NSTI Nanotech 2009

Graphene-based Materials

R. Ruoff
University of Texas at Austin, US

Keywords: graphen, nano materials


Our top-down approaches [1,2] inspired physicists to study individual layers of graphite obtained by micromechanical exfoliation, but our current approaches include growth on metal substrates and judicious use of isotopic labeling (13C vs 12C) to study the kinetics and mechanisms of deposition of large-area graphene and few layer graphene on metal substrates. This talk will focus on our suggested path for obtaining large area growth of high quality graphene in ways compatible with methods of the semiconductor industry. In addition, I will present highlights of published work on polymer and ceramic matrix composites with graphene as filler, on ultracapacitors based on graphene, on paper-like materials based on graphene, and on the use of 13C-labeled graphite (and 12C-pure graphite and graphene) in a variety of areas.
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