NSTI Nanotech 2009

Characterization of SiC Nanowires Obtained from Carbon Blacks

M. Wieligor, S. Hartman, R. Rich, T.W. Zerda
Texas Christian University, US

Keywords: SiC nanowires, carbon black, Raman spectroscopy, HRTEM, FTIR


SiC nanowires were obtained by a reaction between vapor silicon and carbon black powder in vacuum at 1200oC. Their structures and properties were studied using X-ray diffraction, high resolution transmission microscopy, FTIR, and Raman scattering techniques. Diameters of sintered nanowires depend on carbon black grade and its history of thermal treatment. SiC nanowires of diameter as small as 10 nm were obtained from graphitized furnace carbon blacks. Chemical composition of nanowires was similar for all samples, but concentration of structural defects varied and depended on carbon black surface properties and surface morphology. Stacking faults and twins dislocations were observed in all specimens.
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