
- Biochip for minimally invasive blood glucose monitoring
P. Zhang, M.M. Ahmadi, G.A. Jullien, University of Calgary, CA
- Characterization and Applications of Modified Gold Electrode Sensor with Nanoparticles
S.W. Leung, Y. Wang, H. Gu, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
- A 3-dimensional nanobiosensor based on an anodic aluminum oxide template
G.-J. Wang, Y.-D. Lin, National Chung-Hsing University, TW
- Real-time single-molecule dynamics observed with a nanoscale transistor
L.C. Brousseau, Quantum Logic Devices, US
- Design Aspects of C-MEMS Based Enzymatic Biofuel Cell Via Finite Element Analysis Approach
Y.S. Parikh, J-H Yang, C. wang, Florida international university, US
- On-chip biosensor for rapid detection and identification of nitrogen containing compounds
K. Feige, A. Shende, A. Vats, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
- Infant HIV and Nanotechnology
N. Goel, R. Sharma, Pt BDS Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, IN
- Performance Comparisons of Nanoparticle Modified Sensor Electrodes for the Detection of Nitrite and Peroxide
J.C.K. Lai, Y. Wang, W. Gao, H. Gu, S.W. Leung, Idaho State University, US
- Label-free direct detection of analytes from optically inaccessible samples
L.C. Brousseau, Quantum Logic Devices, US
Drug DeliveryExpo Hall
- Synthesis and Biopharmaceutical Characterisation of a New Poly hydroxyethyl
X-H Qi, W. Lin, Q. He, X-H Guan, Nanjing Medical University, CN
- Formulation and Development of Novel Insitu Nasal Gel Containing Glibenclamide Nanoparticles
M.C. Gohel, R.K. Par, K.D. Patel, L.M. College Of Pharmacy, IN
- Diskettes of mucoadhesive polymeric nanoparticles for oral (buccal) transmucosal delivery of Fluoxetine hydrochloride: formulation and characterization
A. Sapre, R. Parikh, M. Gohel, L.M. College Of Pharmacy, IN
- Modeling of Polymer-Drug Interactions in Biodegradable Tyrosine-Based Nanospheres Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Docking
A.D. Costache, L. Sheihet, D.D. Knight, J. Kohn, Rutgers University, US
- Paclitaxel-functionalized aspragalan-calcium phosphate nanoparticles
Q. He, X.Z. Zhang, W.M. Yaun, D.M. Zhau, Z.Q. Fang, X.H. Gang, Nanjing Medical University, CN
- Process Development and Industrial Manufacturing of Nanotechnology-Based Pharmaceuticals
E. Hassan, S. Gumudavelli, Pharmaceutics International Inc. (Pii), US
- Cell targeting and nanoscale drug delivery using purified virus envelope proteins
J. Wang, A.A. Kolokoltsov, R.A. Davey, University of Texas Medical Branch, US
- Tissue distribution of surface-modified, drug-loaded PLGA nanoparticles via direct and systemic administration
J. Lu, C.C. Weller, M.F. Rauch, E.C. Ferreira, J. Park, W.M. Saltzman, M.S. Cartiera, Carigent Therapeutics, Inc., US
- Size-dependent in vitro toxicity of porous silicon micro- and nanoparticles
H.A. Santos, J. Salonen, J. Riikonen, T. Heikkilä, L. Peltonen, V-P Lehto, J. Hirvonen, University of Turku, FI
- Study of hydrocortisone stabilization within the network of nanostructured Silica and titania biomaterials
E. Ortiz, T. Lopez, R. Gonzalez, Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía, MX
- Miniaturizing an Active, MEMS based, Drug Delivery Device
B.C. Masi, M.J. Cima, R.S. Langer, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, US
- Effect of the concentration of water on dopamine occluded in nanostructured silica reservoirs for the treatment of Parkinson disease
T. López, D. Esquivel, E. Ortiz, R. González., Universidad de Gunajuato, MX
- Nanoporous silicon particles for drug delivery
C. Chiappini, E. Tasciotti, X. Liu, D. Fine, M. Ferrari, The University of Texas at Austin, US
- Nanoparticle-modified polymer capsules as carrier systems for biosensing and drug delivery
L.L. del Mercato, A.A. Zahoor, P. Rivera_Gil, A. Muñoz_Javier, P. del Pino, W.J. Parak, Philipps University of Marburg, DE
