NSTI Nanotech 2009

Phage Nanobiotechnology

Symposium Chairs

Valery Petrenko Valery A. Petrenko
Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine
Auburn University, Alabama

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Jamie K. Scott Jamie K. Scott
Professor and Canada Research Chair
Dept. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, and Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
Chuanbin Mao Chuanbin Mao
Assistant Professor,
University of Oklahoma
Renata Pasqualini Renata Pasqualini
Helen Buchanan & Stanley Seeger Professor of Medicine and Cancer Biology, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
George P. Smith George P. Smith
Curators Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Missouri
John Mendelsohn John Mendelsohn
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Francois Iris Francois Iris
Founder, Chairman & CSO
Bio-Modeling Systems
Steven Ripp Steven Ripp
The University of Tennessee
Werner Vos Werner L. Vos
Marie Curie Laboratory for Membrane Proteins
Jason Clark Dr. Jason Clark
Principal Research Scientist
Big DNA Ltd.
Kimberly A. Kellyk Kimberly A. Kelly
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
University of Virginia

Special Symposium

A new promising type of nanomaterials—bacteriophages—emerged recently as a result of evolution of phage display technique.  In opposite to other nanomaterials, the bacteriophages have the unique feature—their structure and function are encrypted in their genomic DNA, which can be intentionally modified or even rewritten using routine genetic engineering techniques. Phage as a new kind of nanomaterials attracts attention of specialists working in boundary, and even very distal areas from genetics and molecular biology, such as pharmaceutical science, material science, microelectronics, biosensors, detection, environmental sciences, etc. Penetration of the phage technology into these new disciplines requires development of new concepts, which will be the focus of the symposium. The symposium will introduce new researchers into this hot new area of phage nanobiotechnology, summarize the existing data on the phage nanomaterials and discuss a prospect of their use in different areas of medicine, science and technology.

Symposium Sessions


Monday May 4

10:30 Phage Nanotechnology
1:30 Phage Nanotechnology
4:00 Phage Nanotechnology

Tuesday May 5

8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnect
 Phage Nanotechnology

Wednesday May 6


Thursday May 7


Symposium Program


Monday May 4

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10:30 Phage NanotechnologyRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Valery A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
10:30 Phage Paradigm in Development of Targeted Medications
V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US (bio)
10:55 (CANCELED) Massively Parallel Affinity Selection with Complex Selectors
G.P. Smith, W.D. Thomas, University of Missouri, US
11:20 Therapeutic Implications of Combinatorial Vascular Targeting
R. Pasqualini, W. Arap, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, US
11:45 Engineering the filamentous phage surface to alter its immunogenicity
N.E. van Houten, K. Henry, G.P. Smith, J.K. Scott, Simon Fraser University, CA
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1:30 Phage NanotechnologyRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Valery A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
1:30 To ‘L’ and back – the odyssee of membrane bound M13 major coat protein
W.L. Vos, NUI Maynooth, IE
2:00 Engineered phage banks: targetable nanodevices as a functional answer to bacteriological threats
F. Iris, BioModeling Systems, FR
2:30 Self replicating nanoparticles which auto-assemble and package specific DNA sequences (bacteriophages) as vaccine delivery vehicles
J. Clark, J. March, BigDNA Ltd., UK
3:00 Gold Nanoparticle-based Scaffolds for Targeted Imaging and Tissue Ablation
R. Pasqualini, W. Arap, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, US
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4:00 Phage NanotechnologyRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Valery A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
4:00 Phage reporter biosensing of pathogenic agents
S. Ripp, University of Tennessee, US
4:30 Assembly of hydroxylapatite nanoparticles on hydroxylapatite-binding phage selected from a landscape phage library
B. Cao, S. Modali, G. Abbineni, P. Jayanna, V.A. Petrenko, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
5:00 Molecular Imaging and Biomarker Discovery in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
K. Kelly, University of Virginia, US
5:20 Bio-Directed Synthesis and Assembly of Nanomaterials
J.M. Slocik, M. Dickerson, S-N. Kim, M. Tomczak, L.F. Drummy, R.R. Naik, Air Force Research Laboratory, US
5:40 Site-Directed Chemical Modification of Phage Particles
L. Saleh, K.A. Noren, C.J. Noren, New England Biolabs, US

