NSTI Nanotech 2009

A low temperature fabrication of AlO2 films with supercritical CO2 fluid treatment for OTFT application

P.T. Liu, Y.T. Chou, C.S. Huang, L.F. Teng, Y.L. Huang
National Chiao-Tung University, TW

Keywords: supercritical fluid, Al2O3, OTFTs


In this thesis, supercritical fluid technology was proposed to enhance the dielectric layer characteristics of aluminum oxide AlOx film deposited by electron-gun evaporator. The leakage current of AlOx film deposited at room temperature was decreased significantly about six orders at the bias voltage of −20 V after the SCCO2 treatment mixed with water and propyl alcohol. The analysis of the leakage conduction mechanism was confirmed by fitting the J/E plots from trap-assisted quantum tunneling to the Schottky emission process due to the reduction of electric traps in the AlOx dielectric film. Besides that, our work showed the application of SCCO2-treated AlOx gate dielectric to an organic thin-film transistor using pentacene as channel layer.
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