- Mechanism of Nitroimidazole Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles Embedded in Micro-organisms as Delivery Systems
N. Goel, R. Sharma, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science, IN
- Newer Methods of Nanoparticle Synthesis: Nitroimidazole properties with Nanometal oxides in Polymer Cages
R.A. Khan, R. Sharma, Florida State University, IN
- Celecoxib loaded polymersomes for controlled drug delivery and anticancer therapy
H. Vishwasrao, J. Eley, M. May, J. Bigelow, Idaho State University, US
- Fashioning of Polymer Multi-functional Nanovector Microparticle Delivery System by High Definition Microextrusion
P.D. Gabriele, A. Hogan, J. D’Ottavio, M. Flemmens, M. Weir, ARmark Authentication Technologies, LLC, US
- Action of Paclitaxel pH-Sensitive Liposomes on B16F1 Melanoma Cells
H. Karanth, R.S.R. Murthy, The M.S. University Of Baroda, IN
- Novel Cleavable PEGylated Liposomes for Enzyme Triggerable Release of Nucleic Acid in Tumours
P. Yingyuad, A. Miller, M. Thanou, Imperial College Genetic Therapies Centre, UK
- Chitosan as mucoadhesive agent to enhance absorption of therapeutic proteins encapsulated into solid lipid nanoparticles
J. Teixeira, A. Júlio, C. Castro, J. Fonseca, S. Martins, D. Ferreira, B. Sarmento, University of Porto, PT
- Magnetic drug targeting using concept of focused magnet
L. Jancurova, M. Timko, M. Bano, M. Koneracka, M. Repasan, P. Kopcansky, Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in Kosice, SK
Nano MedicineExpo Hall
- The Application of GHMRF to 3-D Synthetic Proliferation
M. Zubert, M. Napieralska, A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
- An EM Transistor Based Brain-Processor Interface
R. Sklyar, Independent researcher, UA
- Cytotoxicity of metallic oxide nanoparticles in human neural and non-neural cells
M.B. Lai, S. Jandhyam, V.V. Dukhande, A. Bhushan, C.K. Daniels, S.W. Leung, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy & Biomedical Research Institute, US
- Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibition by Gold and Titanium Nanoparticles
K. Vig, S. Boyoglu, V. Rangari, S. Pillai, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
- Silver Coated Carbon Nanotubes Inhibit RSV Infection
L. Adiani, P. Subbarayan, S. Boyoglu, K. Vig, S. Pillai, V. Rangari, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
- Inhibitory Effects of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles on RSV Studied by Atomic Force
S. Boyoglu, K. Vig, A. Pfendt, S. Pillai, G.A. Willing, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
- Nanotoxicity Assessment toward the Applications of Carbon Nanotubes as a Small Biomolecule Carrier in Drug Delivery Systems
R. Sharma, S. Kwon, R. Baktur, A. Sharma, Utah State University, US
- Inhibitory Effects of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles on RSV Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
S. Boyoglu, K. Vig, A. Pfendt, S. Pillai, G.A. Willing, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
- Assembly of Multi Functional Nano Systems for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
D. Shi, H.S. Cho, C. Huth, G.M. Pauletti, Z.Y. Dong, H. Xu, H.C. Gu, J. Lian, R.C. Ewing, University of Cincinnati, US
- Plasmon nanoparticle-generated photothermal bubbles as universal biomedical agents
E.Y. Hleb, N.A. Yakush, J.H. Hafner, R.A. Drezek, J.A. McNew, D.O. Lapotko, A.V.Lykov Heat & Mass Transfer Institute, BY
- Characterizing PEGylated chitosan nanoparticles in terms of size and zeta potential for gene delivery applications
M. Malhotra, A. Kulamarva, A. Paul, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
A.N. Belousov, Head, UA
- siRNA delivery to silence HIF-1a using pristine single-walled carbon nanotubes
