NSTI Nanotech 2009

Bio-Directed Synthesis and Assembly of Nanomaterials

J.M. Slocik, M. Dickerson, S-N. Kim, M. Tomczak, L.F. Drummy, R.R. Naik
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Keywords: Phage Display, Bionanomaterials, Peptides, Self-Assembly


There is a growing appreciation for nature’s incredible control over the nucleation and growth of inorganic structures as exemplified by the silica cell wall of diatoms, and the glassy spicules of sponges. Recent research efforts highlight the utility of biomolecules to control nucleation, growth and stabilization of nanoparticles. Inorganic binding peptides identified from peptide libraries are been used to control nucleation, growth and deposition of inorganic nanomaterials. These molecular templates can also be used in the assembly of hybrid structures. Using rational peptide design, multiple inorganic binding peptide segments can be fused to create multifunctional polypeptides to assemble and/or synthesize hybrid materials. The peptide template may be used to conjugate nanoparticle surfaces to polymers, organic molecules, or to other biomolecules for achieving hybrid structures.
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