NSTI Nanotech 2009

Interplay between simulation, theory, and experiment in inkjet printing of complex fluids

Osman Basaran

Osman Basaran

Purdue University

Osman Basaran has been at Purdue University since 1995. Currently, he is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and also the Reilly (Chaired) Professor of Fluid Dynamics. His research interests include computational, theoretical, and experimental analysis of small‐scale free surface flows involving drops, bubbles, and jets, formation of hydrodynamic singularities, ink jet printing, and electrohydrodynamics (EHD). Osman received his BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 1978. Osman then went to the University of Minnesota where he completed his PhD in 1984 under the direction of L. E. Scriven on the EHD of drops and bubbles. Upon completing his PhD, Osman took up a position at Air Products, working on a variety of R&D projects including separations, fluid mechanics of distillation, and flow in porous media. In 1988, Osman moved to Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he did research on electrically‐driven separations and drops and bubbles. While at ORNL, Osman became group leader and served as an adjunct professor on the faculty of the University of Tennessee where he taught graduate level courses and graduated his first PhD students. Osman received a research excellence award from Martin Marietta Energy Systems in 1994 and an Exxon Education Foundation award in 1995. Osman joined the School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue in 1995. Since joining Purdue, Osman has graduated thirteen PhD students. In the last twenty years, Osman has served on a number of national panels and committees, including the Frenkiel Award Committee of APS/DFD and for ten years the Fluid Mechanics National Committee of the AIChE, and has been a consultant to dozens of corporations. In 2008, Osman was elected a fellow of the APS/DFD. He has published nearly 100 papers and has 10 US patents. Aside from his research, Osman enjoys teaching graduate and undergraduate courses on fluid mechanics and numerical (esp. finite element) methods, being a consultant, and serving as the Director of Graduate Studies in his department.

Speaking in the symposium on Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication.

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