NSTI Nanotech 2009

Superhydrophobic Nanocoating and Vertical Scan Interferometry

E. Peņa
Rice Univerity, US

Keywords: corrosion, Vertical Scanning Interferometry


Corrosion is a slow and insidious process that threatens the core of the nation's infrastructure, silently but incessantly destroying the integrity and life span of buildings, bridges, pipelines and vehicles. Beyond obvious safety and security threats, corrosion creates a vast financial challenge that costs the United States an estimated $276 billion per year. Corrosion resistance coatings are available for most materials, surface types, and application environments and can significantly increase the usable lifetime of materials while reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Researchers at Rice University have discovered novel methods to treat the root causes of most corrosion mechanisms, including the fabrication of superhydrophobic nanocoatings that can repel water from the steel surfaces, and Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI)-- an innovative, noninvasive imaging technique that examines microbiologically influenced corrosion by quantifying the relationship between microbial attachment and mineral surface dynamics.
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