NSTI Nanotech 2009

Chitosan-polycaprolactone polyblend nanofibrous conduit for peripheral nerve regeneration

N. Bhattarai, A. Cooper, M. Leung, S. Florczyk, D. Edmondson, J. Gunn, M. Zhang
University of Washington, US

Keywords: nanofiber, chitosan, poly(caprolactone), schwann cell, nerve conduit


The structural integrity and, mechanical and biological properties of the nanofibrous conduit made of chitosan-PCL were evaluated. The cellular compatibility of the nanofibers with neuronal cells for the nerve regeneration was assessed by incubation Schwann and neuron-like PC12 cells. The nerve conduit exhibited excellent mechanical properties and biological activity unmatched by commonly available nerve guide materials. Neuronal cells adhered and proliferated well on the conduit, and demonstrated neurite outgrowth. A chitosan-PCL composite nanofibrous matrix, which capitalizes on the favorable biological and mechanical properties of chitosan and PCL, respectively, is designed to address the limitations of current nerve guide conduits, while providing a stable, nurturing environment for a broad array of tissue regeneration applications.
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