NSTI Nanotech 2009

Nanotech 2009 Program - Monday May 4

Sessions Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Authors Keywords
8:00 Keynotes: Nanotech & Cleantech & TechConnectTheater AB
 Session chair: Matthew Laudon, NSTI and Patti Glaza, CTSI
8:00 The Nanotech Revolution in Renewable Energy
D. Arvizu - Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), U.S. Department of Energy, US (bio)
8:30 Nanotechnology and the Obama Administration
T. Kalil, Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House, US
9:00 Innovation for a Secure Future
R. Johnson - CTO, Lockheed Martin, US (bio)
9:30 The Next Big Thing is Really Small
R.J. Kumpf - CAO, Bayer Material Science, US (bio)
10:00 Coffee Break - Main FoyerFoyer
10:30 Coatings & Surfaces: Hydrophobic/HydrophylicRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Dimatix, US
10:30 Effects of Surface Texture and Chemistry on Surface Hydrophobicity and Oleophobicity
K-Y Law, H. Zhao, V. Sambhy, Xerox Corporation, US
11:00 Nanostructured and Self-Assembled Superhydrophilic Bipolar Plate Coatings for Fuel Cell Water Management
G. Dadheech, M. Abd Elhamid, R. Blunk, General Motors Corporation, US
11:20 Hierarchical Superhydrophobic Surfaces Resist Water Droplet Impact
K.K. Varanasi, T. Deng, M. Hsu, N. Bhate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
10:30 Bio Nano Materials - 1Room 351 AD
 Session chair: Darrin Pochan, University of Delaware, US
10:30 Peptide Self-Assembly for Materials Construction - Overview
D.J. Pochan, University of Delaware, US
11:00 Bio-Nano Materials for Non-Medical Applications
R.R. Naik, US Air Force WPAFB, US
11:30 Optically Responsive Gold Nanorod-Polypeptide Assemblies
H-C. Huang, P. Koria, S.M. Parker, L. Selby, Z. Megeed, K. Rege, Arizona State University, US
10:30 Nanoparticles Synthesis & ApplicationsRoom 360 BE
 Session chair: Sotiris Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH
10:30 Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications - Overview
S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, Institute of Process Engineering, CH (bio)
10:50 High performance nanomaterials by aerosol processes – limitations and opportunities
B. Sachweh, BASF, DE
11:20 Doping colloidal quantum dots: Why has it been so difficult?
D.J. Norris, University of Minnesota, US
11:50 Functional Nanomaterials – Synthesis and Applications
M. Fu, W. Hoheisel, F. Rauscher, S. Roy, S. Mukherjee, E. Boonstra, L. Mleczko, Bayer Technology Services (BTS) Americas Bayer Business and Technology Services LLC, US
10:30 NanocompositesRoom 360 CF
 Session chair: Tom Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
10:30 Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Multifunctional Thin Films - Overview
J.C. Grunlan, Texas A&M University, US (bio)
11:00 Inorganic nanoparticle synthesis and inclusion into organic polymers
T. Druffel, E. Grulke, Optical Dynamics, US
11:20 (CANCELED) Solid State and Template Free Synthesis of a Nanotubular Polyaniline-TiO2 Composite
K. Bonnot, M. Grandcolas, V. Keller, D. Spitzer, ISL-CNRS, FR
11:40 Synthesis and Characterization of Alginate-Based Magnetic Nanocomposite
T. Luna-Pineda, O. Perales-Pérez, F. Román-Velázquez, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, PR
10:30 EHS: Nano Toxicology StudiesRoom 351 CF
 Session chair: Rashi Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab, US
10:30 Nanomaterial risk assessment
R. Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab, US
11:00 Asbestos vs carbon nanotubes: are the carbon nanotubes a new health risk to humans?
V. Vallyathan, NIOSH/CDC, US
11:30 Synergistic Effect of Co-Exposure to Carbon Black and Fe2O3 Nanoparticles
B. Guo, S. Drake, R. Zebda, C. Sayes, Texas A&M University, US
11:50 Biosafety of Nanoparticles: Rapid Profiling of Relative Risk
M. Theodore, B. Nelson Ph.D., M. Dizdaroglu, J. Jackman, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, US
12:10 Human Health Effects of Nanomaterials
D.A. Jones, O.B. Koper, M.J. Winter, NanoScale Corporation, US
10:30 Nanoscale Characterization:Room 361 AD
 Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota & Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR
10:30 TiO2 Nanoparticles Mixed MEH-PPV Hybrid Absorbing Layer
D. Verma, V. Dutta, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, IN
10:50 Organic Solvent Dispersed TiO2 Nanocrystal Sol: Synthesis and Characterization
Y.Q. Rao, B. Antalek, J. Minter, T. Mourey, T. Blanton, G. Slater, L. Slater, J. Fornalik, Eastman Kodak Company, US
11:10 Real time RHEED characterization of Quantum dots
C. Rajapaksha, A. Freundlich, University of Houston, US
11:30 Influence of Al-Doping on the Optical Properties of ZnO films
S.Y. Ma, H.X. Chen, J.T. Glass, C.B. Parker, Northwest Normal University, CN
10:30 NanoFab: Carbon Nano Structures: CNT Deposition & AssemblyRoom 370 CF
 Session chair: Aaron Stein, Brookhaven National Lab, US
10:30 Dissymetric metal deposition on carbon nanotubes
C. Warakulwit, M.-H. Delville, V. Ravaine, J. Limtrakul, A. Kuhn, University of Bordeaux, FR
10:50 Overview of Solid Phase Synthesized Carbon Nano Tube; Revealing of the Regional Affects
K.C. Nguyen, K.C. Nguyen, D.V. Nguyen, T.N.M. Anh, N.N. Thy, T.H. Phat, T.L. Hieu, Saigon Hi Tech Park, VN
11:10 Self Aligned Multi-Layer Nano-Gap Electrodes for Fluidic and Magnetic Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes
J.S. Shim, Y-H Yun, M.J. Schulz, C.H. Ahn, University of Cincinnati, US
11:30 Tunable Thermal Conductivity of CNT Assembly
A.E. Aliev, University of Texas at Dallas, US
10:30 Nanoelectronics: NanophotonicsRoom 370 AD
 Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments & Frank Register, University of Texas, US
10:30 Photonic Leaky Mode Resonators
R. Magnusson, University of Texas at Arlington, US (bio)
11:00 The Patterning of Sub-500 nm Inorganic Structures for Hybrid Photovoltaics
M.J. Hampton, S.S. Williams, S.T. Retterer, J.L. Templeton, E.T. Samulski, J.M. DeSimone, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
11:20 Enhanced UV Light Emission in Silicon nanoparticles
A.K. Singh, K.G. Grycznski, B. Rout, J. Li, F. McDaniel, A. Neogi and G. Sahu, H. Lenka, D.P. Mahapatra, Department of Physics, University of North Texas, US, and Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, IN
10:30 NanoFab: Fundamentals - self assembly, synthesis, and patterningRoom 370 BE
 Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
10:30 Thermodynamics and patterning of surfactant mixtures on curved surfaces
F. Stellacci, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:00 Catalyst-Free, High-Speed Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures
J. Pedersen, K.S. Teh, San Francisco State University, US
11:20 Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous alumina films with controlled physical and chemical attributes
N.A. Monfared, S. Atre, R. Kishton, S. Varadarajan, Oregon State University, US
11:40 Controlled Attachment of Gold Nanoparticles on Ordered Titania Nanotube Arrays
M. AbdElmoula, E. Panaitescu, L. Menon, Northeastern University, US
12:00 Structural and Optical Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized using Continuous Spray Pyrolysis Reactor
V. Dutta, V. Phanikaran B., C. Dwivedi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, IN
10:30 MEMS: InkJet ArchitecturesRoom 371 BE
 Session chair: Chris Menzel & Jan Sumerel, FujiFilm, US
10:30 History and Continuing Role of InkJet
C. Menzel, FujiFilm, US (bio)
10:40 Continuous Inkjet Printing
E.P. Furlani, Eastman Kodak Company, US (bio)
