NSTI Nanotech 2009

Nanotemplates for Electrical Detection of Biomolecules: A Diatom Based Biosensor

V. Kunduru, K. Lin, K. Rege, B. Ramakrishna, S. Prasad
Arizona State University, US

Keywords: Impedance Spectroscopy, C-reactive protein, cardiac disease protein biomarker


The use of naturally occurring diatoms as protein biosensor materials has been demonstrated in this report. The nanostructured pores in the diatom are treated as nanoscale enclosures for nanosize proteins, thus providing size matching such that there is molecular crowding of the biomolecules in the naopores. Cardiac disease protein biomarker - C reactive protein (CRP)is chosen as target protein and the sensor is calibrated by means of impedance spectroscopy.
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