NSTI Nanotech 2009

Energy Storage & Distribution

Symposium Co-Chairs

Wade Adams Wade Adams
Chairman of the Board of
Texas Nanotechnology Initiative (TNI)

Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Rice University, USA
Emil Peña Emil Peña
Executive Director of the Energy and Environmental Systems Institute
Rice Univerity

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Sivaram Arepalli Sivaram Arepalli
Professor, Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University

Symposium Sessions


Monday May 4

8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnect
10:30 Coatings & Surfaces: Hydrophobic/Hydrophylic
10:30 Energy Storage - 1: Lockheed Martin Symposium
1:30 Coatings & Surfaces: Hydrophobic/Hydrophylic
1:30 Nanocomposites: Electrical Properties

Tuesday May 5

8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnect
11:00 Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces: Electrical and Optical Applications
10:30 Energy Storage Technology
1:30 Nanostructured Materials - Nanowires
1:30 Energy Storage Technology
3:00 Energy Storage - 2: Lockheed Martin Symposium

Wednesday May 6

8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnect
8:30 Keynote Panel: The Future of Energy
10:30 Energy Storage: Fuel Cells
 Grid & Energy Storage Technology

Thursday May 7


Symposium Program


Monday May 4

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8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnectTheater AB
 Session chair: Matthew Laudon, NSTI and Patti Glaza, CTSI
8:00 The Nanotech Revolution in Renewable Energy
D. Arvizu - Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), U.S. Department of Energy, US (bio)
8:30 Nanotechnology and the Obama Administration
T. Kalil, Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House, US
9:00 Innovation for a Secure Future
R. Johnson - CTO, Lockheed Martin, US (bio)
9:30 The Next Big Thing is Really Small
R.J. Kumpf - CAO, Bayer Material Science, US (bio)
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10:30 Coatings & Surfaces: Hydrophobic/HydrophylicRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Dimatix, US
10:30 Effects of Surface Texture and Chemistry on Surface Hydrophobicity and Oleophobicity
K-Y Law, H. Zhao, V. Sambhy, Xerox Corporation, US
11:00 Nanostructured and Self-Assembled Superhydrophilic Bipolar Plate Coatings for Fuel Cell Water Management
G. Dadheech, M. Abd Elhamid, R. Blunk, General Motors Corporation, US
11:20 Hierarchical Superhydrophobic Surfaces Resist Water Droplet Impact
K.K. Varanasi, T. Deng, M. Hsu, N. Bhate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
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10:30 Energy Storage - 1: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Koeunyi Bae, Lockheed Martin, US
10:30 Towards Novel Nano-Constructs: Novel Materials and Assembly for the Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries
C. Yilmaz, M. Trahan, T. Kim, S. Somu, A. Busnaina, Y.J. Jung, S. Mukerjee, Northeastern University, US
10:45 A 3-D Nanobattery System With Individually-wired Nano-electrodes For Enhanced Performance
D. Teeters, P. Johnson, The University of Tulsa, US
11:00 (CANCELED) Low Loss Mechanical Flywheel Battery
W. Higdon, J. Kaliszewski, M. Powel, EES Holdings, US
11:15 Proton Conducting Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (PC-SOFC) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
C. Kjolseth, P. Vestre, Protia AS, NO
11:30 A Solid State, Rechargeable Lithiu-Air Battery
B. Kumar, J. Kumar, University of Dayton, US
H-L. Zhang, D. Morse, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
12:00 Polyelectrolytes for fuel cells and Lithium polymer batteries
G. Maier, M. Gross, R. Gaertner, M.O. Hunt, Polymaterials AG, DE
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1:30 Coatings & Surfaces: Hydrophobic/HydrophylicRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Dimatix, US
1:30 Reversibly UV-light-induced wettability transition of thin films of organic-capped TiO2
G. Caputo, B. Cortese, C. Nobile, M. Salerno, R. Cingolani, G. Gigli, A. Athanassiou, P.D. Cozzoli, Scuola Superiore ISUFI-Universitŕ del Salento, IT
1:50 PVDF based polymer nanocomposite coatings for large area applications
M.K. Tiwari, I.S. Bayer, C.M. Megaridis, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
2:10 Rapid Synthesis of Anti-Fogging Coatings
A. Tricoli, M. Righettoni, S.E. Pratsinis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH
2:30 Super-hydrophobic and/or Super-hydrophilic Surfaces Made by Plasma Process
L. Chen, G. Henein, J.A. Liddle, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
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1:30 Nanocomposites: Electrical PropertiesRoom 360 CF
 Session chair: Tom Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
1:30 Nanocomposites Overview
T. Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
2:00 Novel Metal Nanowire/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
G.A. Gelves, M.H. Al-Saleh, U. Sundararaj, University of Alberta, CA
2:20 Novel Carbon Nanotube-Biomedical Polymer Composite Platforms for Bioelectrochemical Applications
S. Ounnunkad, A.I. Minett, B.D. Fleming, A.M. Bond, G.G. Wallace, University of Wollongong, AU
2:40 Multifunctional Electrodes Based on MWNTs Sheets and Yarns
J. Carretero-González, M.E. dela Cruz, S. Fang, J.P. Ferraris, R.H. Baughman, The University of Texas at Dallas, US

