NSTI Nanotech 2009

An Innovative Bioactive Glass for Microarrays

C.T. Buckley, R. Mack, N. Mack, J.H. Flemming
Life BioScience, Inc., US

Keywords: microarray, protein, quality control, Oracle


Life BioScience, Inc. (LBSI) presents an innovative bioactive substrate, Oracle™ Glass, for protein and peptide microarrays. This platform promises to offer several advantages over current microarrays products, including: (1) direct immobilization using an inorganic-based immobilization chemistry, requiring no hybridizing reagents; (2) more accurate and reliable results due to Engineered-In quality control, such as low non-specific binding between probes, no probe cross-talk, and excellent inter- and intrawell CVs; (3) reduced batch-to-batch substrate variability; and (4) extreme adaptability to automated multiplexing processes, such as microfluidic channels. These advantages enable the manufacturing and testing of microarray assays in less time with increased reliability.
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