11:05 Piezoelectric Inkjet Technology
X. Wang, FujiFilm, US
11:30 (CANCELED) Electrohydrodynamic Micro-droplet Generation on Both Conducting and Non-conducting Surfaces by Electric Induction
B.S. Lee, J.-G. Lee, H.-J. Cho, N. Huh, C. Ko, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR
10:30 MEMS & Wireless: Environment & Society ApplicationsRoom 371 AD
 Session chair: Elena Gaura, Coventry University, US
10:30 MEMS & Wireless: bringing the power of small to the people
E. Gaura, Coventry University, UK (bio)
10:55 Experiences in Engineering Wireless Sensor Networks for Glaciers
K. Martinez, University of Southampton, UK (bio)
11:20 Wireless Sensor Networks to enable the Passive House
J. Brusey, T. Daniel, X. Fei, N. Poole, E.I. Gaura, Coventry University, UK (bio)
11:45 Wireless Sensor Networks for Aerospace Applications- Thermal Monitoring for a Gas Turbine Engine
D. Goldsmith, E. Gaura, J. Brusey, J. Shuttleworth, Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, Coventry University, UK
10:30 Phage NanotechnologyRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Valery A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
10:30 Phage Paradigm in Development of Targeted Medications
V.A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US (bio)
10:55 (CANCELED) Massively Parallel Affinity Selection with Complex Selectors
G.P. Smith, W.D. Thomas, University of Missouri, US
11:20 Therapeutic Implications of Combinatorial Vascular Targeting
R. Pasqualini, W. Arap, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, US
11:45 Engineering the filamentous phage surface to alter its immunogenicity
N.E. van Houten, K. Henry, G.P. Smith, J.K. Scott, Simon Fraser University, CA
10:30 Nanotechnology: Global ReviewRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Clayton Teague, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
10:30 U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative
C. Teague, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US (bio)
10:50 Funding of Nanotechnology in Germany
G. Bachmann, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, DE
11:10 Nanotechnology Initiatives by Department of Information Technology, Government of India
G.V. Ramaraju, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India, IN
11:30 (CANCELED) Comprehensive Approach for Nanotechnology R&D and Public Engagement
M. Sekiya, S. Ishizu, S. An, T. Tanabe, M. Ata, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), JP
11:50 Nanoscience and Technology in Ireland
J. Boland, CRANN & Trinity College Dublin, IE
10:30 Clean Coal: State of the Industry PanelRoom 320 CF
 Session chair: Michael J. Nasi, Jackson Walker
10:30 Responsible Energy Planning for the Century
M. Nasi, Jackson Walker L.L.P., US
10:45 Clean Coal: The State of the Industry
J. Dauenhauer, Clean Coal Technology Foundation of Texas, US
11:15 Sequestration Essentials for Clean Coal Technology
J. Kipper, Bureau of Economic Geology, Univesity of Texas, US
11:45 Clean Coal Incentives and Policy Update
M. Nasi, Jackson Walker L.L.P., US
10:30 Solar: Advanced Photovoltaics - 1Room 310 CF
 Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, GE, US
10:30 Advanced PV Introduction
H. Schmidt, Rice University, US
10:55 Heteroepitaxy of III/V semconductor nanowire on silicon for novel solar cell applications
D. Wang, UC San Diego, US
11:20 Large area optimized thin film nano solar cells on metal sheets
M. Toivola, T. Peltola, K. Miettunen, J. Halme, K. Aitola, P.D. Lund, Helsinki University of Technology, FI
11:40 Novel 3-D Nanostructure Arrays for Energy Conversion
R. Wind, D. Routkevitch, Synkera Technologies Inc, US
10:30 Marine, Tidal, Hydro EnergyRoom 310 BE
 Session chair: Roy Kornbluh, SRI International, US
10:30 Ocean Wave Power Harvesting
R. Kornbluh, SRI International, US
11:00 Fiber Resin Composite Bearings in Wave Energy Converter
M.R. Kim, A.E. Ankeny, GGB Bearing Technology, US
11:20 Investment in Water Conservation Technologies for Power Generation: A Real Options Approach
J. Rice, P. Chen, P. Adriaens, Ross School of Business, US
11:40 Water Resources for Energy Generation in Charleston S.C. Harbor
J.C. Sutton, E.C. Marshall, JC Oil and Gas Consultants, US
10:30 Energy Storage - 1: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Koeunyi Bae, Lockheed Martin, US
10:30 Towards Novel Nano-Constructs: Novel Materials and Assembly for the Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries
C. Yilmaz, M. Trahan, T. Kim, S. Somu, A. Busnaina, Y.J. Jung, S. Mukerjee, Northeastern University, US
10:45 A 3-D Nanobattery System With Individually-wired Nano-electrodes For Enhanced Performance
D. Teeters, P. Johnson, The University of Tulsa, US
11:00 (CANCELED) Low Loss Mechanical Flywheel Battery
W. Higdon, J. Kaliszewski, M. Powel, EES Holdings, US
11:15 Proton Conducting Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (PC-SOFC) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
C. Kjolseth, P. Vestre, Protia AS, NO
11:30 A Solid State, Rechargeable Lithiu-Air Battery
B. Kumar, J. Kumar, University of Dayton, US
H-L. Zhang, D. Morse, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
12:00 Polyelectrolytes for fuel cells and Lithium polymer batteries
G. Maier, M. Gross, R. Gaertner, M.O. Hunt, Polymaterials AG, DE
10:30 Water: Market OpportunitiesRoom 310 AD
 Session chair: Nitin Parekh, PARC
10:30 Water Technology Market Opportunities: Megatrends, Drivers, and Emerging Solutions
J.E. Zuback, Global Water Advisors, President, US
11:00 Infrastructure and the Environment – Current Events
M. LeChevallier, Innovation & Environmental Stewardship American Water, US
11:30 Venture Capitalist's perspective on investing in the water space
K. Sanchez Real, Flywheel Ventures, US
10:30 Green Building: Policy & FinanceRoom 320 BE
 Session chair: George Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
10:30 Green Building - Overview
G. Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
11:00 (CANCELED) Green – Why and How to Jump on the Speeding Band-Wagon
S. Vassallo, Foundation Capital, US
11:20 Federal Policy Changes to Advance Energy Efficiency
D. Wooley, Energy Foundation, US
10:30 Carbon and Clean Technology: U.S. & International Cap & TradeRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Lisa Hodes, Greenburg Traurig & Patti Glaza, CTSI
10:30 Carbon Markets from A to Z
E. Zelljadt, Point Carbon, US
11:00 Carbon and Clean Technology: U.S. Cap & Trade
L. Epifani, Van Ness Feldman, US
11:30 Carbon and Clean Technology: U.S. & International Cap & TradeRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Lisa Hodes, Greenburg Traurig & Patti Glaza, CTSI
- K.O. Kristiansen, Point Carbon, US
- R. Adcock, Camco, US
- A. Totty, British Embasssy, UK
- L. Epifani, Van Ness Feldman, US
10:30 TechConnect: IP Track - Overview of Clean & Nano IP LandscapeRoom 350 DE
 Session chair: John Lazarus, Foley & Lardner
- Overview of Clean & Nano IP Landscape Track
L. Radomsky, Foley & Lardner LLP, US (bio)
11:00 TechConnect: IP Track - IP Licensing Strategies & Transactions - Creating real value from your technology portfolioRoom 350 DE
 Session chair: John Lazarus, Foley & Lardner
- Your technology portfolio is in place and the government incentives are now available, but the question remains – how best to maximize the value of your IP portfolio? This panel will include discussion on moving innovative ideas into the marketplace, balancing the costs of creation within the confines of limited budgets, and a sector analysis from Foley & Lardner's Cleantech Energy Patent Landscape report.  
