NSTI Nanotech 2009

Transparent Nanocomposites at Optical Dynamics Nanotechnology

G. Powers, T. Druffel
Optical Dynamics, US

Keywords: nanocomposite, nanoparticle, transparent


Optical Dynamics has researched and developed technologies for visibly transparent composites incorporating inorganic structures with dimensions less than 100 nm into polymers. The program has necessarily developed the product from scratch starting with the synthesis and stabilization of the nanoparticles, the process of polymerizing the nanocomposite and the hardware platform. The first commercial product introduced in 2006 was an alternative thin film technology, nanoCLEAR, which deposited thin film nanocomposites that could be assembled into visible and NIR filters. This product has been deployed globally for the ophthalmic industry and includes the chemistry and hardware to make a wide array of products. The technology development has led to opportunities for the company for other unique products requiring a high visible transparence.
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