NSTI Nanotech 2009

High Efficiency Nanoparticle based Solar Cells : Nanomanufacturing Done Right!

B. Das, R. Chakraborty
Shivam Nanotech LLC, US

Keywords: nanoparticle, high efficiency, solar


Shivam Nanotech LLC has developed an innovative manufacturing solution for solar cells by depositing crystalline nano-particles on glass or polymer substrates. These highly ordered nano-particles are engineered for size and surface properties, and the manufacturing equipment can be scaled to larger substrate sizes. Unlike some current nanotechnologies, they do not require encapsulation for stability and do not require fusing of particles to improve performance. The nanoparticle fabrication technique is based on physical vapor deposition, is suitable for mass manufacturing, and is extremely flexible for the creation of nanoparticles in the range of 1 nm to 10ís of nm with size variation of less than 5% on a variety of substrates including low temperature glass and plastic. Through optimum use of nano-particles, Shivam Nanotech LLC has designed and modeled a solar cell that can obtain conversion efficiencies in the range of 20-40 %. This superior performance is achieved through improved spectral absorption, improved ordering and better collection of generated carriers. In addition, the stability and long term degradation of cell is improved dramatically. The technology can be extended to solar cells based on a variety of other photo voltaic materials.
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