J. Lazarus, Foley & Lardner LLP, US (bio)
- E. LeFevre, Foley & Lardner LLP, US (bio)
- C. Ives, Boston College, US (bio)
- P. Watson, Redlen Technologies, US
12:00 LUNCH (on own)Expo Hall
1:30 Coatings & Surfaces: Hydrophobic/HydrophylicRoom 360 AD
 Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Dimatix, US
1:30 Reversibly UV-light-induced wettability transition of thin films of organic-capped TiO2
G. Caputo, B. Cortese, C. Nobile, M. Salerno, R. Cingolani, G. Gigli, A. Athanassiou, P.D. Cozzoli, Scuola Superiore ISUFI-Universitŕ del Salento, IT
1:50 PVDF based polymer nanocomposite coatings for large area applications
M.K. Tiwari, I.S. Bayer, C.M. Megaridis, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
2:10 Rapid Synthesis of Anti-Fogging Coatings
A. Tricoli, M. Righettoni, S.E. Pratsinis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH
2:30 Super-hydrophobic and/or Super-hydrophilic Surfaces Made by Plasma Process
L. Chen, G. Henein, J.A. Liddle, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:30 Bio Nano Materials - 2Room 351 AD
 Session chair: Darrin Pochan, University of Delaware, US
1:30 Bionanoparticles and Their Assemblies for Biomedical Applications
Q. Wang, University of South Carolina, US
2:20 Silica Nanotubes and Nanohole Arrays Templated by Genetically Engineered Bacterial Flagella
F. Wang, D. Li, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
2:40 Nanocomposites based on Self-assembly of Collagen with DNA
V.K. Yadavalli, R.M. Pidaparti, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
3:00 Self-assembly and covalent capture of bioactive, nanofibrous hydrogels
J. Hartgerink, Rice University, US
1:30 Nanoparticles - Dry SynthesisRoom 360 BE
 Session chair: Sotiris Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH
1:30 Hermetically-Coated Superparamagnetic Fe2O3 Particles with SiO2 Nanofilms
A. Teleki, M. Suter, P.R. Kidambi, O. Ergeneman, F. Krumeich, B.J. Nelson, S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH
1:50 Flame Spray Pyrolysis for the Production of Nanoparticles
P. Bishop, G. Henderson, H. Rajantie, B. Thiébaut, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, UK
2:10 Novel Flame-Gradient Method for Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials
W. Merchan-Merchan, A.V. Saveliev, M. Desai, The University of Oklahoma, US
1:30 Nanocomposites: Electrical PropertiesRoom 360 CF
 Session chair: Tom Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
1:30 Nanocomposites Overview
T. Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
2:00 Novel Metal Nanowire/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
G.A. Gelves, M.H. Al-Saleh, U. Sundararaj, University of Alberta, CA
2:20 Novel Carbon Nanotube-Biomedical Polymer Composite Platforms for Bioelectrochemical Applications
S. Ounnunkad, A.I. Minett, B.D. Fleming, A.M. Bond, G.G. Wallace, University of Wollongong, AU
2:40 Multifunctional Electrodes Based on MWNTs Sheets and Yarns
J. Carretero-González, M.E. dela Cruz, S. Fang, J.P. Ferraris, R.H. Baughman, The University of Texas at Dallas, US
1:30 EHS: Workplace PracticesRoom 351 CF
 Session chair: Kristen M. Kulinowski, International Councile on Nanotechnology, US
1:30 Promoting Good Practices for Handling Nanomaterials-An International Project
K. Kulinowski, International Council on Nanotechnology, US (bio)
1:50 The Quebec Approach to Safe Work with Nanoparticles in Occupational Settings
C. Ostiguy, B. Roberge, L. Menard, C-A. Endo, IRSST, CA
2:10 Safe Practices for Working with Engineered Nanomaterials in Research Laboratories
M.J. Ellenbecker, S. Tsai, J. Isaacs, C. Geraci, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
2:30 A Comprehensive Regulatory Policy Analysis
N. Horne, Goldman School of Public Policy, US
2:50 Evaluating nanomaterial exposures in the workplace: A description of the approach used by NIOSH and a summary of findings from 12 site visits
L.L. Hodson, M.M. Methner, C.L. Geraci, NIOSH, US
3:10 Assessment and Characterization of Exposures to Airborne Nanoparticles Associate with Typical Industrial Processes
S-J Tsai, C. Barry, M.J. Ellenbecker, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
3:30 The Role of NIOSH in Responsible Development of Nanotechnology
C.L. Geraci, NIOSH, US
1:30 Nanoscale Characterization: Biomedical ApplicationsRoom 361 AD
 Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30 Surface Functionalization and Characterization of Nanoparticles
D.G. Castner, University of Washington, US (bio)
1:55 XPS depth profiling of protein content in nanoporous silica thin film proteomic chips
C. Chiappini, E. Tasciotti, A. Bouamrani, Y. Hu, X. Liu, M. Ferrari, The University of Texas at Austin, US
2:15 Environmental Digital Pulsed Force Mode AFM in Biomedical Coatings Research
G. Haugstad, K. Wormuth, University of Minnesota, US (bio)
2:35 Dendrigraft Polycaprolactone Unimolecular Micelles with High Paclitaxel-Loading Capacity
Z.L. Zhong, X.J. Ling, F.J. Chen, R.X. Zhuo, Wuhan University, CN
1:00 CNT: Composite Design, Characterization & Modeling: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 370 CF
 Session chair: Tushar Shah, Lockheed Martin, US
1:00 From a single carbon nanotube to an entangled network of bundles: Mesoscopic simulations of CNT films and nanocomposite materials
A.N. Volkov, W. Jacobs, L.V. Zhigilei, University of Virginia, US
1:15 Industrial Multi-scale Modeling of Polymer - CNT Nanocomposites
L. Adam, K. Delaere, J.-S. Gérard, R. Assaker, I. Doghri, e-Xstream engineering, BE
1:30 Effects of specimen size and geometry on dispersion quality and properties of single-walled carbon nanotube/epoxy composite films
B. Ashrafi, Y. Martinez-Rubi, V. Mirjalili, B. Simard, Y. Zhang, A. Johnston, National Research Council of Canada, CA
1:45 Multiscale Modeling of Nano-Reinforced Composite Interfaces
J.M. Wernik, S.A. Meguid, Univeristy of Toronto, CA
