NSTI Nanotech 2009

Macroporous Alginate Sponge for 3D Cell Culture

Z. Li, M. Powers
Invitrogen Corporation (Life technologies), US

Keywords: Macroporous, alginate, freeze drying, 3D cell culture


AlgiMatrix is a product designed in Invitrogen as a tool to guide the formation of 3D spheroids or interconnected aggregates, which can be used for tissue engineering, drug screening, bioproduction and tumor metastasis research. Alginate, a defined polysaccharide extract from brown seaweed, is the main chemical component. With a modified lyophilization technology, it was made as macroporous sponge( major pore size 50 to 200 um, and more nano to meso size pores on the big pore walls for wicking)like structure and manipulated by two providing buffers. One buffer maintains the sponge structure, while the other one can dissolve sponge in medium. Both buffers works at neutral physiological conditions and reverse each other to control the sponge compliance and transparency, which makes the sponge very unique and flexible for 3D cell culture. This product is animal origin free, completely biocompatible and biodegradable. It can be used for RUO (research use only), IVD (in vitro diagnostic) and even clinic later on. It is going to lead the market of 3D cell culture to a new level.
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