NSTI Nanotech 2009

(CANCELED) A Novel Antimicrobial Therapy Technique Using HiPCO CNTíS and INKJET Technology

T. Mangir, J. Chaves, M. Khairatkar, S. Chaves
California State University Long Beach, US

Keywords: HiPCO CNT, Inkjet, bacteria, antimicrobial, therapy


We are in the middle of what has been called a crisis in antimicrobial therapy. Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antimicrobial agents, and some are even considered untreatable. In this paper, we describe a novel technique for using carbon nano tubes (CNTs), tag with iron impurities, as a potential new way to control microbial growth. After extensive research into a proper and repeatable deposition process we created a method using CNTís to stop the growth of bacteria. In addition, we developed an apparatus based on inkjet technology that allows for the deposition of bacteria containing CNT on different surfaces such as cloth, and plastic. This apparatus spreads a thin film of CNTís that can be used as an antibacterial agent. In this way we created a simple non-invasive way to control bacterial growth that can potentially be used in patients with burn injuries or skin infections. Other potential uses for these coatings can include areas where there are concerns over the spread of infectious diseases such as hospitals, airplanes, trains, subways, schools and offices.
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