NSTI Nanotech 2009

(CANCELED) Latest Developments in Mixed-Signal Interconnect Solutions for Nano Electrical Characterization Equipment and Device Probers

J. Tucker
Keithley Instruments, Inc., US

Keywords: Electrical Characterization, Pulsed I-V, C-V, cabling


Characterizing both nano-enabled and semiconductor devices electrically and understanding the processes used in their production demands a wide array of measurements, including DC I-V, C-V, and pulsed I-V measurements. One of the most significant challenges associated with integrating these measurement types in a single characterization system is that each one has fundamentally different cabling requirements. For example, making low current I-V measurements demands guarding, so triaxial cables are required. C-V measurements are typically made using four coaxial cables with their outer shells connected together to control the characteristic impedance the signals encounter. Pulsed measurements require the highest bandwidth of the three measurement types, so the characteristic impedance of the cabling must match the source impedance in order to prevent reflections from the DUT from reflecting off the source. This presentation discusses the latest developments in cabling together both nano and semiconductor based characterization tools and prober systems to simplify electrical characterization.
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