NSTI Nanotech 2009

Simulation of the daily use of nanomaterials containing coatings a first step towards a life cycle analysis of nanocoatings

T. Sawitowski, M. Vorbau, L. Hillemann, M. Stintz
Byk Chemie, DE

Keywords: nanocaotings, life cycle, abrasion, particle formation


Nanomaterials containing coatings penetrate more and more into daily life. The improvement in performance using nanoscale fillers in coatings composites includes prolonged stability against UV light, increased resistance against marring and scratching or antimicrobial properties. Due to an extended life time of such coatings raw materials and energy consumption can be reduced. This positive effect on the life cycle of coatings is always discussed with potential adverse health and environmental effects associated with the application and later on degradation of coatings containing nanomaterials. The Germany Paint Producer Association has recognized a demand for investigations addressing key aspects of the life cycle of nanocoatings. These investigations include the simulation of daily wear of coatings containing nanomaterials, the repair by sanding processes as well as the weathering and slow degradation of coatings. This presentation will describe the set-up and the results of the investigation of tribological degradation processes of nanoscale ZnO containing floor coatings. Different coating technologies are used to cover a wide range of potential applications.
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