NSTI Nanotech 2009

Using Nanolithography: From Synthesis of Materials to Metrology Platforms

N. Singh, V. Sathyamurthi, A. Patil, R. Gargate, D. Banerjee
Texas A&M University, US

Keywords: Dip Pen Nanolithography


DPN™ (Dip Pen Nanolithography) is a versatile technology that leverages microfluidic ink delivery systems with Scanning Probe Microscopy. In earlier studies the DPN process was enhanced through the development of commercial microfluidic devices called “Inkwells™”. We are currently developing the next generation microfluidic devices for DPN (e.g., Fountain Pen Nanolithography). The applications are in nano-catalysis, combinatorial nano-synthesis, bio-nanotechnology (e.g., cancer nanotechnology), maskless-lithography and nano-sensors for homeland security, bio-security and explosives detection (e.g., “nano-nose” and “nano-tongue”). We have invented a process for synthesizing Carbon Nanotubes of a single chirality (either metallic or semi-conducting) using DPN. This proves the feasibility for realizing a hand held portable platform for synthesis of nanotubes (organic and inorganic) with “chirality on demand”.
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