NSTI Nanotech 2009

Field-Based Simulations of Polymer Nanostructure

Glenn H. Fredrickson

Glenn H. Fredrickson

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara

Professor Fredrickson’s research activities primarily involve the theoretical analysis of complex fluid and polymer systems and on the development of theoretical and computer simulation tools necessary to carry out such analysis. His group is concerned with equilibrium and dynamical properties of suspensions, polymer solutions, and melts. A significant portion of Fredrickson’s group is currently involved in research on heterogenous polymers such as block, random, and graft copolymers; a second effort is in the area of flow-induced and non-equilibrium phase transitions, including the analysis of reactive blending processes; and a third is concerned with interface structure and dynamics in macromolecular systems. Most recently, the group has been involved in the development of new computer simulation tools for analyzing statistical field theory models of polymers and complex fluids — “field theoretic simulations” — and the application of such tools to the design of improved complex fluid formulations and high performance plastic materials.

Speaking in the symposia on Polymer Nanotechnology and Computational Methods, Simulation & Software Tools.

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