NSTI Nanotech 2009

Fabricating a Universal DNA Nanoarray Using Contact Printing for Sequencing by Hybridization

B.R. Takulapalli, M.E. Morrison, J. Gu, P. Zhang
The Biodesign Institutie of Arizona State University, US

Keywords: DNA sequencing, universal DNA nanoarray, nanocontact printing


In this presentation, we will report the current progress of our project. We have developed a method to fabricate blank arrays with pre-defined feature sizes by nanoimprint. This allows us to precisely control the feature sizes of the DNA array and prevent molecular diffusion during the nanocontat printing process. The data has shown that the phosphoroamidite chemistry can effectively take place on the predefined locations in the blank array with an excellent signal to background ratio. We will also present the results from multilayer and multiline nanocontact printing with nanometer alignment accuracy. We have made the stamps suitable for the nanocontact printing and alignment. Chemistry has been developed to utilize quantum dots to monitor the chemical reaction on the black array. If successful, our project will provide a nanoarray platform for SBH with high throughput, and single molecule sensitivity, while minimizing the enzymatic reactions.
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