NSTI Nanotech 2009

Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous alumina films with controlled physical and chemical attributes

N.A. Monfared, S. Atre, R. Kishton, S. Varadarajan
Oregon State University, US

Keywords: nanoporous, anodizing, alumina, design rules


The performance of nano-porous surfaces and nano-porous membranes are highly dependent on the pore’s morphology, size and chemistry as well as their density and homogeneity. Therefore it is important to be able to control these factors and effect of different parameters on them. There are varieties of methods to make nano-porous structures. Among them, self-organizing structures, such as anodized alumina, have potentially the lowest cost and are relatively easy for fabrication. Anodized alumina which provides noticeable characteristics such as uniformity, high pore density, controllable pore dimensions, and simple synthesis procedures could be a good choice for many different applications. In this study, the attempt is to identify the key design rules governing the synthesis of alumina films with controlled nano-scale pore structure, by anodizing aluminum. Identification of key design rules and quantification of effect of different fabrication parameters on nano-porous anodized alumina, will lead to manufacturing tailored, pre-designed porous structure, by avoiding the try-and-error procedure.
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