2:00 Large-scale quantum simulations of carbon nanotubes
A. Blom, K. Stokbro, QuantumWise A/S, DK
2:15 High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites
S. Arzberger, R. Baughman, Composite Technology Development, US
2:30 Improved fracture toughness of carbon fiber composite functionalized with multi walled carbon nanotubes
K.L. Kepple, G.P. Sanborn, P.A. Lacasse, K.M. Gruenberg, W.J. Ready*, Georgia Tech, US
2:45 Carbon nanofibers as interconnects in CMOS technology
J.R. Jameson, F. Madriz, T. Yamada, C.Y. Yang, Santa Clara University, US
1:30 Polymer Nanotech: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsRoom 361 BE
 Session chair: Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Accelrys, Inc., UK
1:30 Scientific Business Intelligence for Nanotechnology
F. Brown, Accelrys Software Inc., US (bio)
2:00 Field-Based Simulations of Polymer Nanostructure
G. Fredrickson, University of California, Santa Barbara, US (bio)
2:30 Conformational analysis of alternating copolymers and their association into nanoarchitectures
A.S.W. Chan, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
2:50 Adaptive Multiscale Modeling of Polymeric Materials used in Semiconductor Manufacturing
P.T. Bauman, S. Prudhomme, J. Tinsley Oden, The University of Texas at Austin, US
1:30 Nanoelectronics: Research & Applications - 1Room 370 AD
 Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments & Frank Register, University of Texas, US
1:30 The SRC’s Global Research Collaboration and Focus Center Research Program
S. Hillenius, Semiconductor Research Corp., US (bio)
2:00 (CANCELED) Highly selective sensing of DMMP and NH3 using CNTFET array based gas sensors obtained using Spray-gun technique and fabricated with different metal electrodes to achieve gas electronic fingerprinting
P. Bondavalli, P. Legagneux, D. Pribat, L. Gorintin, Thales Research and Technology, FR
2:20 Electronic and optoelectronic properties of devices with stripes of dense, aligned carbon nanotubes
C. Cates, W. Eades, S. Hu, J. Iyer, S. Sinton, T. Stachowiak, S. Winzer, C.L. Pint, R.H. Hauge, X. Zhou, A.A. Talin, Lockheed Martin, US
2:40 Ambipolar Transport in Si-Nanowire Transistors
W.M. Weber, L. Geelhaar, F. Kreupl, E. Unger, H. Riechert, G. Scarpa, P. Lugli, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, DE
3:00 (CANCELED) Double Gated Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors as Charge Detection Based Bio and Chemical Sensors
J.M. Kivioja, A. Colli, M.J.A. Bailey, T. Ryhänen, Nokia Research Center, UK
3:20 pH and Protein Sensing with Functionalized Semiconducting Oxide Nanobelt FETs
Y. Cheng, N. Meyer, C.S. Yun, R. Yang, Z.L. Wang, G.F. Strouse, P.B. Chase, P. Xiong, Florida State University, US
1:30 NanoFab: SPL METHODS - Bottom up assemblyRoom 370 BE
 Session chair: Jason Haaheim, NanoInk, US
1:30 Advances in Biological Sensing and Manipulation by DPN and SERRS
D. Graham, University of Strathclyde, UK
2:00 Temperature Controlled Dip-Pen Nanolithography
R.G. Sanedrin, N.A. Amro, J. Rendlen, M. Nelson, NanoInk, US
2:20 High-speed, Sub-15 nm Feature Size Thermochemical Nanolithography
D. Wang, R. Szoszkiewicz, T. Okada, S.C. Jones, V. Kodali, W.D. Underwood, J.E. Jarvholm, M. Rumi, W.P. King, J.E. Curtis, S.R. Marder, E. Riedo, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
2:40 Using Nanolithography: From Synthesis of Materials to Metrology Platforms
N. Singh, V. Sathyamurthi, A. Patil, R. Gargate, D. Banerjee, Texas A&M University, US
3:00 Plasma-Directed Organized Nanodot Formation on Polymeric Surfaces
D. Kontziampasis, N. Vourdas, G. Boulousis, V. Constantoudis, A. Tserepi, E. Gogolides, N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, GR
3:20 Direct nanotransfer printing of metal electrodes with sub-15-nm gaps
S. Harrer, S. Strobel, G. Scarpa, G. Abstreiter, M. Tornow, P. Lugli, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, DE
1:30 MEMS: InkJet Drop FormationRoom 371 BE
 Session chair: Chris Menzel & Jan Sumerel, FujiFilm, US
1:30 Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing of Metal Particle Films
L.F. Deravi, D.E. Cliffel, D.W. Wright, Vanderbilt University, US
1:55 Interplay between simulation, theory, and experiment in inkjet printing of complex fluids
O.A. Basaran, P. Bhat, H. Gao, Q. Xu, Purdue University, US (bio)
2:25 Curvilinear Waveforms for Fluid Dispensing
J. Clark, Zebra Technologies, US (bio)
2:45 Methods & Results from the Cambridge Inkjet Research Centre
S.D. Hoath, G.D. Martin, I.M. Hutchings, University of Cambridge UK, UK
3:15 Acoustic measurement of bubble size and position in an inkjet printhead
A. van der Bos, R. Jeurissen, J. de Jong, M. van den Berg, H. Wijshoff, H. Reinten, M. Versluis, D. Lohse, University of Twente, NL
1:30 MEMS & Wireless: Increasing Human SafetyRoom 371 AD
 Session chair: Elena Gaura, Coventry University, US
1:30 Wireless sensor networks for space applications
D. Benhaddou, University of Houston, US (bio)
1:55 Wireless Sensor Networks for Emergency Response Applications
R. Stoleru, Texas A&M University, US (bio)
2:20 Priority Based Message Transmission over Unreliable Wireless Links for Safety Critical Monitoring Applications
X. Fei, J. Kemp, E.I. Gaura, J. Brusey, Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, Coventry University, UK
2:40 Wireless sensor networks for activity monitoring in safety critical applications
R. Rednic, E.I. Gaura, J. Brusey, Coventry University, UK
1:30 Phage NanotechnologyRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Valery A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
1:30 To ‘L’ and back – the odyssee of membrane bound M13 major coat protein
W.L. Vos, NUI Maynooth, IE
2:00 Engineered phage banks: targetable nanodevices as a functional answer to bacteriological threats
F. Iris, BioModeling Systems, FR
2:30 Self replicating nanoparticles which auto-assemble and package specific DNA sequences (bacteriophages) as vaccine delivery vehicles