Tuesday May 5

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8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnectTheater AB
 Session chair: Jeff Moseley, Greater Houston Partnership, Shushana Castle, Clinton Global Initiative Member/Millennium Water Alliance, US
8:00 Welcome TechConnect World to Houston
J. Moseley, Greater Houston Partnership, US
8:15 Can Uncle Sam Cure What Ails Clean Tech?
P. Dickerson, HaynesBoone, former COO Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, DOE, US (bio)
8:45 Welcome to Houston
B. White, City of Houston, Mayor, US
9:00 Flying into the Future: Continental’s Commitment to the Environment
L. Kellner, Continental Airlines, CEO, US (bio)
9:30 RUSNANO: Driving the Nanotech Industry Growth
A. Chubais, RUSNANO, CEO, RU
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11:00 Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces: Electrical and Optical ApplicationsRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Dimatix, US
11:00 Nanomaterials for Stretchable Electronics/Optoelectronic
J.A. Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig, US
11:50 Photoactivity of nitrogen-doped anodic TiO2 under UV and VIS light irradiation
M.V. Diamanti, M. Ormellese, M.P. Pedeferri, Politecnico di Milano, IT
12:10 Ordered mesoporous films of TiO2 as highly efficient photocatalysts for clean environment
J. Rathousky, V. Kalousek, C. Walsh, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CZ
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10:30 Energy Storage TechnologyRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Bill Tumas, Los Alamos National Lab, US
10:30 Challenges in Energy Storage at Multiple Scales
W. Tumas, Los Alamos National Lab, US
10:50 Using Storage-based Power Systems to smooth Wind Farm Ramping
M.D. Breen, C. Coe, C. Such, Xtreme Power, US
11:10 Think Outside the Battery: Improving Efficiency without Recreating the Wheel
R. Slavens, Active Power, Inc., US
11:30 Portable Hydrogen Generation using Carbon Cryogel-Ammonia Borane Nanocomposites
S. Sepehri, B. Batalla Garcia, K. Park, G. Cao, A.H. Brothers, Mainstream Engineering Corporation, US
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1:30 Nanostructured Materials - NanowiresRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Stephan Link, Rice University, US
1:30 Silicon and Germanium Nanowires Synthesized in Organic Solvents
R. Patel, V. Holmberg, A. Heitsch, A. Chockla, B.A. Korgel, University of Texas at Austin, US
2:00 Aluminium-Doped ZnO Films and Nanowires by a Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique
S.Y. Pung, K.L. Choy, University of Nottingham, UK
2:20 Synthesis of Self-aligned Tungsten Nanowires on Single Crystalline Tungsten Substrates
W. Wu, Q. Yu, S-S Pei, University of Houston, US
2:40 Strain Driven Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanowires on Sapphire: Controlling Horizontal vs. Standing Growth