G. Bartholomeusz, J. Kingston, R. Lemos, L. Kirkpatrick, B. Weisman, G. Powis, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, US
- Nickel-Chelating Nanolipoprotein Particles (NiNLPs) as Versatile Platforms for Vaccine Development
N.O. Fischer, C.D. Blanchette, P.W. Mason, P.D. Hoeprich, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
- Nanoscale insights suggest means to suppress the primary pathogenic event of sickle cell anemia
V.V. Uzunova, W. Pan, O. Galkin, P.G. Vekilov, University of Houston, US
- Hybrid Nanoparticles Targeted by Antitumor Antibodies and Emitting Alpha-particles
I.V. Resheto, S.M. Deev, D.Y. Chuvilin, V.Y. Panchenko, S.S. Sukharev, E.A. Streltsova, P.A. Hertzen Moscow Research Oncological Institute (MROI), RU
- Role of Cancer Cell Phenotype on the Differential Intracellular Transport and Localization of Quantum Dots
S. Barua, K. Rege, Arizona State University, US
- Evolutionary Selection of Microtubule-Interacting Filamentous Phage with Thousands of Interaction Sites on the Side Walls
B. Cao, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
- Targeted photonic manipulation of DNA by nanoscissors
D.-B. Shieh, T.-L. Tsai, K.-S. Chuang, C.-S. Yeh, Y. Tzeng, K.T. Li, W.-C. Su, J.-R. Hwu, National Cheng kung University, TW
- Nanosizing of poorly-water-soluble compounds using rotation/revolution mixer
T. Takatsuka, T. Endo, Y. Jianguo, N. Hashimoto, Thinky Corporation, JP
- Futurodontics - An Introduction
B.J. Borthakur, Mahatma Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences (Govt. of Puducherry Institution), India., IN
Environment, Safety & SocietyExpo Hall
- Environmental applications of nanocrystalline metal oxides
O.B. Koper, D.A. Jones, NanoScale Corporation, US
- Using Daphnia Magna and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Imaging (SERSI) to Explore the Ecotoxicity of Metal Nanoparticles
C. Li, Z. Chisolm-El, S.W. Bishnoi, Illinois Institute of Technology, US
- Gold nanoparticles caused learning impairment in mice
Y.-S. Chen, Y.-C. Hung, I. Liau, L.-W. Lin, M.-Y. Hong, G.S. Huang, National Chiao Tung University, TW
- Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of silver nanomaterials
B. Uyguy, M.D. Mason, A-K. Ng, University of Southern Maine, US
- Size Matters: The outer diameter of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) affects gene expression in female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)
B.J. Carter, R.J. Griffitt, N. Brown-Peterson, H.R. Hammers, D.S. Barber, EcoArray, Inc., US
- Fluorescence localization of water solubilized CdSe/ZnS QDs in the freshwater invertebrate Daphnia magna
N. Lewinski, H. Zhu, C. Ouyang, V. Colvin, R. Drezek, Rice University, US
- Data Call-in for Carbon Nanotubes: First steps in California’s Approach to Nanomaterials
J. Wong, California Environmental Protection Agency, US
- A Nanotechnology Policy Framework for California
A. Wise, T. Woodruff, University of California-San Francisco, US
- An Anticipatory Risk Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes
M. Philbrick, University of California, Berkeley, US
- Nano-selenium - A Nanotechnology Based Approach to Capture Mercury Vapor
L. Sarin, W. Turnbull, B. Lee, S. Bowers, N.C. Johnson, S. Manchester, R.H. Hurt, Brown University, US
- When Are Nanoparticles New Chemicals? A Size-Based Criterion for Molecular Identity
A.M. Boyd, T. Hester, V.L. Colvin, Rice University, US
- Improved photocatalytic degradation of textile dye using titanium dioxide
A. Kar, Y.R. Smith, V. Subramanian, University Of Nevada, Reno, US
4:30 Solar: Case Studies & Company ProfilesExpo Hall Theater
 Session chair: Tony Maull, Vergent Energy, US
4:30 Choosing Your Solar Integrator Wisely… Why All Solar Installations are not Equal
A. McCalla, Meridian Solar, US
4:45 Best Practices: Large Commercial Solar Installations
J. Laggner, ThinkSolar, US
