NSTI Nanotech 2009

Fabrication of Nanostructures on Curved Surfaces Using PDMS Stamp

B. Farshchian, S. Park
Louisiana State University, US

Keywords: curved surface, PDMS Stamp, nano-pattern, pressurized gas


In this study we report on a simple and effective process that allows direct imprinting of micro- and nanostructures on concave and convex substrates using a flexible stamp and pressurized air . One of the key components for the process is to produce flexible stamps with desired structures that can be conformally molding into curved surfaces. For convex substrate a thin layer of PMMA was spin-coated on glass lens using spin coating while for concave substrate a layer of PMMA was produced using dipping of the substrate into PMMA solution. Conformal molding was performed using pressurized air at 50 bar and 160 C for 20 minutes. This work will be extended to produce nano-scale patterns on micro-scale curved surfaces and the limitation of this process such as curvature radius of curved substrates and aspect ratio of molded nano-patterns will be discussed.
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