NSTI Nanotech 2009

Biochip for minimally invasive blood glucose monitoring

P. Zhang, M.M. Ahmadi, G.A. Jullien
University of Calgary, CA

Keywords: monitoring of blood glucose, microneedles, biosensor, BioMEMS


The most common techniques for blood glucose sensing are based on enzymatic glucose oxidation techniques because of being highly sensitive and specific to the glucose. But, the techniques need oxygen environment and the measurement accuracy is affected by the sufficiency of oxygen. In this paper, a new microsystem for minimally invasive monitoring of blood glucose is proposed. The system proposed here for monitoring of blood glucose is composed of integrated microneedle array and glucose sensors. The microneedle array is out-of-plane and employs a bi-mask technique to facilitate sharp tips, a cylindric body that has high strength and side ports. The biosensor is based on a new mediator electrochemical approach. This approach eliminates the need for oxygen and reduces the response time. This system can sample blood and analyze the sample and can be used in monitoring blood glucose of diabetes. The experiment results demonstrate the excellent response of the microsensor up to about 80 mM of glucose. The needles are small enough in size to prevent user discomfort. It is also suitability for use by children owning to no pain and requirement of a less blood sample. Similarly, this device can be used in monitoring of performance enhances in athletes. In addition, the miccrosystem can be extended to other applications through employing different reagents specific for a particular analyte such as test for toxic exposure, identification of disease conditions.
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