J. Clark, J. March, BigDNA Ltd., UK
3:00 Gold Nanoparticle-based Scaffolds for Targeted Imaging and Tissue Ablation
R. Pasqualini, W. Arap, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, US
1:30 Biosensors & DiagnosticsRoom 362 AD
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab, US
1:30 Biosensors Overview
S. Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab, US (bio)
1:40 Characterization of magnetic nanoparticles using quadrupole magnetic field-flow fractionation
S. Williams, Cleveland Clinic, US (bio)
2:30 Multiple drugs of abuse test for saliva specimen on a single lab-on-a-film-chip using electrochemical immunoassay
Y.H. Kim, J.-H. Park, H.H. Nam, M.H. Choi, S.H. Jung, G.J. Song, Nano-Ditech Corporation, US
2:50 Nanowire Mechanical Resonators for the Specific Detection of Proteins
M. Belov, V. Wright, N.J. Quitoriano, T.I. Kamins, J. Buriak, S. Evoy, University of Alberta, CA
1:30 Nano Medicine: Detection, Targeting, DeliveryRoom 361 CF
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, BPT Pharmaceuticals, US
1:30 Intratumoral Delivery of TATp Bearing Paclitaxel-Loaded Micelles Demonstrates Improved in Vitro and in Vivo Cytotoxicity
R.R. Sawant, V.P. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
1:50 Development and Characterization of EGFR-targeted Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles for Improved Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Tumors
U. Trojahn, M. Jaramillo, J. Baardsnes, A. Bell, J. Zhang, R. MacKenzie, M. O’Connor-McCourt, McGill University, CA
2:10 Detection of DNA Nanoparticulate Biomarkers and Drug Delivery Nanoparticles in Whole Blood
M.J. Heller, R. Krishnan, J.Y. Marciniak, A.P. Hsiao, D.A. Carson, S.C. Esener, University of California San Diego, US
2:30 Silicon Nanowire Coatings for Mucosal Tissue Adhesion and Drug Delivery
K.E. Fischer, M.D. Bunger, G. Nagaraj, R.H. Daniels, E.M. Li, T.A. Desai, University of California, San Francisco, US
2:50 An Efficient Computational Model for Laser Induced Thermal Therapy for Cancer Treatment with Nanoparticle Inclusion
Y. Feng, D. Fuentes, Computational Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Lab, US
1:30 Clean Coal: Technology & FinanceRoom 320 CF
 Session chair: Jay Kipper, University of Texas, US
1:30 Clean Coal - Overview
J. Kipper, University of Texas at Austin, US
1:50 Gasification for the next generation
P. Glova, Zero Emission Energy Plants (ZEEP), US
2:20 Today’s Clean and Efficient Coal Power and Next Generation Technologies
S. Wu, Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd., US
2:55 Clean Coal Technology through Supercritical Coal-fired Plant and CCS R&D in Japan
M. Atsuta, Hitachi America, Ltd., US
1:30 Solar: Advanced Photovoltaics, Structures and DevicesRoom 310 CF
 Session chair: Howard Schmidt, Rice University, US
1:30 Parallel Integrated Solar Cell Circuits for Split Solar Spectrum Light Source
Y. Li, F. Shi, Texas A&M University, US
1:50 High efficient dye-sensitized solar cell based on morphology controlled carbon nanotube electrode
S. Das, S. Hwang, V. Verma, T. Kim, J. Huang, M. Jeon, D. Lee, W. Choi, Florida International University, US
2:10 Multi-quantum well multi-junction space solar cells
A. Freundlich, A. Alemu, University of Houston, US
2:30 Thin film solar cell based on microcrystalline nanostructure silicon grown in low temperature condition
Y.B. Chung, J.S. Lim, J.K. Kim, N.M. Hwang, H. Kim, Y.J. Park, Seoul National University, KR
1:30 Wind EnergyRoom 310 BE
 Session chair: Daniel Laird, Sandia National Lab, US
1:30 Wind Energy - Technology Overview
D. Laird, Sandia National Lab, US
1:55 Wind Energy - Industry Overview
D. Dreessen, Battery Ventures, US
2:20 Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects - Why It May Be Our Best Near-Term Option for Energy, Security, and Carbon Reduction
D. Birx, University of Houston, US
2:45 The Winds of Change- The Formation of The Wind Alliance
J.D. White, The Wind Alliance, University of Houston, US
1:30 Water: ApplicationsRoom 310 AD
 Session chair: Armin Völkel, PARC, US
1:30 Water and Biofuel Production- Issues and Opportunities
A. Michaels, Proteus Environmental Technologies, LLC, US
2:00 Disruptive Technology for Industrial Separations
M. Lean, PARC, US
2:30 Detection of Adsorbates on Nanoparticle Surfaces during Water Remediation
S.A. Hooker, E. Mansfield, M. Stewart, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:30 Smart Grid: Technologies to BusinessRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Wade Adams, Rice University, US and Sivaram Arepalli, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
1:30 Building the Smart Grid
A. Carvallo, Austin Energy, US
1:50 Demand Response: A “Green” Approach to Addressing Capacity-Transmission Constraints While Empowering Customers
F. Hoss, Capgemini, US
2:10 Innovative Technologies in Demand Response: Delivering Increased Value for Utilities, Grid Operators, and Electricity Consumers
G. Dixon, S. Harper, D. Clement, EnerNOC Inc, US
2:30 Business Case Development for Smart Power Programs
A.J. Roehr, Capgemini, US
2:50 Accelerating Change in the Power Grid Infrastructure
S. Toteda, Dust Networks, Inc., US
1:30 Green Building: LEED Sustainable BuildingRoom 320 BE
 Session chair: George Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
1:30 Greening Your Existing Building: The Ins and Outs of LEED EB Certification
A. Lehr, Kirksey, US
1:50 Sustainable Facility Solutions beyond LEED
D. von Below, J. Ostafi, Flad Architects, US
2:10 Analytical Tools for LEED
V.V. Potnis, Green Building Services, Inc, US
2:30 Houston USGBC Case Studies
D. Mills, HOK, US
1:30 Carbon and Clean Technology: Updates on Emission Politics in the United StatesRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Lisa Hodes, Greenberg Traurig LLP
1:30 Updates on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives in the U.S.
