NSTI Nanotech 2009

Electronic Properties of CNT Cables

D.S. Lashmore, B. White, M. White, M. Schauer
Nanocomp, US

Keywords: conductivity, CNT, SWCNT, yarns, cables, high frequency


Nanocomp has developed an automated CVD process based on gas phase pyrolysis for the synthesis of high strength carbon nanotubes . In this presentation an overview of the electronic, mechanical properties and some applications of these carbon nanotube wires and sheets will be presented. Sheet material is now being fabricated 3 foot by 10 foot panels, the largest CNT textiles ever made! Kilometer quantities of SWCNT yarns are being delivered weekly. Further a sheet system capable of 4 feet by 8 feet panels is presently being fabricated. Experiments on doping will be described that enable the stabilization of the p type yarns at high temperature in vacuum, experiments on n type materials have led to a new type of thermoelectric device based on n/p DWCNT junctions. Electrical conductivity of “doped” yarns and sheet materials exceed 2 x 106 S/m, the highest reported values for CNT macro-structures that equals or exceeds measurements on individual tubes. This very high conductivity coupled with the superb high frequency response of this type of material has opened up a number of opportunities for NCTI for EMI shielding, and microwave reflectors. Some of these will be discussed during the presentation.
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