NSTI Nanotech 2009

Application of 3-dimentional pyrolyzed carbon posts for DNA detection

J.H. Yang, V. Penmatsa, C. Wang
Florida International University, US

Keywords: pyrolyzed carbon, DNA, direct amination


High-aspect ratio C-MEMS 3D carbon structures, obtained from pyrolyzing the photoresist, promise higher sensitivity and selectivity in sensing applications. Our process is based on one-step direct amination or oxidation on 3-dimensional (3D) pyrolyzed carbon post to produce functionalized surfaces for DNA micropatterning. The pyrolyzed-carbon terminated with active amine groups or oxygen functions were then immobilized with probe DNA. The sequence specificity was conducted by hybridizing fluorescence labeled target DNA to both complementary and noncomplementary probe DNA attached on the pyrolyzed carbon post. In addition, The influence of a different density of functions, and a different sequence of included single mismatched DNA on fluorescence intensity was compared.
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