NSTI Nanotech 2009

Modifying the kinetics of nanoscale diacetylene polymerization for time-temperature indicator applications

E. Castillo-Martínez, J.H. Reibenspies, L.J. Hall, M. Kozlov, M.C. Biewer, A.C. Harrington, J. Carretero-Gonzalez, D.E. Smith, B. Huffman, T. Prusik, F. Grabiner, R.H. Baughman
University of Texas at Dallas, US

Keywords: diacetylenes, time-temperature indicator


The present study describes the crystal structures of selected diacetylene molecules that can be useful for time-temperature indicator applications, and important methods for modifying polymerization kinetics for these applications. Different powder x-ray diffraction patterns, corresponding to different crystal structures, provide clear signatures of higher and lower reactivity phases. The kinetics of polymerization are studied by optical density measurements in the solid state and solvents like trifluoroacetic acid are used to break inter-diacetylene hydrogen bonds, thereby enabling polydiacetylene solubilization and corresponding solution-based spectroscopic studies.
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