L. Hodes, E. Varanini, Green Traurig, LLP, US
2:30 Bringing Carbon Issues to the Board Room
M. Meehan, Carbonetworks, CA
2:50 The Legal Aspects of the Carbon Markets
G. Casas, Greenberg Traurig, US
1:30 CTSI Special Symposium - Commercial Cleantech InnovationRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Matthew Nordan, Lux Resarch & Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
1:30 State of Cleantech Commercialization
M. Nordan, Lux Research, US
1:45 Altela
N. Godshall, Altela, CEO, US
2:05 Serious Materials
S. Vaughan, Serious Materials, CMO, US
2:25 Advent Solar
P. Green, Advent Solar, CEO, US
2:45 (CANCELED) FTL Solar
T. Saxton, FTL Solar, CEO, US
1:30 TechConnect: IP Track - Navigating the IP waters: practice and possibilities in the EU & the USRoom 350 DE
 Session chair: Christian Kallinger, European Patent Office, DE
- Cleantech & Nanotech at the EPO
V. Veefkind, S. Angelucci, A. Merkt, T. Maxisch, C. Kallinger, European Patent Office, The Hague, NL
- Nanotech patenting in EuropeR. Harrison, 24IP Law Group, DE
- Cleantech/Nanotech Patenting in the USS.J. Hultquist, Intellectual Property/Technology Law, Chapel Hill, US
- Cleantech IP in BusinessTBA, TBA, US
3:00 Coffee Break - Main Foyer 3:00 - 4:00Foyer
3:30 CTSI Special Symposium - Commercial Cleantech InnovationRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI
3:30 BrightSource Energy
C. Ricker, Brightsource Energy, Sr. V.P., US
3:50 Great Point Energy
B. Preston, Great Point Energy, Executive Vice President, US
4:10 Tendril Networks Inc.
A. Tuck, Tendril, CEO, US
4:00 Bio Nano Materials - 3Room 351 AD
 Session chair: Darrin Pochan, University of Delaware, US
4:00 Identification of Dynamic Structural Domains in Proteins, Analysis of Local Bond Flexibility,and Application for Interpretation of NMR Experiments
M. Stepanova, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
4:20 Metal associated protein monolayers
M.A. Case, University of Vermont, US
4:40 Understanding and controlling nanoparticle – protein associations
D.N. Benoit, Y. Shamoo, V.L. Colvin, Rice University, US
5:00 (CANCELED) A Novel Antimicrobial Therapy Technique Using HiPCO CNT’S and INKJET Technology
T. Mangir, J. Chaves, M. Khairatkar, S. Chaves, California State University Long Beach, US
4:00 Nanoparticles: ApplicationsRoom 360 BE
 Session chair: Sotiris Pratsinis, ETH Zürich, CH
4:00 Nanoparticles as Selective NanoProbes for Metabolite Detection in Exhaled Human Breath
P-I. Gouma, Stony Brook University, US
4:30 Novel Nanostructures for Solid State Alcohol Breath Analyzers
A. Tricoli, M. Righettoni, S.E. Pratsinis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH
4:50 Electrical Transport in doped ZnO Nanoparticles synthesized in the Gasphase
S. Hartner, M. Ali, M. Winterer, H. Wiggers, University of Duisburg-Essen, DE
5:10 Fabrication of Bismuth Trioxide Nanoparticles for Gas-Generators Application
K.S. Martirosyan, L. Wang, A. Vicent, D. Luss, University of Houston, US
4:00 Nanocomposites and Nanowires: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsRoom 360 CF
 Session chair: Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Accelrys, Inc., UK
4:00 Multi-Scale Modeling of Polymer Nanocomposites
L. Adam, K. Delaere, J.-S. Gérard, R. Assaker, I. Doghri, M. Kaszacs, eXstream engineering S.A., BE
4:30 Obtaining Fracture Properties by Virtual Testing and Molecular Dynamics Techniques
B. Farahmand, G.M. Odegard, TASS INC, US
4:50 Extraction of Bulk Material Properties from Phonon Dispersion Spectra
N. Kumar, K. Pochiraju, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
5:10 Determination of Elastic and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposites by Fiber Embedment in Finite Elements
P.D. Spanos, M. Esteva, J.E. Akin, Rice University, US
5:30 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Silica Nanowires
L.P. Dávila, V.J. Leppert, E.M. Bringa, University of California Merced, US
5:50 Nanocomposites Thermal Interface Models
J.E. Akin, Rice University, US
4:00 EHS: Nano Toxicology StudiesRoom 351 CF
 Session chair: Rashi Iyer, Los Alamos National Lab, US
4:20 Nanomaterials Nexus for Sustainable Future
A. Vaseashta, J. Alvelo, E.W. Braman, P.T. Susmann, G. Gallios, O.P. Robert, M. Vaclavikova, IASC, US
4:40 AFM investigations of fullerene interactions with cell membranes and supported lipid assemblies
G.A. Montańo, R. Iyer, H-L Wang, A.P. Shreve, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
5:00 Characterizing Nanoparticles for Toxicology: The Role of Residual Organics
A.M. Boyd, J.D. Fortner, E. Quevedo, J. Costanza, S. Moran, K.D. Pennell, V.L. Colvin, Rice University, US
4:00 Nanoscale Characterization: Prox probe sessionRoom 361 AD
 Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
4:00 Measuring the elastic modulus and the residual stress of free-standing thin films using nanoindentation techniques
E.G. Herbert, W.C. Oliver, M.P. de Boer, A. Lumsdaine, G.M. Pharr, Agilent Technologies, Inc., US
4:20 Nanomechanical mapping of composite interphases with contact resonance AFM
D.C. Hurley, S.S. Nair, S. Wang, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
4:40 Characterization of Silane Nanoadhesion by means of Dynamic Force Spectroscopy
A. Ptak, M. Makowski, M. Niemier, M. Cichomski, H. Gojzewski, R. Czajka, Poznan University of Technology, PL
5:00 Systematic Quantitative Characterization of Surface Nanostructures
A. Al-Mousa, D.L. Niemann, N.G. Gunther, M. Rahman, Santa Clara University / PDF Solutions, US
5:20 Scanning Probe Charge Reading of Ferroelectric Polarization with Nanoscale Resolution
B.M. Kim, D.E. Adams, Q. Tran, Q. Ma, V. Rao, Nanochip, Inc., US
3:30 CNT: Synthesis, Separation & Application: Lockheed Martin SymposiumRoom 370 CF
 Session chair: Steve Winzer, Lockheed Martin, US
3:30 EMI Shielding
D. Lashmore, T. VanVechten, M. White, B. White, Nanocomp Technologies Inc., US
3:45 Loading Specific Layer-by-layer Fabrication of Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (SWNTs) Reinforced Polymer Composites for Near Net Shape Manufacturing
B. Parekh, W. Jiang, M. Benamara, A.P. Malshe, M. Chhowalla, NanoMech LLC, US
4:00 New Results in Chirality Sorting of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation
S. Ghosh, R.B. Weisman, Rice University, US
4:15 High Concentration Nanotube Composites Utilizing Preformed Nanotube Sheet and Buckypaper for High Mechanical Performance and Electrical Conductivity Applications
B. Wang, R. Liang, C. Zhang, Florida State University, US
