NSTI Nanotech 2009

MEMS & Wireless: bringing the power of small to the people

Elena I. Gaura

Elena I. Gaura

Cogent Computing
Coventry University, UK

Presently, my research interests pursue the issues of Microsensors-Artificial Intelligence Integration, Sensor Fault Detection, Self-diagnosis, Microsensor Applications to Safety Critical and Biomedical Systems and Sensor Arrays. The work explores new avenues brought about by MEMS technology to enhance the functionality of micro measurement systems, to develop new techniques for integrating sensors, actuators and control functions, with the ultimate aim to design autonomous systems which can sense, think and react to their working environment. Having founded the Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre at Coventry University in 2006, I have since been providing leadership for the Centre’s staff and students as a director.

Chairing the special symposium on Sensors & Systems.

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