NSTI Nanotech 2009

ChiralMEM: a Novel Concept for High Density Magnetic Memory Technology

D. Atkinson, D.S. Eastwood, M. Bath
Durham University, UK

Keywords: nanomagnetism, MRAM, magnetic nanostructure, memory


ChiralMEM is a new approach to higher density magnetic random access memory for information technology [1-3]. It is based on memory cells capable of storing multiple bits of information per cell in contrast to the conventional single bit per cell of existing technologies. Importantly, ChiralMEM is compatible with existing fabrication technology. In contrast to conventional single bit per cell MRAM, ChiralMEM presents the opportunity to store multiple data bits per CMOS transistor. The capacity of ChiralMEM to store multiple data bits in a single cell is achieved by controlling the formation of multiple magnetic states in a ferromagnetic nanostructure, thereby increasing the data storage density. This control depends upon the chirality or ‘type’ of magnetic domain wall boundary that is formed in nanostructure during the data ‘write’ process. The physical mechanism for such selective pinning has been demonstrated both experimentally and through computational micromagnetic simulations [1]. [1] Controlling Domain Wall Pinning in Planar Nanowires by Selecting Domain Wall Type and its Application in a Memory Concept D. Atkinson, D.S. Eastwood & L.K. Bogart Appl Phys Letts, 92, 022510 (2008) [2] Magnetic structure with multiple-bit storage capabilities D. Atkinson & D.S. Eastwood Patent Application no. 0701570.4 filing date 27/01/ 2007. WO2008090305A1 Publication 31st July 2008 [3] Data storage device D. Atkinson Patent Application no. 0816640.7 filing date 09/12/2008
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