Tuesday May 5

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8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnectTheater AB
 Session chair: Jeff Moseley, Greater Houston Partnership, Shushana Castle, Clinton Global Initiative Member/Millennium Water Alliance, US
8:00 Welcome TechConnect World to Houston
J. Moseley, Greater Houston Partnership, US
8:15 Can Uncle Sam Cure What Ails Clean Tech?
P. Dickerson, HaynesBoone, former COO Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, DOE, US (bio)
8:45 Welcome to Houston
B. White, City of Houston, Mayor, US
9:00 Flying into the Future: Continental’s Commitment to the Environment
L. Kellner, Continental Airlines, CEO, US (bio)
9:30 RUSNANO: Driving the Nanotech Industry Growth
A. Chubais, RUSNANO, CEO, RU
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4:00 POSTERSExpo Hall
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Phage NanotechnologyExpo Hall
- Development of Novel Landscape Phage Libraries and Their Use for Selection of Phage Probes for Staphylococcus aureus
C. Xu, S.B. Price, S. Kitchens, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
- Selection of SKBR-3 breast cancer cell-binding and internalizing peptides by landscape phage display
G. Abbineni, S. Modali, B. Mroczka, V.A. Petrenko, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
- Sensing humidity using phage-nanoparticle assembly
C. Mao, A. Liu, G. Abbineni, University of Oklahoma, US
- Pharmaceutical Liposomes Targeted to PC3 Prostate Carcinoma Cells by Fusion Phage Proteins
P.K. Jayanna, T. Wang, D. Bedi, P. Deinnocentes, R.C. Bird, V.P. Torchilin, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
- Landscape Phage Probes for Breast Cancer Cell Receptors
O.A. Fagbohun, D. Bedi, P.K. Jayanna, P.A. Deinnocentes, R.C. Bird, V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
- Viral Gene Therapy for Expression of Transporter Gene in Pancreatic Tumor Cells: A Novel Approach
A. Paul, A. Kulamarva, M. Malhotra, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
- Creation of a self-assembling molecular transistor scaffold
S. White, P.G. Stockley, G. Davies, C. Wälti, Astbury Centre, University of Leeds, UK
- Chromato-panning: a chromatographic biopanning procedure for phage display libraries in supermacroporous cryogel
W. Noppe, I. Yu Galaev, B. Mattiasson, H. Deckmyn, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Campus Kortrijk, BE

Wednesday May 6

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1:30 POSTERSExpo Hall

Topics & Application Areas

  • Amplification & Self Assemblage of Phage Particles
  • Engineering of phage shape & function
  • Imaging Phage Probes
  • Phage-Based Biorecognition Interfaces in Biosensors
  • Phage-Based Patient-Specific Navigation Systems
  • Phage-Derived Interfaces between Organic & Inorganic Materials
  • Phage-derived Vehicles for Gene & Drug Delivery
  • Phage-Driven Synthesis of Inorganic Nanomaterials
  • Site-Directed Chemical Modification of Phage Particles
  • Structure of Filamentous Phage Particles & Their Components
  • Distinct Viral Nanomaterials
  • Other

Journal Submissions

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Nanomedicine)

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Nanomedicine)

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Nanomedicine) is a newly established, international, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. Nanomedicine publishes basic, clinical, and engineering research in the innovative field of nanomedicine. Article categories include basic nanomedicine, diagnostic nanomedicine, experimental nanomedicine, clinical nanomedicine, and engineering nanomedicine, pharmacological nanomedicine.

For consideration into the Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine journal please select the “Submit to Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine” button during the on-line submission procedure. You may only select a single journal during the submission process.

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