NSTI Nanotech 2009

Advanced SmartGrid Modeling and Simulation using High Performance Computing

S.D. Wix, P.V. Plunkett
Sandia National Laboratories, US

Keywords: SmartGrid,electrical grid, transient dynamic, modeling and simulation, Sandia National Laboratories


Due to regulatory changes and greater reliance on renewable energy sources, the power grid is increasingly subject to service blackouts from grid bottlenecks. These same bottlenecks could be exploited by terrorists, causing significant economic damage. Current power industry tools do not adequately predict blackouts. For example, in post-event efforts to reproduce the 1996 California blackout, power industry tools cannot reproduce the event, and indeed show the system being stable. Tools capable of providing detailed, time-varying analysis of a large interconnected nonlinear power systems are needed in order to analyze grid bottlenecks and predict blackouts. We propose to use Sandia National Laboratoriesís state-of-the-art circuit simulation and model development capabilities, to realistic simulate real-time control of electrical power grid bottlenecks and blackouts. These capabilities will provide dynamic transient solutions to the grid voltage and phase state, which cannot otherwise be obtained and which are critical for blackout prediction and grid reliability. These simulations require detailed models of large-scale components, such as power generation stations and transmission lines. To measure success, we will investigate whether these simulation capabilities can accurately predict the 1996 blackout buy comparing simulation results to the 1996 blackout data.
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