NSTI Nanotech 2009

Contactless Micro Position and Angular Sensor Device Based on Micro Structured Polymer Magnets

A. Waldschik, M. Feldmann, J. Dittmer, S. Büttgenbach
Technische Universität Braunschweig, DE

Keywords: hall sensor, polymer magnets, synchronous motors


In this abstract we present a contactless micro position and angular sensor system which consists of fixed commercial magnetic sensors, such as hall sensors and a movable part with integrated micro structured polymer magnets. This system serves particularly for linear and rotatory synchronous micro motors which we have developed and successfully tested. In order to achieve high precision and control of these motors an integration of the special micro position and angular sensors is pursued to increase the resolution and accuracy of the devices. For fabrication of the sensors system the hall sensors are assembled on the substrate and integrated into the micro fabrication process chain; thereby allowing high precision adjustment and electrical contacting through the combination of UV-depth lithography and electroplating. On top of the sensor device the polymer magnet is adjusted via guidance structure. Due to the varying geometry of the polymer magnets, the strength of the magnetic field can be altered by moving them over the magnetic sensors, resulting in the detection of the geometric structures as well as the measurement of their corresponding position or angle. Different designs have been developed and were successfully tested in first experiments.
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