5:00 Solar 101 for Business:  A Cost/Benefit Analysis
C. Overmiller, Texas Solar Power, US
5:15 Ignite Solar
P. Mathey, Ignite Solar, US
3:00 TechConnect IP: Advanced MaterialsExpo Hall TechConnect Room A
 Session chair: Mark Mielke, BASF, US
3:00 Gas and Liquid Separation using Nanostructured Polymer Membranes
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
3:10 Advanced Functional Nylon Fibers
E. Canetti, Yissum, Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL
3:20 PolyPower®
F. Voss, Danfoss Ventures A/S, DK
3:30 Photostrip: An Eco-Friendly Paint Removal Technology
S. Ghosh, U.T. Arlington, US
3:40 Wood Adhesives Containing Reinforced Additives for Structural Engineering Products
S. Wang, University of Tennessee, US
3:00 TechConnect IP: Biotech & MedicalExpo Hall TechConnect Room B
 Session chair: Yael Weiss, Merck, US
3:00 On-Chip Synthesis of Biomolecules
S. Marcus, Yeda R&D Co. Ltd., IL
3:10 Clean process for organic added-value compounds separation
M. Gourde, Universite Laval, CA
3:20 Compositions and methods for polynucleotide extraction and methylation detection
V. Bailey, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, US
3:30 Bacteria extract elicitors, extraction process, composition including extract and method to induce the plant defense responses
M. Ritter dos Santos, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul -PUCRS, BR
3:40 Nanostructures for biomarker selection and identification by MS
R. Meagley, ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC, US
3:50 Electrodeposition of Sol-Gel Films
E. Canetti, Yissum, Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL
3:00 TechConnect IP: Sensors & MicrosystemsExpo Hall TechConnect Room C
 Session chair: Thijs Viegers, Philips Applied Technologies, US
3:00 Memristors for Pattern Recognition
B. Mouttet, George Mason University, US
3:10 Direct Writing of Freeform 3D Microstructures
T. Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA
3:20 Classification of features based on MLP neuro-networks
R. Reitzer, University of Jyvaskyla, FI
3:30 A novel nanocavity sensor for ultrasensitive, label-free biomolecular detection
C. Ives, Boston College, US
3:40 Magnetic Lithography
S. Marcus, Yeda R&D Co. Ltd., IL
3:50 Janus Particle-based Biosensors
K. Elcess, Brookhaven Science Associates, US
3:00 TechConnect IP: Water & RemediationExpo Hall TechConnect Room D
 Session chair: Dan Watkins, DFJ Mercury, US
3:00 In Situ Mercury Treatment Process
K. Elcess, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
G. Botte, Ohio Univeristy, US
3:20 A Simple Method to Detect Water Impurities
P. Caldwell, Drexel University, US
3:30 Method for microbe & enzyme discovery
A. Johnston, CSIRO, AU
3:40 Cost-reduced Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment through Partial Nitrification and Faster Monitoring of Process Optimization and Bacterial Content Using Gene Expression
J. Aloise, Columbia University, US
4:30 TechConnect Ventures: Advanced MaterialsExpo Hall TechConnect Room A
 Session chair: Dan Watkins, DFJ Mercury, US
4:30 Nanofiber A/S
J. Damsgaard, Science Ventures Denmark, DK
4:40 Zikon Inc.
A. Fries, Zikon Inc., US
4:50 GoNano Technologies, Inc
T. Kinkeade, GoNano Technologies, Inc, US
5:00 Opalux Inc.
P. Chan, Opalux Inc., CA
5:10 TurboBeads Llc.
R. Grass, TurboBeads Llc., CH
5:20 Vorbeck Materials Corp.
J. Lettow, Vorbeck Materials Corp., US
5:30 NaugaNeedles LLC
M. Yazdanpanah, NaugaNeedles LLC, US
4:30 TechConnect Ventures: Biotech & MedicalExpo Hall TechConnect Room C
 Session chair: Sarah Audet, Medtronic, US
4:30 Parabon NanoLabs, Inc.
P. Armentrout, Parabon NanoLabs, Inc., US
4:40 DiscoveryBioMed, Inc.
E. Schwiebert, DiscoveryBioMed, Inc., US
4:50 NanoVector, Inc
A. Bender, NanoVector, Inc, US
5:00 BioMatrix Research Corporation
T. Yaguchi, Japan Technology Group, US
5:10 Parsortix, Inc.
