NSTI Nanotech 2009

Assembles of Hybrid Nanoparticles for Energy Storage

M.N. Tchoul, H. Koerner, S.P. Fillery, P.A. Mirau, M.F. Durstock, R.A. Vaia
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Keywords: hybride nanoparticles, polymeric composites, high energy capacitors


Hybrid nanoparticles composed of high dielectric constant ceramic core surrounded by the covalently attached macromolecular corona have been prepared by grafting polystyrene to the surface of ceramics, such as TiO2, via phosphate coupling and “click” chemistry. The use of the mixture of low and high molecular weight polymer in different ratios enabled tuning of nanoparticles density, arrangement and particle-particle spacing, as well as the thermoplastic properties of the resultant assembly. Films of high inorganic content (30-60 %) were prepared directly from these hybrid nanoparticles by solution casting and compression molding without addition of free polymer. Potential application of these materials for capacitors has been demonstrated.
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