NSTI Nanotech 2009

The Effect of Microstructure on I-V Properties in Si/SiO2 Film

Z.-J. Ma, S.Y. Ma
Northwest Normal University, CN

Keywords: R.F magnetron sputtering, nano-size Si/SiO2 film, I-V properties


P-type Si(100) wafers with 8~11 Ω•cm resistivity were used as substrates. The Si substrates were put into the magnetron sputtering device (JGP560B), and three kinds of Si/SiO2 film were fabricated using the R.F magnetron sputtering technique. Step 1. Si-SiO2 composite target having a one-fifth area ratio of Silicon to SiO2 was adopted, and 10nm thickness of nano-size Si/SiO2 film was prepared; Step 2. the Si/SiO2 film was obtained using the two-target alternation by R.F magnetron sputtering technique. Thickness of the SiO2 and Si is 8nm and 2nm; Step 3. the four periods Si/SiO2 films was taken using the two-target alternation by R.F magnetron sputtering technique, in this multi-layer films, thickness of the SiO2 and Si is 2nm and 0.5nm in one period. All I-V measurements of nano-size Si/SiO2 films were performed at room temperature. The experimental results indicated that these kinds of film have the rectifying properties, and the reason what reflects on the films presenting this properties was analyzed through experimental results, respectively. We conclude that the nano-structure of film is the mean factor that affects on the I-V properties in Si/SiO2 film.
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