NSTI Nanotech 2009

A Workforce Assessment of Nanotechnology and Educational Responses: Case Studies of Life Sciences Firms and a Profile of Nanotechnology Credential Programs in the U.S

J. Cleary, A. Fichtner, C. Van Horn
Rutgers University, US

Keywords: workforce, education, skills, policy


The Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University is examining the workforce needs of nanotechnology firms and the educational responses of colleges and universities to these needs. The five-year study is being conducted with funding from the National Science Foundation as part of the Center for Nanotechnology and Society at Arizona State University. Researchers presented results from the first year of study at the Nanotech 2007 conference. This work provided preliminary data on the workforce needs of nanotechnology firms in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. The study indicated that employers are beginning to prioritize interdisciplinary science skills and degrees in their hiring practices. At Nanotech 2009, the authors propose to present the results of new project research that began in May 2008 and will conclude in April 2009. This research includes case studies of the nanotechnology workforce needs of life sciences firms and a profile of nanotechnology credential programs in U.S. higher education.
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