B. Nikoobakht, S. Eustis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:00 Ultrathin hematite and goethite-hematite core-shell nanorods and composite nanowires by electrospinning
S. Cavaliere-Jaricot, A. Brioude, P. Miele, LMI-Université de Lyon 1, FR
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1:30 Energy Storage TechnologyRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Bill Tumas, Los Alamos National Lab, US
1:30 A Novel Architecture for Micro Fuel Cells
S. Moghaddam, E. Pengwang, K. Lin, R.I. Masel, M.A. Shannon, UIUC, US
1:50 High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays
D. Liu, Y. Zhang, G. Cao, University of Washington, US
2:10 Promoting the activity of LiFePO4 (olivine) cathode of Li-ion battery by supramolecular complexes with single walled carbon nanotubes
L. Kavan, I. Exnar, M. Graetzel, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CZ
2:30 (CANCELED) Nickel oxide hollow nano-fiber electrodes for electrochemical capacitors
S. Machida, H. Tsutsumi, Yamaguchi University, JP
2:50 Phase Stabilized and Enhanced PtCu3/C oxygen reduction electrocatalysts via Au galvanic displacement
Z. Liu, D. Huang, S. Koh, C. Yu, K.L. More, L.F. Allard Jr., P. Strasser, University of Houston, US
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3:00 Energy Storage - 2: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Vince Teofilo, Lockheed Martin, US
3:00 A123Systems - Smart Grid Ready Storage
C. Vartanian, A123Systems, US
3:15 (CANCELED) Firefly Microcell Foam Battery Technology
K. Kelley, Firefly Energy, Inc., US
3:30 Innovative Fabrication of High Energy Cathode Materials and Integrated, On-board Power Solutions
J.R. Pitts, E. Dayalan, A. J. Manning, I. Oladeji, C. Nelson, Planar Energy Devices, US
3:45 The PowerWrapper Supercapacitor as an Integrated Structural Component
T. Simmons, R. Wahi, C. Galande, S. Mehta, R. Miller, Paper Battery Company, US
4:00 High Power and Energy Density Supercapacitors Based on Conductive Polymers
P.J. Kinlen, S. Viswanathan, J.-H. Young, Y.-G. Kim, J. Mbugua, J. Simpson, W.-S. Shih, M. Stroder, K. Edwards, H.-L. Nguyen, Crosslink, US
4:15 Philips Applied Technologies - Innovation - Energy Storage
J. Downes, A. Rankers, Philips Applied Technologies, US
4:30 Ultra-High Energy Density Lithium/Air and Lithium/Water Batteries
S.J. Visco, E. Nimon, M-Y. Chu, L. De Jonghe, PolyPlus Battery Company, US
4:45 Large-format, Prismatic Lithium Ion SuperPolymer Batteries
G. DasGupta, G. DasGupta, CA
5:00 Ultra-high Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
B.Z. Jang, A. Zhamu, Nanotek Instruments, Inc., US
5:15 The VPS Cycle: Utility-Scale Power Storage via Liquid Air Production
D. Vandor, J. Dockter, Expansion Energy LLC, US
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4:00 POSTERSExpo Hall

