NSTI Nanotech 2009

(CANCELED) Fast Monitoring of Dispersion Stability via UV-Visible Particle Size Spectrophotometry

M. Liu, J. Hadley
Agilent Technologies Inc., US

Keywords: dipsersion, particle size, UV-Visible, stability


Measurements of the particle size of a dispersion are frequently used to monitor stability. Changes to the stability of a dispersion can be the result of external stimuli, intentional or unintentional, and can occur on time scales on the order of seconds. Accurately capturing changes in size is challenging when instrument measurement times are on the order on several minutes or longer. Previously we discussed a spectroscopic technique for measuring particle size. The technique utilizes a UV-Visible spectrophotometer to measure the attenuation spectrum of particle dispersion due to scattering. Using Mie scattering theory the particle size distribution that best matches the scattering spectrum is computed. Data acquisition occurs in approximately 3 seconds, and calculation requires 5 seconds resulting in total data acquisition times of under 10 seconds. Such measurement speed allows real time monitoring of rapidly changing systems. In this paper we report on the capability of UV-Visible particle size spectrophotometry to detect subtle changes in dispersions on a time scale of seconds.
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