NSTI Nanotech 2009

BioMEMS for Mitochondriaa Medicine

D. Padmaraj, W. Zagozdzon-Wosik, Lei-Ming Xie, D. Pijanowka, J.H. Miller, P. Grabiec, J. Wosik
University of Houston, US

Keywords: BioMEMS, polarization, electrodes, impedance, mitochondria


We designed and fabricated BioMEMS for applications in subcelullar level studies, more specifically for monitoring complementary parameters important in mitochondria medicine.BioMEMS were first simulated using COMSOL 3.4 and then fabricated as an SU-8 based microfluidic system with a set of gold electrodes for electromagnetic interrogation, Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistors (ISFET) for measurements of pH, Na, Ca, and K ions, flow cytometers and an (20x20) Ám impedance cytometer. In addition, the 4-electrode set-ups were done in two configurations: 1) all planar electrodes or 2) planar external electrodes and meshed internal electrodes, which were used to limit polarization effects at low frequencies.Impedance spectroscopy was done on all types of electrodes. Simulations of impedance obtained from corresponding electrodes were done using COMSOL 3.4 to calculate frequency dependence.
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