NSTI Nanotech 2009

Carbon Nanotube Based Deuterium Ion Source for Improved Neutron Generators

R.L. Fink, N. Jiang, L. Thuesen, K.N. Leung, A.J. Antolak
Applied Nanotech, Inc., US

Keywords: neutron generator, oil, CNT, ion source


We will present the preliminary results from our proof of concept neutron generation device. Neutron sources are used for down-hole oil well logging applications. Non-radioactive sources are needed to eliminate radioactive sources that may be lost or stolen and used for illicit applications, to reduce cost of ownership, to improve worker safety and to provide a pulsed source, allowing for collection of additional information about the geology of the well hole. We are developing a novel ion current source based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) to produce the ion current in a neutron generator, enabling fast switching, high repetition rate and high yields while increasing the energy efficiency and reducing the size of the source for down-hole, battery operation. Neutrons are created when energetic D+ or T+ created at the ion source are accelerated to the target and collide with D or T atoms adsorbed or chemically bonded to the target surface.
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