NSTI Nanotech 2009

Assembly of Multi Functional Nano Systems for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

D. Shi, H.S. Cho, C. Huth, G.M. Pauletti, Z.Y. Dong, H. Xu, H.C. Gu, J. Lian, R.C. Ewing
University of Cincinnati, US

Keywords: fluorescence, magnetic nanospheres, in vivo imaging, hyperthermia


There is an increasing need for early detection and treatment of cancer before a tumor mass becomes evident as an anatomical anomaly. Highly fluorescent nanoparticles suitable for in vivo detection of tumor cells represent a promising strategy to surpass current limitations in cancer diagnostic and tumor therapy. However, an optimum nanostructure that simultaneously offers multiple functionalities, including intensive fluorescence and therapeutic efficacy, has yet to be developed. In this study, we report the design of a new nanostructure that satisfies important requirements. Quantum dots (QDs) were immobilized on the surfaces of Fe3O4-composite nanospheres (MNS). The QDs on these MNS exhibited intense visible emission by fluorescent spectroscopy and successfully facilitated, for the first time, in vivo soft tissue imaging in live mice. The unique combination of fluorescence emission and hyperthermia capability engineered into these nanospheres is anticipated to find clinical applications in early cancer diagnosis and tumor treatment.
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