G. Evans, Parsortix, Inc., US
5:20 Cambridge Biomagnetics Ltd
T. MitreliaS, Cambridge Biomagnetics Ltd, UK
5:30 Impel NeuroPharma
M. Hite, Impel NeuroPharma, US
4:30 TechConnect Ventures: Energy & EfficiencyExpo Hall TechConnect Room B
 Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
4:30 Varentec
A. Dillon, Varentec, US
4:40 BioEnergy Planet Inc.
L. Kopeikina, BioEnergy Planet Inc., US
4:50 Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc.
B. Spencer, Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc., US
5:00 Poseidon Energy, Inc.
D. Gray, Poseidon Energy, Inc., US
5:10 ExRo Technologies Inc.
K. Struble, ExRo Technologies Inc., US
5:20 NTS Energie- und Transportsysteme GmbH
G. Lutsch, NTS Energie- und Transportsysteme GmbH, DE
5:30 Gas Technology Institute
T. Smith, Gas Technology Institute, US
5:40 ClearValue, Inc.
R. Haase, ClearValue, Inc., US
5:50 Marine Renewable Energy
D. Richardson, Technology From Ideas, IE
6:00 Paper Battery Co.
M. Shreefal, Paper Battery Co., US
6:10 CFX Battery
R. Yazami, CFX Battery, FR
5:00 Nano World Headquarters Reception, serving Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Texas' Oldest Craft Brewery - 5:00 pm, Booth 905Expo Hall
6:00 Lockheed Martin Networking & Showcase Reception (Invitation Required)Ballroom B
 Session chair: Lockheed Martin
- Polymer Nanocomposites from Exfoliated Graphite (Graphene) Nanoplatelets: Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties
L.T. Drzal, H. Fukushima, I. Do, M.R. Knox, XG Sciences, Inc., US
- Well-dispersed carbon nanotubes in structural composites for high-conductivity, remote strain-sensing, and damage monitoring
T. McDonald, Electro Magnetic Applications, US
- A Novel Conformal Wireless Sensor Utilizing Inkjet-printed RFID and Carbon Nanotubes for Gas Detection
L. Yang, M. Tentzeris, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
- Cutting of carbon nanotubes using hard nanoparticles
E.G. Baburaj, R. Hauge, I. Resokova, B. Abhijit, V. Hadjiev, Clarkson Aerospace Corporation, US
- The birth, growth and death of a carbon nanotube: using in-situ transmission electron microscopy to observe CNT growth processes
E.A. Stach, S. Min Kim, D.N. Zakharov, C.L. Pint, R. Hauge, B. Maruyama, Purdue University, US
- Low-temperature synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
A.V. Vasenkov, CFD Research Corporation, US
- Detection of biomolecules using quantum inference in a functionalized carbon nanoring with magnetic flux.
M. Jack, M. Encinosa, Florida A&M University, US
- Dynamic oxidation: An easily scalable technique to produce analytically pure carbon nanotubes
N. Dementev, E. Borguet, Temple University, US
- Segregated Membrane Continuous CNT Synthesis
G.L. Hornyak, M.T. Burke, M.T. Lusk, NanoThread Inc., US
- Carbon nanofibers as interconnects in CMOS technology
J.R. Jameson, F. Madriz, T. Yamada, C.Y. Yang, Santa Clara University, US
- MWNT Sheets for Flexible Electronics
K.-H. Lee, J.H. Kim, H.-S. Jang, G.S. Lee, L. Overzet, D.E. Burk, The University of Texas at Dallas, US
- Carbon Nanotubes Production Technology
J-L. Meunier, McGill University, CA
- Novel Fabrication Route to High Strength Metal-Carbon Nanotube Composites
Z. Iqbal, F. Owens, D. Wiegand, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
- Low-Energy, Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
V. Krishna, B. Koopman, B. Moudgil, University of Florida, US
- Optical Release of Hydrogen from Fullerenes as Storage Materials
V. Krishna, B. Koopman, B. Moudgil, University of Florida, US
- Bio-Battery: A Novel Micropower Source for Soldier Power and Portable Electronics
S. Singhal, J. Wei, C. Onwere, V. Svoboda, CFD Research Corp, US