4:30 Highly Organized Large Scale Assembly of SWNT Architectures
B. Li, N-G. Cha, X. Xiong, Y.J. Jung, A. Busnaina, S. Somu, Northeastern University, US
4:45 Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Chirality Control, Capacity, Commercial Readiness
R. Jansen, P. Wallis, Southwest Nanotechnologies, US
5:00 Electronic-grade Aqueous Dispersions of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes
K. Edwards, W. Shih, M. Stroder, Brewer Science, Inc., US
5:15 Versatile Carbon Nanotube Coatings for ESD, Photovoltaics, and EMI Shielding
P.J. Glatkowski, M.J. O’Connell, E.P. Turevskaya, D.A. Britz, Eikos Inc, US
5:30 Large Scale Processing of Carbon Nanotubes Using Microfluidizer® High Shear Fluid Processors Dispersion/deagglomeration - Conductivity of polymer composites - Length –Purification - Functionalization
H. Panagiotou, Microfluidics Intl, US
5:45 SWNT Separation by Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation
D. Leven, NanoIntegris, US
4:00 Polymer Nanotech: Nanostructured Surfaces: Patterning of Functional PolymersRoom 361 BE
 Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI, US
4:00 Patterning surfaces with functional polymers: a review of the state of the art - Overview
E. Kumacheva, University of Toronto, CA
4:30 Nanopatterned Organic Materials for Photovoltaic Devices
S.S. Williams, M.J. Hampton, S.T. Retterer, J.L. Templeton, E.T. Samulski, J.M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US
4:50 Spray-coating deposition for large area organic thin-film devices
A. Abdellah, D. Baierl, B. Fabel, P. Lugli, G. Scarpa, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, DE
5:10 (CANCELED) Conformation and fundamental properties of novel lubricant TA-30 for near contact magnetic recording
N. Tagawa, H. Tani, Kansai University, JP
4:00 NanoFab: Tools and Instrumentation Showcase - 1Room 370 BE
 Session chair: Aaron Stein, Brookhaven National Lab, US
4:00 Making Hands-on Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education a Broader Reality with the NanoInk NanoProfessor
J.R. Ireland, NanoInk, Inc., US
4:20 Raman microanalysis for nano-materials: Bringing Raman spectroscopy to the SEM and AFM microscope and the new SERS imaging techniques
R. Bormett, Renishaw, US
4:40 Focused Ion Beam machining of large and complex nanopatterns
O. Wilhelmi, L. Roussel, P. Anzalone, D.J. Stokes, P. Faber, S. Reyntjens, FEI Company, NL
5:00 Cost Saving Strategies: Using a project planning process that can integrate capital and operational spending into a Nanofabrication Business Plan
A. Gregg, M. Strnad, Abbie Gregg, Inc., US
5:20 Nanofabrication using Step and Flash Imprint Lithography
D. Resnick, Molecular Imprints, US
5:40 The application of E-beam lithography to fabrication of photonic crystals
T. Osada, JEOL, US
4:00 MEMS: InkJet ApplicationsRoom 371 BE
 Session chair: Chris Menzel & Jan Sumerel, FujiFilm, US
4:00 Deposition of Functionalizing Materials on Photonic Microcantilever Chemical/Biological Sensors using Inkjet Technology
S.J. Ness, S. Kim, G.P. Nordin, Brigham Young University, US
4:20 High-Speed Room Temperature Curing of Metallic Inks
S. Farnsworth, K. Schroder, D. Pope, NovaCentrix, US
4:40 Enabling massive printed electronics: inkjet printing on low-cost substrates
F. Varela, E. Armendáriz, M. Aresti, R. Zárate, CEMITEC - Fundación Cetena, ES
5:00 Inkjet ink containing inorganic doped semiconductor (ZnS:Mn) nanoparticle pigments
P.D. Angelo, R.R. Farnood, University of Toronto, CA
5:20 Inkjet Printing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolyte and Cathode Layers
A.M. Sukeshini, R. Cummins, J. McCoppin, N. Herrmann, T. Reitz, D. Young, Wright State University, US
5:40 Tool for inkjet drop optimisation
C.L. Ayling, TTP, UK
4:00 MEMS & Wireless: PowerRoom 371 AD
 Session chair: Elena Gaura, Coventry University, US
4:00 Wireless and Mobile Sensor Networks for Smart Civil Structures
Y. Wang, Georgia Tech, US (bio)
4:25 Nanochip - Ultra-High Data Density MEMS Memory Device
D. Adams, N. Belov, T-K. Chou, J. Heck, B. Kim, G. Knight, Q. Ma, V. Rao, G. Tchelepi, Nanochip, Inc., US
4:45 Study on Application of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters for Powering of Wireless Sensor Nodes in Large Rotary Machine Diagnostic Systems
B. Pekoslawski, P. Pietrzak, M. Makowski, L. Szafoni, A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
5:05 Power consumption of microelectronic equipment for wireless sensor networks
N. Poole, T. Mo, J. Brusey, Coventry University, UK
5:25 (CANCELED) Low Cost Paper Based Bowtie Tag Antenna for High Performance UHF RFID Applications
Y. Amin, S. Prokkola, B. Shao, J. Hĺllstedt, Q. Chen, H. Tenhunen, L-R Zheng, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), SE
5:45 Fully On-Chip High Q Inductors Based on Microtechnologies
K. Shah, N. Khalid, J. Singh, H.P. Le, J. Devlin, Z. Sauli, La Trobe University, AU
4:00 Phage NanotechnologyRoom 351 BE
 Session chair: Valery A. Petrenko, Auburn University, US
4:00 Phage reporter biosensing of pathogenic agents
S. Ripp, University of Tennessee, US
4:30 Assembly of hydroxylapatite nanoparticles on hydroxylapatite-binding phage selected from a landscape phage library
B. Cao, S. Modali, G. Abbineni, P. Jayanna, V.A. Petrenko, C. Mao, University of Oklahoma, US
5:00 Molecular Imaging and Biomarker Discovery in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
K. Kelly, University of Virginia, US
5:20 Bio-Directed Synthesis and Assembly of Nanomaterials
J.M. Slocik, M. Dickerson, S-N. Kim, M. Tomczak, L.F. Drummy, R.R. Naik, Air Force Research Laboratory, US
5:40 Site-Directed Chemical Modification of Phage Particles
L. Saleh, K.A. Noren, C.J. Noren, New England Biolabs, US
4:00 Biosensors & DiagnosticsRoom 362 AD
 Session chair: V. Yadavalli, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
4:00 Single molecule aptamer-target interactions on self-assembled monolayer platforms
X. Zhang, V.K. Yadavalli, Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
4:20 A Microfluidic Platform for Pre-concentration and Label-free Detection of DNA and Proteins Using On-chip Electrode Arrays
Y.-W. Huang, V.M. Ugaz, Texas A&M University, US (bio)
4:40 Nanoporous silica chip technology for the early detection of diseases and the real time assessment of therapeutic efficacy
E. Tasciotti, X. Liu, A. Boumrani, T. Hu, L. Li, C. Chiappini, M. Ferrari, Univeristy of Texas Health Science Center - Houston, US
5:00 Thermodynamic basis for the design of efficient conformational change-based biosensors
