NSTI Nanotech 2009

Position control of graphene nanocutting for its electronic applications

L. Ci, L. Song, D. Jariwala, A.-L. Elias, P.M. Ajayan
Rice University, US

Keywords: graphene, nano-cutting, hydrogenation


Nanocutting graphene through a catalytical hydrogenation process can create graphene pieces with defined smooth edges, and regular shapes, which will have potential applications in electronics. We report here that position controlled graphene nanocutting has been demonstrated by manually creating graphene edges (or step edges). Pits were generated in graphene surfaces by an oxidation gasification etching process, and a following multi-cutting process can split the large graphene into isolated ribbon or triangular shapes. Sharp cutting of graphene fragments transferred on Si wafer has also been performed for electronic device fabrication. Combining lithography technique, graphene cuttig has been patterned on a HOPG surface, and so that the cut graphene pieces can be easily transferred to other substrates suitable for various applications.
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