- A Versatile Electrode Technology for Energy Storage and Conversion
M.G Norton, D.N. McIlroy, G. Corti, T. Cantrell, M.F. Beaux, T. Prakash, GoNano Technologies, Inc, US
- Improved Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
A.J. Jacobson, G. Kim, S. Wang, R.C. Schucker, SeprOx Corporation, US
- Novel Electrode/Catalysis Surfaces based on Ultrananocrysalline Diamond Films for High-Efficiency Fuel Cells
O. Auciello, A.V. Sumant, L.E. Ocola, D.C. Mancini, S. Tapia, J. Jellinek, C. Cabrera, Y. Ishikawa, G. Morell, R. Raptis, M.J. Yacamán, Argonne National Laboratory, US
- Large-Scale Power Management, Control, and Storage Systems are a Timely, Critical Component of 21st Century Wind Generation Systems
M. Breen, Xtreme Power, US
- Nanoporous noble metals for storage of hydrogen and/or electrical charge
D.B. Robinson, S.J. Fares, M.D. Ong, B.W. Jacobs, M.E. Langham, K.L. Tran, R.H. Nilson, Sandia National Laboratories, US
- Density Functional Theory Study on Al Nanostructures
A. Goldberg, M.D. Halls, J.-J. Liang, P. Kung, I. Yarovsky, Accelrys Inc., US
- Prototype of Optimizable Commercial Modular Hydrogen Storage Device
T.O. Passel, T.B. Benson, H22go Inc, US
- Introduction of Lithium Ion Capacitors
L.J. Myron, J. Banas, JSR Micro, Inc., US
- Production of Nanoparticles for Lithium-ion Batteries and Fuel Cells
J. Hill, NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, US
- Applications of Polymeric Nanocomposite Gels for Li-air Batteries
J. Chatterjee, T. Liu, B. Wang, J. Zheng, Florida State University, US
- Solar thermal storage features enhance low temperature heat to electricity conversion Stirling engine
S.P. Weaver, Cool Energy, Inc., US
- Running the World on Renewables via Hydrogen Transmission Pipelines with Firming Geologic Storage
W. Leighty, F. Crotogino, The Leighty Foundation, US
- Towards Novel Nano-Constructs: Novel Materials and Assembly for the Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries
C. Yilmaz, M. Trahan, T. Kim, S. Somu, A. Busnaina, Y.J. Jung, S. Mukerjee, Northeastern University, US
- High-performance bulk nanostructured magnets
C.B. Rong and J.P. Liu, University of Texas at Arlington, US
- Ultra-low Power Zigbee Wireless Network for Smart Grid Monitor and Control
Y. Xu, C. Zhou, M. Shahidehpour, Illinois Institute of Technology, US
- Higher Dielectric Nanotechnology-Based Electrical Insulations
P. Fabian, M. Hooker, Composite Technology Development, Inc., US
- Integrating Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
T. Ait-Laoussine, EnerNOC, US
- Smart Communications for Smart Grids
P.G. Greenis, Adapt4, US
- A piezoelectric photovoltaic micropower generation (PPVMG) chip
Z. Gong, V. Koptipalli, C. O’Neal, L. Que, Lousiana Tech University, US
- Electrostatic Printing og Nano-Particles for Photovoltaic Applications.
R.H. Detig, Elextrox, US
- An Industrial Partner for ALD on PV Applications
J. Skarp, BENEQ, FI
- Ultra-High Efficiency Integrated Solar Cell for Spectrally Spliced Solar Spectrum
F. Shi, Y. Li, Solar Energy Research Park and Academy, US
- Inkjet Printing Organic Solar Cells
L. Ren, S. Wang, Texas Tech University, US
- SEMATECH Nanoelectronics and Fabrication Knowledge for Alternate Energy
M.M. Hussain, P.D. Kirsch, C.E. Smith, P. Majhi, R. Jammy, SEMATECH, US
- Self-Assembled Nanoparticles Doped Si-Based Thin Film Solar Cells
Y. Li, H. Wang, Texas A&M University, US
- Optical rectenna solar cell design using high performance computing
S.D. Wix, P.V. Plunkett, Sandia National Laboratories, US
- Aerosol Jet Printing for High Efficiency Photovoltaics
M. O’Reilly, R. Plourde, D. Ramahi, Optomec, Inc., US

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