A. Vallee-Belisle, F. Ricci, K.W. Plaxco, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
5:40 Ultrasensitive Protein Detection Using an Au/ZnO SPR-Based Biosensor
C.-C. Chang, S.-H. Lin, N.-F. Chiu, C.-W. Lin, National Taiwan University, TW
5:20 Understanding the formation and adsorption of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional protein aggregates on a solid surface
M. Rabe, D. Verdes, S. Seeger, University of Zurich, CH
4:00 Clean Coal: Technology & Company ShowcaseRoom 320 CF
 Session chair: Jay Kipper, University of Texas, US
4:00 Alkane Energy - Applied Carbon Mitigation Technology
C. Davies, Alkane Energy plc, UK
4:20 Commercialization of Oxy-Coal Combustion Clean Power Technology
KJ. McCauley, Babcock & Wilcox, US
4:40 New Large-Scale Cost-Effective Minerologic Carbon Sequestration with beneficial reuse
K. Self, Calera Corporation, US
5:00 SynCoal Technology Economically Reduces Emissions While Optimizing Existing Generating Capacity
I. Mintzer, R. Sheldon, SynCoal Partners LLC, US
5:20 Protecting the Globe and the Economy Through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
M.J. Nasi, Jackson Walker L.L.P., US
5:40 Chemical Looping for Economical, Capture-Ready Coal Plants
D. Waters, Eltron Research and Development, Inc., US
4:00 Wind EnergyRoom 310 BE
 Session chair: Daniel Laird, Sandia National Lab, US
4:00 Performance of CDM-supported Wind Power Projects
N. Chokani, S. Grassi, G. Kocer, G. Mavridis, R.S. Abhari, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH
4:20 Large Improvements in Wind Resource Utilization Using Quad Array Turbines
E. Salter, Greenward Technologies, Inc., US
4:40 Offshore Wind: Global and US Outlook
S. Kopits, Douglas-Westwood LLC, US
4:00 Geothermal - State of the IndustryRoom 350 AB
 Session chair: Richard Erdlac, Erdlac Energy Consulting, US
4:00 Expanding Worldwide Geothermal Power Production - The case for geothermal energy from sedimentary basins
R.J. Erdlac Jr., Erdlac Energy Consulting, US
4:20 Geothermal and Recovered Energy Generation (REG) using ORMAT(r) Energy Converters (OEC)
J. Nordquist, Ormat, US
4:40 Hybrid Thermodynamic Cycles for Geothermal to Solar Thermal Applications
M. Gurin, reXorce Thermionics, Inc., US
5:00 Profitably Converting Geopressured-Geothermal Reservoirs into Renewable Energy Systems
G.S. Nitschke, Good Earth Mechanics, US
5:20 Geothermal Exploration with Visible through Long Wave Infrared Imaging Spectrometers
C. Wright, SpecTIR, US
5:40 Geothermal Power from Dry Wells
E.E. Michaelides, A. Davis, University of Texas at San Antonio, US
4:00 Water: Industrial Water Treatment ApplicationsRoom 310 AD
 Session chair: Armin Völkel, PARC, US
4:00 Future Trends: Reducing Your Water Footprint
B. Holt, GE Power & Water, US
4:30 Cleaning Water for Oil & Gas Wells
D. Themy, Neohydro, US
5:00 Waste water is gold under our feet
U. Studer, Rabtherm AG, CH
4:00 Green Building: Energy Production & ConservationRoom 320 BE
 Session chair: George Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
4:00 Tailored nanoscaled TiO2 dispersions for photocatalytic applications
S. Pilotek, F. Tabellion, K. Gossmann, Buhler Inc., US
4:20 Influence of pigments on the photoactivity of TiO2-containing colored mortars compared with white mortars and sol-gel TiO2 application route
M.V. Diamanti, B. Del Curto, M. Ormellese, MP. Pedeferri, Politecnico di Milano, IT
4:40 Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation with WOWGen®
M. Romero, WOW Energies, US
4:00 Clean & Sustainable Initiatives & Case StudiesRoom 350 F
 Session chair: Shyam Venkatesh, NICDP - National Industrial Cluster Development Program of Saudi Arabia
4:00 Running the World on Renewables via Hydrogen and Ammonia Transmission Pipelines with Annual-scale Firming Storage
W.C. Leighty, The Leighty Foundation, US
4:20 (CANCELED) EcoVision : A Cooperative Resource Management Solution
R. Maddox, EcoVision Solution, AU
4:40 Agriculture Green House Gas (GHG) Soil Sequestering Standard Development
G. Delong, Novecta, US
5:00 Paradigm Shift: Moving Beyond Carbon Neutral to Carbon Healthy
4:00 Carbon and Clean Technology: Government Funding OpportunitiesRoom 320 AD
 Session chair: Lisa Hodes, Greenberg Traurig LLP
4:00 Financing Foreign Carbon & Cleantech Projects
C.S. O'Connor, Export-Import Bank, US
4:30 Avenues and Opportunities for Governmental Cleantech Funding
B. Noble, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, US
3:00 TechConnect: IP Track, License Your Portfolio - Surviving Due DiligenceRoom 350 DE
 Session chair: Leon Radomsky, Foley & Lardner
- Foley's panel on surviving due diligence will include a discussion of determining whether to license and, if so, provide best practices for a company to do so, key concerns and considerations for investors, critical policies and procedures, and understanding the people aspect of due diligence and strengthening vital relationships needed to move forward.
L. Radomsky, Foley & Lardner, US (bio)
- P. Hunter, Foley & Lardner, US (bio)
- D. Boudreaux, NanoHoldings LLC, US (bio)
- T. Haag, Arrowhead Reasearch Corporation, US (bio)
- L. Erceg, Simbol Mining Corp., US (bio)
4:00 TechConnect: Funding Track - Consortium FundingRoom 330 AB
 Session chair: Skip Rung, ONAMI, Oregon State University, Keith Ritala, University of Washington
- F. Agee, Rice University, US
- L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
- S. Smith, Lockheed Martin, US
- A. Schwarzkopf, National Science Foundation, US
- J. Ringo, Washington State University, US
4:00 TechConnect: Early Stage Funding in Lean TimesRoom 370 AD
 Session chair: Goodwin Procter LLP, US
- Panelists will discuss what CEO's of early stage cleantech, nanotech and energy companies should be doing to enhance their funding prospects, with a particular emphasis on intellectual property protection.
W.R. Haulbrook, Goodwin Procter LLP, US
- B.M. Segal, Nantero, Lockheed Martin Nanosystems, US
5:00 CTSI Special Symposium - Executives Roundtable DiscussionRoom 340 AB
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI
- N. Godshall, Altela, CEO, US
- S. Vaughan, Serious Materials, CMO, US
- P. Green, Advent Solar, CEO, US
- T. Saxton, FTL Solar, CEO, US
- C. Ricker, Brightsouce Energy, Sr. V.P., US
- G.C. Evans, GreenHunter, CEO, US
- A. Perlman, Great Point Energy, CEO, US
- A. Tuck, Tendril, CEO, US
6:15 Welcome Reception - TechConnect World: Nanotech, Cleantech, TechConnect: Sponsored by Jackson WalkerFoyer

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