NSTI Nanotech 2009

Hierarchical nano-structuring by combining ion induced self-organization and lithographic pre-patterning

F. Frost, B. Ziberi, T. Lutz, M. Cornejo, R. Fechner, D. Hirsch, K. Zimmer
Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modification, DE

Keywords: directed self-organization, maskless patterning, ion beam


Guided self-organization processes are currently in focus regarding their potential for hierarchical micro and nano scale structuring, that is of essential importance in various applications of advanced functional surfaces. In this regard, self-organized pattern formation due to low-energy ion beam erosion can offer an alternative lower cost approach to nanolithography, especially for the realization of ripple or dot patterns with structure dimensions of nanometer scale on the surface of different materials. Due to the simplicity of the method, and the possibility to produce large-area nanostructured surfaces the process offers an alternative and cost-efficient route for nanopatterning. It is demonstrated that by combining conventional lithographic techniques with ion beam induced self-organization a multi-scale patterning is possible. The pre-patterned substrates are fabricated by different top down techniques with main focus on laser ablation of thin films using phase mask projection for sub-micron pattern formation in combination with reactive ion beam etching techniques for the transfer of the laser generated patterns into the substrate. Potential applications, especially in micro- and nanooptics, e. g., in bio-inspired functional nanooptics will be discussed, shortly.
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