NSTI Nanotech 2009

Preparation of chitosan-gold nanoparticle for cancer treatment

I.K. Kang, S.C. Lee
Kyungwon University, KR

Keywords: chitosan, gold, light sensitive


Gold nanoparticles are bio-compatible and have light sensitive characteristics. Chitosan is a biodegradable polymer produced from crab by deacethylation of chitin. Preparation reaction of chitosan-gold nanoparticle by interaction between gold colloid and chitosan nanoparticles was carried out to form the nanoparticles complex when ascorbic acid was used as a reducing agent. The concentration ratio of reagents and reducing agent, pH, and physical treatment were important to nano-complex. The drug loading will be accomplished for cancer treatment and drug delivery effects will be evaluated in next experiment. Particle size analysis, Scanning electron microscopy(SEM), transmittance electron microscopy(TEM), and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy(UV) were used to analyze the structure of the nanoparticles complex.
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