NSTI Nanotech 2009

pH and Protein Sensing with Functionalized Semiconducting Oxide Nanobelt FETs

Y. Cheng, N. Meyer, C.S. Yun, R. Yang, Z.L. Wang, G.F. Strouse, P.B. Chase, P. Xiong
Florida State University, US

Keywords: pH, protein, sensing, FET, semiconducting, oxide, nanobelt, troponin


We report solution pH sensing and selective protein detection with high-performance channel-limited field-effect transistors(FETs) based on single semiconducting oxide nanobelt. For the pH sensing, we discuss the device sensitivity and noise level dependency on gate voltage, ion concentration, and surface silanization, which provides several useful guidelines for optimizing the sensor performance for chemical and biomolecular detection. Details about highly selective biotinylation and biotinylated antibody onto single nanobelt for streptavidin and cardiac troponin protein detections will also be presented.
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