NSTI Nanotech 2009



NanoSPRINT is an innovative provider of interactive marketing and technology intelligence services.

The company combines technology analysis with expertise in the development of visual representations and data-mining.

NanoSPRINT’s Virtual Presentations offer technology companies a way to convey technical concepts through intuitive explanations as well as realistic emulations of equipment.

NanoSPRINT also provides technology intelligence solutions for companies interested in developing internal foresight programs. Its proprietary tools allow for an extensive analysis of specific areas in terms of technological developments, players involved in the field or funding sources.

The company can integrate its offer with the services of traditional marketing and technology advisory firms to provide customers with a complete solution.

Originating from TIMA Labs, Grenoble, NanoSPRINT interacts very closely with the research community and is regularly involved in the organization of technology conferences.

Sponsor of the special symposium on Nanotech for Oil & Gas.

Sponsor of the special symposium on Oil & Gas Exploration & Production.

Web site: www.nanosprint.com

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