NSTI Nanotech 2009
Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood

Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood

Director, Nanotechnology
Accelrys, Inc.

Dr Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood is Director of Nanotechnology Consortium at Accelrys, a leading provider of software and services for chemicals and materials development and pharmaceutical discovery. He has 20 years of experience in computational materials science, ranging from research in polymers and complex structured fluids, lecturing in Materials Science, to commercial software development and marketing.

He has published over 50 reserarch papers and articles, is a Member of the Editorial Board of Molecular Simulations, acted as symposium chair and organizing committee member on a number of international conferences, and serves on the UK’s EPSRC Peer Review College.

He has a Diplom degree in Physics from Technical University Aachen, Germany and a Ph.D. in Polymer Physics from Bristol University, UK. He held positions as Senior Scientist at Molecular Simulations Ltd, and Assistant Director of Research in Materials Science at Cambridge University, prior to joining the Materials Science Marketing team at Accelrys Ltd, Cambridge (UK) in June 2000. In his current role he leads the Accelrys Nanotechnology Consortium, a worldwide collaborative forum, which aims to accelerate the development of software tools that enable the design of nanomaterials and nanodevices, as well as close the gap between scientists and engineers.

Chairing the special symposium on Computational Methods, Simulation & Software Tools.

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