Wednesday May 6

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8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnectTheater AB
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
8:00 Energy in the 21st Century: Muir, Patton, and Gandhi
R. James Woolsey, VantagePoint Venture Partners, US (bio)
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8:30 Keynote Panel: The Future of EnergyTheater AB
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
- D. Beneby, Exelon, President, Exelon Power, US
- M. Kapner, Austin Energy, US
- C. Frasier, Shell, VP Americas, US (bio)
- M. Simmons, Simmons & Company, US
- J. Renaud, GE Ecomagination, US
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10:30 Energy Storage: Fuel CellsRoom 310 AD
 Session chair: Robert C. Shaddox, Winstead PC
10:30 Energy-efficient electrochemical CO2 capture from the atmosphere
M.D. Eisaman, D.E. Schwartz, S. Amic, D. Larner, J. Zesch, K. Littau, Palo Alto Research Center, US
10:50 A Novel Anode Electrode for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell
K.-J. Kim, R. Bernas, G.H. Miley, N. Luo, X. Yang, University of Illinois, US
11:10 A Computational Study to Overcome Mass Transfer Limit in Microfluidic Fuel Cell
T. Wilburn, D. Zhou, California State Univeristy, Sacramento, US
11:30 Nanoengineering of a New Generation Proton Exchange Membrane for Micro Fuel Cells
S. Moghaddam, R. Masel, M. Shannon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
11:50 High Permeance Composite Membranes for Hydrogen Separation
O. Polyakov, B. Lutz, D. Routkevitch, Synkera Technologies Inc., US
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1:30 POSTERSExpo Hall
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Grid & Energy Storage TechnologyExpo Hall
- Role of Pressure Fluctuation in Hydrogen-Induced Amorphization for Hydrogen Storage Materials
M. Katagiri, H. Onodera, National Institute for Materials Science, JP
- Computational Modeling of Pressure-Composition-Temperature Curves for Hydrogen Storage Materials
V. Tserolas, M. Katagiri, National Institute for Materials Science, JP
- Structural Changes and Formation Energy Study in BCC Type Hydrogen Storage Materials
Y. Tanaka, M. Katagiri, H. Onodera, H. Ogawa, National Institute for Material Science, JP
- SMES MRI Device – Alternative for Ecological Energy Storage
S. Molokac, L. Grega, P. Rybar, M. Rybarova, Technical University of Kosiciach, SK
- Fudamentals of Supercapacitors and Applications
V.E. Fortov, A.A. Denshikov, E.E. Son, Joint Institute for High Temperature Rassian Academy of Sciences, RU
- Oxidase and Dehydrogenase-based Glucose Bioanodes for Starch Biofuel Cell Development
M-J Yen, J-Y Wang, K-C Ho, L-C Chen, Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Taiwan University, TW
- Development of high-conductivity aluminum wires using carbon nanotubes coatings
E.C. Diniz, R.H.R. Castro, FEI University Center, BR
- High Capacity Electrodes for Li-ion Cells
R.A. Rojeski, Rojeski Research Engineering and Design, US
- Utility Grid Automation and Risk Management
S.E. McLaughlin, P.D. McDaniel, Penn State University, US
- Highly Efficient and Stable Buckypaper-Based Electrodes for PEM Fuel Cells
W. Zhu, J.P. Zheng, R. Liang, B. Wang, C. Zhang, Florida State University, US
- Running the World on Renewables via Hydrogen Transmission Pipelines with Firming Geologic Storage
W. Leighty, The Leighty Foundation, US
- High-performance bulk nanostructured magnets
C.B. Rong, J.P. Liu, University of Texas at Arlington, US

Special Symposium

In the vision of Dr. Richard Smalley’s presentations on the “Future Global Energy Prosperity: The Terawatt Challenge,” the NSTI is dedicating its resources towards the development of a new conference and community focused on the discovery, promotion and implementation of improved energy sources.

This symposium is the first step in the development of this community. It will address technical advancements in the topics listed below, but will encourage submissions addressing any research, development or commercialization activity in the areas of technologies impacting energy sources, refinement, process, conversion, delivery and application. NSTI will use its resources in the promotion of these technologies towards commercial maturity and use.

We additionally encourage your participation in this community, through your comments, suggestions and offers for assistance in review and organization.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Storage Chemical: Hydrogen to Fuels
  • Storage Electrical: Supercapacitors to Magnetic
  • Storage Electrochemical: Batteries to Fuelcells
  • Membrane Technologies
  • Fuel Cell Water Management
  • Novel Fuel Cell Design
  • Novel Storage Applications
  • Minaturized Energy Sources
  • Energy Conversion
  • Super Conductors & Transmission
  • Other

Journal Submissions

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Selected Nanotech Proceedings papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. The journal provides a showcase for advances in the experimental sciences underlying nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

For consideration into this Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, please select the “Submit to Journal of Experimental Nanoscience” button during the on-line submission procedure. You may only select a single journal during the submission process.

Symposium Coordinator

Matthew Laudon
Nano Science and Technology Institute

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