NSTI Nanotech 2009

Phage Paradigm in Development of Targeted Medications

V.A. Petrenko
Auburn University, US

Keywords: phage display


Genetically driven phage nanobiotechnology has allowed development of libraries of diverse nanostructures expressed on the phage surface providing a rich resource of diagnostic, detection and pharmaceutical probes. Phage engineering, which is based on natural mechanisms of selection, amplification and self-assembly, allows directed nano-fabrication of bioselective materials with possible applications in gene/drug-delivery, biosensors, nanoelectronics, biosorbents, and other areas of medicine and technology. In particular, landscape phage expressing tumor-specific peptides fused to all copies of the major coat protein pVIII can be converted easily into gene-encapsulating particles or drug-loaded vesicles that acquire the ability to recognize the same receptors, cells, tissues and organs that have been used for selection of the precisely targeted phage. The merge of phage display technology with nanotechnology during the last several years is very promising and has already shown its vitality and productivity contributing vigorously to different areas of medicine and technology, such as medical diagnostics and monitoring, molecular imaging, targeted drug and gene delivery, vaccine development, as well as bone and tissue repair. This presentation focuses on the progress made in the development of these new nanomaterials and discusses the prospects of using phage as a bioselectable molecular recognition interface in medical and technical devices based on the experience of the author in this area.
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