NSTI Nanotech 2009

In-situ microtribology in the nano and micro scale

W.P. Weinhold, T. Schüßler
Innowep GmbH, DE

Keywords: Microtribology, Friction, Scratch resistance, Coatings


Common material properties, e.g. hardness, tensile modulus and strength, poisson´s ratio, are well known. On the other hand, properties of thin layers or composite materials can differ significantly from those data, in particular for micro-/nano-particle systems. AFM and FFM methods work with excellent lateral, topographic and force resolution but often do not provide testing-situations close to practical applications. Optimization of scratch- and wear-properties especially of relevance on curved and topographically structured surfaces need access to measurement techniques, that cover the gap between micro and nano scale. The results presented are done with the Micro-Structure-Analysis procedure MISTAN. The advantages of in-situ measurements of total, permanent, elastic deformation and friction force on polymer-, glass- and metal-samples as well as on coated and composite materials are shown and discussed. It could also be shown, that in-situ measurements of scratch resistance with stepwise increase of load correlated with simultaneous micro force measurements are of great relevance for the characterization and differentiation of materials. This new in-situ micro-structure procedure with high local resolution opens completely new doors in understanding of microtribological phenomena on all types of materials.
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